General coxing

  1. Coxing commands (UK)
  2. Basic novice cox handbook (based on Oxford but usefully applicable)
  3. Build your own Coxing Amplifier: full instructions.
  • Head of the Charles coxing transcripts from two world champion male US coxes now online at Row 2k.
  • Rower's World has an article by Charles Ehrlich on coxing at Harvard
  • Bridge Microphones in the UK manufacture a speaker system for coxes .
  • The Rowers's World site has Ghost in the Machine for coxes.

    Oxford coxing and OU Coxswain's Society

    1. Information on Christ Church Regatta 1996.
    2. Newly updated lists of college coxes from colleges starting A-J, K-R and S-Z.
    3. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    4. Automatic Email Coxing CV
    5. Plain Coxing CV form for printing out
    6. OURCs Coxing Handbook (basic)
    7. Senior Cox Status at Oxford
    8. List of Senior Coxes at Oxford.
    9. College Coxing Meetings
    10. Instructions and hints for coxes steering Torpids.

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