Rowing Geek Test

Stolen from Stephen Timmons withofficial permission.

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************************ ARE YOU A ROWING GEEK? ***********************Are you a sad rowing geek ? V1.0Note : if more than one answer applies to you, then you have to total all thepoints for that question.How long have you been rowing/sculling/coxing/coaching ?a) less than 1 year                             0 pointb) 1-2 years                                    1 pointsc) 3-5 years                                    2 pointsd) 5-10 years                                   3 pointse) longer than 10 years                         4 pointsHave you ever spent a whole day at the boathouse (sunrise to sunset) ?a) Yes                                          3 pointsb) No                                           0 pointsHow many copies of the Britsh Rowing Almanac (or similar) have you got ?a) None                                         0 pointsb) One, and it's out of date                    1 pointc) Several                                      2 pointsd) the last 25 years, all arranged in order     4 pointsHow much kit have you got ?a) None, I wear my old rugby kit                0 pointsb) Just a splash top and a racing vest          1 pointc) T shirts, sweatshirts, splash top, leggings  2 pointsd) I can't actually get in my bedroom any more  4 pointsHave you ever turned down a date to go rowing ?a) Yes                                          4 pointsb) No                                           0 pointsHave you ever :a) been out with another rower ?                1 pointb) been to bed with another rower ?             2 pointsc) co-habited with another rower ?              3 pointsd) married another rower ?                      4 pointsHas whether you could row ever influenced your choice of job or university ?a) Yes                                          4 pointsb) No                                           0 pointsHave you ever held office in a boat club ?a) No                                                           0 pointsb) Minor post (social secretary, i/c equipment)                 1 pointc) Secretary/Treasurer/Vice Captain                             2 pointsd) Captain                                                      4 pointse) "I've been captain for the last 10 years because no one      else is capable of running the club properly "            5 pointsHave you got any friends who are not connected with rowing ?a) Yes                                                          0 pointsb) No                                                           4 pointsHave you ever attended a rowing reunion ?a) Yes                                                          3 pointsb) No                                                           0 pointsDo you :a) read rec sport rowing ?                                      2 pointsb) post to rec sport rowing ?                                   3 pointsc) have your own rowing-related WWW page ?                      4 pointsDo you subscribe to :a) Regatta ?                                                    1 pointb) Rowing ?                                                     2 pointsc) FISA Coach ?                                                 3 pointsd) A foreign rowing magazine ?                                  4 pointsHave you ever been to a regatta just to watch ?a) Yes                                                  2 pointsb) No                                                   0 pointsDo you own :a) an ergo ?                                            2 pointsb) a sculling boat ?                                    3 pointsc) a pair/double ?                                      4 pointsd) a four/eight ?                                       5 pointsDo you own video of :a) Yourself rowing ?                                    1 pointb) Olympic/Worlds ?                                     2 pointsc) Yourself rowing at the Olympic/Worlds ?              4 pointsHave you ever :a) been on a training camp ?                            1 pointb) organised a training camp ?                          2 pointsc) attended a national team trial ?                     5 points