Rowing Glossary UK-US

English                  Merkin_____________________________________________________________IN THE BOATHOUSE:blade                    oarsaxboard                 gunwale (pron. "gunnel")canvas                   deckswivel + gate            oarlockloom                     shaftshafted/stitched up      "they're toast"spoon                    bladespanner                  wrenchfin                      skegheel restraint           quick-releaseslings/trestles          slings/T'sboatyard                 shopclinker/tub              tanktank                     ? no equivalent.  Indoor rowing poolON THE WATER:"hands on"               "lay hold""strike out"             "water"rate                     cadence or rateeasy there/easy oars     weigh enough   (Canadian "let it run"let it run               lengthen the slideworkup from backstops    pick drillnext stroke              in onehold it up               hold waterbow side                 starboardstroke side              portfrig-rigged              bucket-riggedten firm                 power tenwash                     wakecover                    spacingbalance                  set or balancestride                   settlerushing                  spinning the wheelsside-by-side             duel raceraft                     dockbank-tub                 dock-boxmiddle-four              engine roomwhite horses             whitecapslanding                  dockingthrashed 'em             housed 'emCOLLEGIATE:university               school or collegeschool                   high schoolFirst Eight              First VarsitySecond Eight             JVNovice Eight             Freshman Crew (well, nearly equivalent)no equivalent            betting shirtsIN THE CHANGING ROOM:all-in-one               unisuittops                     shirtsleggings or tracksters   trouvest                     tank-toptank-top                 sleeveless pullover (very 70's)zephyr                   Henley shirttrainers                 sneakerssplash top               slicker or windshirtkit                      uniformGENERAL:squad                    team or crewcrew                     a crew (boat full of people)bumps races              club fours at the Head of the Charlespot-hunting              collecting hardwareouting                   practicepublication of secrets   outingcox                      coxswain (coxie in Canada)four-plus, coxed four    four-withcoxless/straight four    four-withoutopen                     eliteveterans                 mastersveteran E, F and G       veteransNRA                      n.e. (National Rivers Authority)n.e. (Natl Rifle Assoc)  NRAARA                      USRARegatta and Rowing       USRowing magazineAny more for any more?  French, Dutch, German, Russian, Egyptian, Oz, etc?RQ, Oxford and Conan L. Hom, lurker-in-chief, MIT.