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Rowing Geek Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame Scores on the Doors

Rachel Quarrell	       4702 points	Oxford Univ.
I just thought I'd better update my score based on how many files there are on this website now (see part three of question eleven)..... 
Rob Allen               158 points      OUBC (allegedly)
Angus Robb		130 points	Eton (also allegedly)
Sarah Brebner		127 points	Ottawa Rowing Club
ok, I didn't expect to get such a high score. I've only been rowing for a
few months. (I coxed last fall) I am 15, and personally I can't wait to find
out how much more of a rowing geek I will be once I'ver actually rowed a
full year. :}
Jerry Amundsen		106 points	USA. (wedding ring of gold oars).
Katy Cameron		105.5 points	and counting... Strathclyde, UK.
I belong to SUBC. I would take issue however
with the guy who says he has almost every kit there is - no-one in their
right mind would posses our kit - our one-piece is white with large marroon
polka dots on it!.  Updating this score after only 6 months, I'm a bit worried...
Mert Esin		101 bonus pts	Istanbul, Turkey
I spent 27 days and nights without leaving the club. and don't have time to
complete the test. Can you do it for me?.  Editor's note - YES (see above)
Jay Feenan		100 points	US and internet rowing geek.
Do you get any points for preparing computer conference
presentations on software internals [instead of
reading/playing cards/etc] during your spare time at the World
Championships?  (SHOULD DO - We'll see - Eds).
Adam Cook		88 points	Thames RC, UK
(It should have been 93 but you took points off for rowing
hungover/drunk).  Surely that shows comitment to the crew as the night
before was a bonding experience and at least I didn't look like 7 who was
about to die mid-outing or the cox who is still recovering 3 days later.
And i intend to do it again this saturday!
p.s.  I suppose I deserve some points off as the cox drank us all under the
table and SHE had to put two of us to bed!
Marc Burton-Walter	84 points	?West coast USA
My father rowed for his country...I row for my school...I row every day
of the week, I have my own scull and I'm getting a new one, with a new
set of cleavers...The third time I went rowing I was in a racing
scull...I'm on a first name basis with Jeff Sykes, i've even done some
work for Jeff...I train 5 days a week, in winter...HELP ME!!!!
Allison			84 points	unspecified.
I've been rowing for less than two years and I already got an 84. At only 17 
I think I'm doomed to become a rowing geek.
Elisabeth Goetz		80 points	Seattle, USA
I'm only seventeen and this is my tenth
season i row every day and can't quit believe me I've tried. every
conversation i have either begins and always ends in rowing.  Most of my
friends row or have rowed and everyone except my mom rows because i row.  if
I'm not a rowing geek give it a few years. i also refuse to go to a college
that doesn't have a varsity women's rowing team - love total rowing geek from
Peter Hackworth         78 points       St. Pauls School (Jnr)
Please add more questions, as these are too easy. Oh well.
I'm a complete Rowing freak. I live in ST. PAULS SCHOOL BOAT CLUB, and
have just about every rowing kit they have.
B.M.Crocker		78 points	City Of Cambridge
Sandie Mintz            77 points       currently seeking employment
with experiences from Mercyhurst College, University of Wisconsin, Wyandotte Boat Club, Mendota Rowing Club, Middletown Rowing Association, Thames River Sculls.
Kosten Metreweli	76 points	CUBC, UK.
Penny Chuter            75 points (done in absentia) Oxford Univ.
Gareth Ochse		70 points 	South Africa
Steve Gantz             68 points       US Lwts, Boston RC
Megan Hogan		68 points	Durham, UK
I cox for University College, Durham, Boat
Club.  I only started coxing when I got to university and somehow
managed to get a score of 68 on the geek test.  This does not
surprise me, though, as I can honestly say that I have devoted my
University career to rowing, I'm looking at getting a (typically
Durham) rowers third.
Liz Bradley             65 points       Itaewon
Jonny Corcutt		62 points	Durham University
George Ujvary		61 points	Hertford College, Oxford
I got 164 on V2.0. This is most embarassing!! I need to get my priorities
Tim Gallagher		61 points	Royal HK Yacht Club (it rows as well!)
I had a fairly low score but it rose to 61 after I had to admit to
myself why I used to like living in Chiswick and why I now own a house
just outside Henley!
Nick Holland		61 points	OUBC Veterans
Jim Wells		61 points	Queen's Tower Boat Club, now Australia
I'd like to apply for 4 extra points for choosing a
job close to a rowing club as well as my university, but I'm not sure if
I lose geek-points for now picking that job in a country where the
weather is consistently better than the tideway.
Sheila Cornelius	60 points	Indianapolis Rowing Center, USA.
and I have only rowed for
three seasons.  I'm 17 and have turned down too many dates
to go row, give me a year or two and my score will probaly be higher.
I just can't stop rowing.
Charles Ehrlich         59 points       ex-Wolfson, Oxford
Genji Katsuki		58 points	Old Dominion RC and Mobjack RA.
do I get extra points if I decorate my room with bow
markers and have a crew based logon name for my internet server
John Kimble		57 points	Phillips Exeter Academy
with a long scribble....
Andy Probert		57 points	despite retiring from 17 of his 20 clubs
Ed Gardner/Helmut	56 points	Bedford School, UK
My name is Helmut Des Purpool I am from Germany and
rowed for Borussia Dortmund.  Currently I am studying at
Bedford School and row with Roger Daly (who must have got the
lowest geek test score ever) and Barry White who got 40 I
however beat both those boffs to get 56 and therefore am the
champ of the 4th eight.BYE BYE MISS american PIE hahahaha

Joan Lind Van Blom	56 points	Long Beach, California
Clemens Boehmer		56 points	Erster Wiener Ruderclub LIA, Vienna.
Linda Clemens		55 points	Greater Dayton Rowing Association
Stephan Mřlvig		55 points	Sorř rowing Club
Hi, Im a danish rowing geek. Unfortunately I have only 55 points, but i
my heard I can feel, that I will return... with a lot more points. It
must be told, that I was only through test v.01.
Rob Bristow             55 points       Clifton RC, New Plymouth, NZ.
Bjorn Hardwick          55 points       Royal Chester & Twickenham
Having attended RA ( Rowers Anonymous ). I was clean for four years ( the
occasional Christmas Special doesn't count ) before a so-called friend
said 'Come down. Just one outing.' I told myself I was in control and
that if I wanted to go for just one outing I could blinking well have
just one outing.
Nine months later and I find I'm having trouble remembering what my
girlfried looks like. I keep saying things like 'No you'd better make
mine an orange juice thankyou Mr Barman.' I spend half of my time at work
picking little bits of skin off my hands and the other half dreaming of
the day that I'm speeding down Stewards Enc. at Henley 1 lenght up,
although sometimes more, on Notts County RA in the final ( any/every
final ).
I know thats the day when I'll be able to give up.
Please Help
Gilberto Maraboto	55 points	University of Mexico.
Helen White		53 points	St. George's R.C. New Zealand.
Ex of York City RC, UK.
R Bota			53 points	no club listed
Adam Gray		52 points	CUBC, Yale -- Vancouver Canada
Tibbe van Leeuwen	51 points	Skadi Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Gerard Moran            51 points       Salford University
My Name is Gerard! I am a rowaholic! I haven't rowed today! My score is a Geeky 49pts, 53 if you take in account that I choose both a University and a job for rowing convenience. Plus I should get extra points as I have turned down more than a date to go rowing, and I got told off as I was late for the outing! The test is rigged I say, Rigged!!!
George Gilbert 51 points CULRC, recently upgraded. Philip Noble 51 points Notts & Union Will Graves 50 points Reading University BC Natasha Gillett 50 points U. of Hertfordshire RC, UK. Bruce S. Ford 50 points Vancouver B.C. (Burnaby Lake R.C.) Rob Waugh 50 points Wits University, S. Africa Cameron Edwards 50 points Sons of the Thames, London. Michelle Clarke 50 points Princeton/Winnipeg, Canada Steve Travis 50 points Bath Univ. Simon Janes 49 points Portora BC,Irl./ Toowong Boat club, Aus Gary MacMillan 49 points Eton Excelsior Anu Dudhia 49 points Oxford Univ. Euain Drysdale 49 points Trinity College, Oxford Chris Bradfield 49 points Eton Excelsior Paul Tunnah 48 points Wadham College Oxford. Joel Skaliotis 48 points Andover Crew Alison Mowbray 48 points CUWBC Hope to do better next time. This test is an invaluable aid to improving Rowing Geek Status and has highlighted key areas for me to work on. I am currently preparing sarnies and a Thermos for a day long sit in at the Boat House so should be able to update my score to a more respectable level soon. Barry Moore 48 points Ireland Marcus Munafo 48 points Southampton University John Hill 48 points City of Oxford Blaise Metreweli 47 points CUWBC, UK. Chris Wade 47 points Yarra Yarra Rowing Club, Melbourne, AUS Lynnie Rudners 46 points USA east coast i think i am a very severe rowing (coxing, in my case) geek!! i scored 46 on that geek test and have only been coxing for 5 years!! is there any treatment for this problem?? Robert Treharne-Jones 46 points British Assoc. Rowing Journalists Patrick Gaughen 45 points Phillips Academy USA. Brendan Bohaychuk 45 points U of A Crew, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Jan Willem van der Wal 45 points Netherlands Rob Binns 44 points SNRC Welland Canada I thought I would do better since this past summer I was captain and moved down to the rowing club. My parents thought they had lost me for three days straight when the phone line at our club went down. So I gues you could say I stayed there 5 weeks straight. Jason Schneider 44 points Banks Rowing Club, Australia. Greg Wdowiak 44 points Poland. pierre skeeter gros 43 points France. Add 189 for v.2 Roddy (Chris) Llewellyn 43 points Birmingham Rowing Club/ARA Exec. I have scored 43 on the geek test, but the test takes no account of a decade towing the trailer (with particular detail in how to tie the boats on the trailer) or of my collection of West Midlands regatta programmes, all with verdicts and times throughout the day. I also have a pair of towelling shorts. This is all true but it's not actually me writing it. It's a couple of members of one of my devoted crews. Will Wadsworth 43 points OULRC Catriona Greenshields 42 points Uni Essex/Eton Excelsior But considering the fact that when I got to University, and found the club poor; I took it over, coached, coxed, generally did all the work, and made it into one of the largest sports clubs here. I think that I deserve more points!! Steve Hobdell 42 points Bangor University Ramón Siaca 42 points PUR National Team/Riverside Boatclub Robert Zabel 42 points Rutgers College/NYAC/Columbia University Rob Plater 42 points Toowong RC, Australia Sullys Maze 42 points famous RSR-er Sarah Kate Curtis 42 points Everett Rowing Association Cynthia Chi 41 points Choate Rosemary Hall, UEA BC, UK. I do admit to being a rowing addict, but I enjoy being one. I love the sport, and everything about it, including the early mornings, the wet rainy days where you have to use your cap to bail out the water from the cox's compartment in the bow-loader, the icy hail that freezes on the blades (makes the catches sound sharper, at least), the perpetual feeling that you aren't quite dry yet, the soggy 5-mile cycle through town, the feeling of almost capsizing in a single, and especially the rush you get when the boat cuts through the water on a good day. No regrets in my choice of sport... I just wish I was taller. Philipp Simon 41 points Captain, University of Kent RC, UK. I achieved the following score and my housemates call me "Boathouse P" (P being my original Nickname but now there are two P's so I needed to be seperated) David Nelson 41 points Salford University BC I am a coxaholic. I have not coxed today! I got a 41! But the equipment question does not take into account for coxes, where I would of scored full points. As I have a full coxbox selection and would like to receive a full sponsorship deal from NK!! Any chance Andrew? I have coxed Gerard, he is my hero! I forgot to add I cox for Agecroft/Salford Uni (PT), basically I am a coxing slag. I'll cox anyone who will win! That's why I cox Salford only Part-Time! Trevor Chambers 41 points Sudbury Rowing Club Stefanie Zwiebel 41 points Princeton Emily Atwood 41 points Princeton University Alistair Potts 41 points Cambridge Univ. Ron Chen 41 points FISA umpire Anita Bigelow 41 points Portland Boat Club, Oregon Tony Daye 41 points Fredericton, Canada. Barry White 40 points Bedford School all my friends tell me that I am the ultimate rowing boff ! Glen Tonks 40 points Union Boat Club, NZ. Mark Hudson 40 points Sydney University. Tim McGovern 40 points U Chicago RC (helped by de facto ownership of a 1960's vintage Donoratico bought by my uncle) Stefan Wicke 40 points Akademischer Ruderclub Rhenus Bonn Becky Daye 40 points Fredericton, Canada. Chris Lackey 40 points T.A.M. U., USA. marrying my coxswain, Victoria, really helped my score!! Lizzie Ayling 40 points UTRC/TSS 40 points B.P.Ray? Meredith Morris-Babb 40 points bonniev's ex-partner Susie Mahon 40 points Itaewon Michael P. Smith 39 points Northeastern University, USA. Eoin Hennessy 39 points Cork Boat Club/P.B.C. Rowing Crew Jeremy Sellars 39 points Augusta Rowing Club, Georgia, USA. By the time I'm done in the greatest sport ever formed (besides the fact that I'll be dead then) I'll have scored enough points to double whatever the high score is. Till death do us part (I hope its me first) but hey, I'm only 17 now. Dan Richman 39 points Columbia Edward Sterck 38 points grand total. UK. Not much I know but I try my best. I sort of row for the Canterbury Pilgrim's Boat Club, and several others. I also only managed a rather sad 83 on the second geek test. I feel rather ashamed, i don't seem to be living up to the "ultimate rowing geek" perception that my friends have of me. Of course that is where I lost some points as not all of my friends are rowers. Alpha Lau 38 points Wadham College, Oxford. T.P.Foss-Smith 38 points University College, Durham. Norman Yee 38 points UC Davis Lwt Crew Alum. Titus Bicknell 38 points University Boat Club, York. Jamie McDonald 38 points Essendon RC, Australia John Roberts 37 points Independent Rowing News. Alan Watson 37 points Sidney Sussex & Free Press Joanne Hourigan 36 points Sydney, Australia. Looking at the other hall of famers i am pretty geeky. My friends always knew that. I am from sydney rowing club and i scull from there. Right know I am rowing with school and am doing dam well for my self. HAIL TO ALL ROWERS ALL OVER THE WORLD! WE RULE! Thanks heaps for comfirming my friends suspicions about my rowing geekness. anna shcweissinger 35 points Capital Crew i have only been rowing for two years and am growing more and more crazy by the day.i rown for capital crew in sacramento, ca at lake natomas. the pacific coast rowing championships are help there as are the southwest regional rowing championships. Christine Camiller 35 points Essendon RC, Australia. Sinead Folan 35 points Colaiste Iognaid Rowing Club, jnr. Alice K. Watts 34 points The King's School Worcester that's not fair! I row at school so the boat house is attached to it. Of course I've dated people there, they go to th e same school, you always date people from school (does snogging count as going out with?)1 We are forced to do training camps every holiday or we get eaten alive by our coach! It's not my fault I'm a rowing geek! HONEST! I don't wan na be a geek! I'M NOT! IT"S NOT MY FAULT Adrian Dahood 34 points Chote Crew & Carnegie Lake Rowing. I am a cox!!! I spend every free moment doing something crew related. This summer I saw more of the boathouse than my house. I schedule everything around crew, I turned down spring break in Cancun to go to spring training. Have boat will cox N.R.Geoghegan 34 points St Cuthbert's Society Boat Club, Durh. Kathy Slade 34 points Merrimac River Rowing Association (Clark Crew alum) Beth Thomas 34 points New Hall, Cambridge and CUWBC Beth Mazur 34 points 3 Rivers R.A. "rowing ba" Scott Fentress 34 points Northeastern University, Boston. Robert Cronin 33 points age 14, Cork BC, Ireland. Moira Maccallum 33 points Ideal Hardware Plc (UK) Chris Coverdale 33 points Royal Shrewsbury School BC, UK. My result for the V.2 geek test was a lowly 146 points, BUT, I'm still a junior, and I'm not married yet.... Oh yeah, my mate Henry Wood (RSSBC) scores an official ZERO Jared Richman 33 points Union College, USA & Hartford Barge Club give me time, I am just getting started..... Alex Boyce 33 points Reading University Boat Club Dan Gordon 33 points Long Beach Jr. Crew Kathy Preston 33 points Cambridge Univ. Alpha Lau 33 points Wadham College, Oxford. Jaco Labuschagne 33 points Parktown School, Jo-burg. Andrew Jennings 32 points Banks Rc Australia. Nate Hales 32 points Co-captains of JEB Crew Team Emily Bercaw 32 points Wilmington, Delaware USA The geek test is a great idea. I started crew a year and a bit ago, but it has already altered my life completely. I love coxing, rowing and skulling! Sam Bellas 32 points |in Virginia, USA. Rowaddicts. Niall Folan 32 points Colaiste Iognaid Rowing Club (aged 15) Robin Collings 31 points George Heriot's School. This may not sound too impressive, but I am only sixteen. I'm sure if a resat the test in a years time my score would be higher. I am club captain of George Heriot's School Rowing Club, and I have done some VERY inventive repairs in my time. Tobias Wallerius 31 points West Bay, Sweden. Niklas Damm 31 points Falkenberg RK, Sweden. Magnus Winterhag 31 points Göteborgs rodd förening, Sweden Mark Brouckaert 31 points University of Natal Howard Sleath 30 points WSC Crew, Norwalk Ct. USA I've only been rowing a few years so I guess this isn't too bad.... Christa Crowe 30 points Girl's co-captain, JEB High School, VA Pedro Lopes Muller 30 points Portugal Tolsun Waddle 29 points Oak Ridge Rowing Association Geez, I only scored a 29! I can't believe it! I wonder, though, if I'd get bonus points for spending every moment that I'm not in school at the boathouse, doing erg pieces? And would I get bonus points for buying a chair for myself to keep in the boathouse for when I'm recovering from said erg pieces? Anne Howard 29 points Mercer Rowing Club, New Zealand. Kathryn Rauss 28 points Middletown High Crew I'm only 17, and I've been rowing for all of 2 years! My team isn't even that great, and we have no money for decent boats or even to fix broken ergs. However, rowing has affected my brain to the point that all of my major college choices HAD to have a women's crew team. Go Coast Guard! Go Navy! Wendy Stein 28 points Ohio State University (v.2 62 pts). Mary Lovatt 28 points Lafayette University, USA Reed Whitten 28 points Cary, North Carolina, USA I just want to say that I think this test is rigged for rowers and young people. Jon Huyck 28 points Capital Crew, Sacramento, California. Bill Portanova 28 points Capital Crew, Sacramento, California. Tim McGovern 28 points University of Chicago Jessica Greenberg 28 points Gettysburg That's not bad considering it went from just a hobby to 7-8 hour days in a little under a year. I'm still a coxswain, but someday I'll be rowing out there with the big boys. Krista Edmundson 26 points Lake Brantley High Give me a chance-I'm only a high school sophomore! 2 years down and many more to go! Power to the little people (I'm a sucess story, it is possible to go from coxing to rowing ltwt!) Scholastic Nats ROCKS! Alex Chemerys 26 points George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Sarah Staffod 26 points Boone HSC, Orlando RC I am a rowaholic! When my friends went to the beach for the summer, I stayed and practiced for the Canadian Henely 3 times a day! I'm only 16 and a three year rower, but I suck up all the info I can about rowing, I still have time to get to the top. Liane Malcos 26 points USA somewhere Maggie Wilson 26 points Jacksonville Rowing Club David Wolfen 26 points UCCS The only reason that this test score is so low is that my parents sent me away to a college that has no rowing thinking it might affect my grades. I am getting back though by learning to build my own shell. MUHAHAHAH!!! Paul Sheen 26 points Bath Univ. Scott Cundall 26 points Waihopai RC, New Zealand. THIS IS MY SIXTH (SEVEN IF YOU COUNT COXING)SEASON ROWING AND IM A TRUE ROWING GEEK EVEN THOUGH I GOT SUCH A LOW SCORE ON THE TEST (26). I ROW FOR WAIHOPAI R C INVERCARGILL NEW ZEALAND THE SECOND MOST SOUTHERN CLUB IN THE WORLD. I RIG BOATS FOR FUN AND STAY AT THE CLUB TILL THE EARLEY HOURS OF THE MORNING DOING JUST THAT. MY SCORE WOULD BE IN THE HUNDERDS IF I COUNTED ALL THE TMES I TURNED DOWN DATES AND MUCH MUCH MORE TO GO ROWING. Anders Holmberg 25 points Falkenbergs RK, Sweden Pierre Potie 25 points La Sone, France Tony Hitchens 25 points Westover R.C., UK Sheryl Oppenheim 24 points Winter Park High School Crew I agree with Louisa Clarke. We both are on the same team but I am a frosh Ondi Innes 24 points Guilford Young College, Australia I know, its not very impressive, but I'm a totally devoted coxswain and I'm only sixteen, so I think I've got enough time to increase my rowing-geekness. Besides, don't I deserve some extra points for being the only girl coxing for an all boys eight and senior mens eight last season?!!! This year I'm coxing for girls and planning on kicking some serious butt!!! Kristin Varacalli 24 points Oakland Catholic HS, Pgh, PA, USA. Hello. I just want to say that this test and sport ROCK!!! Please add more questions to the test. Also just a note, I skipped my (now ex's) prom to go to Mid Western Championships. Needless to say, he was rather livid (he wasn't a rower--mistake-- and couldn't understand my complusion to row) and this was part of the reason we broke up. Natalie Gaffney 24 points Mondeor High School (jnr) Annette Salter 24 points Mondeor High School (jnr) Paul Taylor 24 points Durham University Nick Buffinger 24 points Stanford Johanna Yngvason 24 points Seattle Pacific University I got a friggin' 24 on the geek test. I'd only been rowing for a few weeks here at Seattle Pacific University before I was persecuted for my build and plopped into the coxswain's seat. Now I am addicted. MUST COX. MUST COX. We're starting land training this week and it's killing me that I can't be on the water for two months. TWO MONTHS! Do you know what that does to an obsessed cox'n?! I HAVE POSTERS OF MY CREW PLASTERED ON MY DORM WALLS. I HAVE A CREW MOUSEPAD. I CONVERTED MY ROOMMATE INTO DOING CREW. I EVEN WROTE MY VERY OWN CREW QUOTE. "Watching a good crew on the water is like hearing a Frenchman speak his native language fluently. Both have a curious potential to draw you into the rhythm which is so pivotal to their unique beauty." Ralph Godwin 23 points Harvard Sculling Club Amber Himes 23 points University of San Diego James Fraser 23 points St. Anne's College Oxford "" 22 points (from Europe) Laura Dance 22 points Wadham College, Oxford. Eric Long 22 points St. Mark's School Thor Metreweli 22 points Imperial College, London, UK. Louisa B.L.Clarke 22 points Winter Park High School Crew Pitiful but without prejudice. Since I am still only a high school junior, I figure I still have time to improve on my geekdom in the future. Lewis Richards 22 points Salford University. Hello there, another sad rower from Salford Uni here. I, whilst sending my score of 22, can confirm the fact that jez (A.K.A. Gerard) is indeed a rowaholic. And to Debbie Talbott from Bangor all I can say is, "Yah, boo, beat you!!", 'cause we really aren't childish up here in Salford.... Oh, by the way, my name for the list is Lewis..(not at all Welsh that, boyo.) And we will win at the Salford vs Manchester boat race this year. Ben Crystal 22 points Westminster School, London Ian Keeley 22 points La Salle College High School Jenny Harwell 22 points Mercyhurst College Kevin Hardy 22 points Westover R.C. Graeme Wood 22 points St. Mark's School / Dallas Rowing Club Brian Cody 22 points Kearny High School Crew Team "cushend" 22 points Ireland...... Kyle Muskoff 22 points Ohio State University I just want to say that I think this test is rigged for coaches and old people. 21 points eastern seaboard of America. Lisa DeLucia 21 points Towson University Crew, USA I'm addicted to rowing, and my friends that don't row think i'm wierd for getting up at 4am. Gareth Hooper 21 points Salford University Emily Fleur Franklin 21 points Furnivall Sculling Club And 45 points on the second geek test Sara Hayward 21 points Yarra Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. - and I thought that I was a rowaholic. I think that there's a bit of a continiental bias to the whole thing - it's not so easy or so cheap to get rowing magazines back in my homeland!! On the other hand I could just be trying to find excuses for my dismal score... Jan Svarovsky 21 points Clare, Cambridge & Tideway Scullers Have I spent a whole day at the boathouse? I've lived there since Christmas! Reade James 21 points Choate Rosemary Hall, USA. Matthew Scholefield 21 points ex-capt St. Peter's School York. Sumita Jaggar 21 points Colorado Kirk Smith 21 points Pacific Lutheran University. Hannah Cornfield 20 points 1st and 3rd Trinity Cambridge. If you want to know why I'm sending this in its because I can't believe Graham Ashwell's comments. Trinity lower boats are FAR more serious than that. PS, if this makes it onto the web page: DOWNING GOING DOWN, LENTS 1998 Helen Ferber 20 points Sir John Deane's Boat Club, UK. Mike Fay 20 points Warwick Univ/City of Cambridge Helen Stewart 20 points U.S. Naval Academy Jason Stokes 20 points Melbourne High School Crew, FI. Age 17. Richard Packer 19 points Staines RC, UK. "" 19 points unattributed I got a 19--what does that mean? I don't think I am total geek yet, but I have only been rowing for 8 months and I am a junior in high school--I live by the quote "I can't, I have crew" Sarah Thrasher 19 points River City RC jnrs, W. Sacramento, USA. I've been rowing for a year. i'm only a sophmore in H.S., so just watch those points rack up in the future,....! Although, i think I should get bonus points for the time I was in a sporting goods store and a mother was calling her daughter; I seriously thought she said "twoseat!" when she said "tracy!". at least it shows rowing has pretty well ingrained itself into my brain already... ;o) Milos Jevtic 19 Points Red Star, Belgrade, Yugoslavia Jim Kreuziger 19 points U. Cal. Irvine Amy Deitchley 19 points Smith College, MA, US. 19 points (USA) Steve Hammond 18 points Sheffield University Carter Wilding- White 18 points Choate Rosemary Hall, USA. Ian Bond 18 points Sir John Deanes Boat Club Debbie Talbott 18 points Bangor University. My name's Debbie and I'm from Bangor University, and we're really good we are. I only got 18 on the test because I'm not as sad as Gerard, and do you know why that is? Because I have a life and I'm not from bloody Salford, that's why! Brendan Bohaychuk 17 points U of A Crew, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Elena Homolova 16 points Drexel, USA not much, but you have to take into account that I`m just 15 and cannot own a boat or coach, etc. I enjoyed your test, thanx Elena If anybody is interested in Slovak Rowing, just write on the adress: Martin Temple 16 points Methodist Coll Belfast (cox) Paul E. Bea 16 points T.C. Williams HS Emily Hill 16 points Kingston? I may have only gotten 16 points, and have been rowing for 3 seasons, but I do belive that I am rowaholic just like Gerard.I LOVE ROWING!!! Elika Pope 15 points St. Paul's School for Girls, London. Suann Meier 15 points University of Texas at Austin woohoo! i beat out 2 other geeks for the geeky third to last place. that's got to be worth bonus points. plus, i've only rowed one season, but i think that i should have scored higher because i had to form my own high school rowing team in ohio. from scratch--- a shell, a coach, insurance, everything. that's got to be somewhat obsessive rowing behavior! row on! David Mielinski 14 points Syracuse University Chris Walsh 14 points University of South Wales, Sydney, Aus. Shannon Sermons 12 points Florida State University, USA Charles Ogilvie 12 points Westminster School BC, UK. Chris Palmer 10 points (unspecified) Matt Pence 10 points Orange Coast (The Giant Killers) I got a measly 10 points, but after I saw some of the other scores, I don't know whether to be proud or ill. I think I'm both. Row on! And stuff. Liz Elmhirst 9 points Exeter College Oxford - not very good considering I've just been elected Boat Club President. I'll have to work on increasing my score this coming year. I also failed to win our college "Sad Boatie award", although your test has given me some ideas for how to secure it next time around. Rachel Icaza 9 points Mills College, Oakland, CA I just finished my first year and am completly addicted. Rowers kick ASS!! Hi Kelby in Marysville..I know you're out there. Graham Fisher 8 points Trinity College, Cambridge Kim-Trang 8 points O'Connell Crew, USA I'm only 16 and started rowing last november. I love crew. CREW ROCKS!! I hope to do crew in college. Hope I get on the team. Go O'Connell Crew! Mike Stephens 7 points King's School (where?) UK I got the grand score of 7 on the rowing geek test. I'm only a J15 so thats expected however I'm planning to get my own single scull soon as well as a personal gym JScanBo 7 points US (east coast) Andrew Beech 6 points Sir John Deanes RC. Dema Metreweli 6 points Merton College, Oxford. (but see the rest of the Metreweli family scattered higher up the list.. Damian Smith 5 points Trinity College, Cambridge Comment "Come on then, let's see some other colleges out here. TC boaties, let's rule the web." Douglas Robinson 5 points WPI, USA. Peter Rowan 5 points Where I can get a boat and row. I'm a soul rower. I want to stay this low and I've rowed for 6 years. Graham Ashwell 1 point Trinity College, Cambridge 13 June 1997. I once went on a rowing training camp (I have now been rowing for 3/4 of a year). Is this score a record?

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