Henley T&V results

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Henley Town and Visitors' regatta, rather a sun-soaked, dusty sort of a day, fiercely hot at times and densely humid. Not a lot of wind, although from the over-enthusiastic fingers on stopwatch buttons you wouldn't think it. What with the randomness of several timers and (in the case of the sprints) a drifting start, times were unreliable. Margins I intended to post, but the old biddy ripping the results pages down at 7:20 pm was set on getting home early, so no chance. All in all, a very sedate day, lots of pot-hunting, typical English summer regatta (I wouldn't know about the other bits of the Kingdom). If I've left anyone out, blame the biddy and let me know.

********************HENLEY TOWN AND VISITORS REGATTA*********************approx. 1000 metres (although I thought it was meant to be 1200) from a stake-boat start, Saturday July 29th 1995.  Sprint approx. 400 metres oncethe start was actually called, free-floating.  *************Invitational Sprint 8's ReadingO8        WallingfordS1 8      ReadingS2 8      LRCS3 8      MarlowWS2 8     StainesVet B 8   QuintinVet C&D 8 UTRC04-       BroxbourneO4+       StainesS1 4-     LRCS2 4-     LRCS34+      UTRCN4+       MarlowWS1 4+    Lensbury AWS2 4+    TTRCWS3 4+    TTRCWN 4+     FurnivallVB4+      BedfordV C&D 4+  TSSS1 4x     Eton ExcelsiorS1 2x     LRCS1 2-     BroxbourneO1x       UrryS1 1x     Van den BroekS2 1x     Howe (? can't read my writing)S3 1x     McKennaN 1x      AndersonWS3 1x    EastwoodJ 1x      Krug