World Junior Championships 1997

World Junior Championships 1997

Hazewinkel, Belgium, August 4th-10th

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Index to World '97 juniors in Hazewinkel

    From the 1996 Nation's Cup information on the Belgian rowing server
  1. The course
  2. Getting there by road.

    Current information

  3. Who entered what.
  4. Entries by Event.
  5. Draw for Wednesday and Thursday.
  6. The qualification system from heats to finals.

    Press reports

  7. A snippet in the Daily Telegraph roundup August 7th.
  8. Delayed start for juniors in the Times August 6th.

  9. Dutch team.
  10. GB team announcement in the Telegraph
  11. US roster

    Old information

  12. Last year's Worlds Aimed to put here, some time this week


    All finals now on except the JF2x, which has Final A missing from the organisers.

    JH4+, JH2-, JH4- , JH1x , JH2+, JH2x, JH4x, JH8+

    JF2-, JF4- , JF1x , JF2x, JF4x, JF8+

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