Kingston Small Boats Head 1995

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The old results are now going to be made inactive for the weekend, since they take up a huge amount of filespace. If they are typed or converted to text, they will be re-activated next week (12th Nov). If not, the pictures will be re-loaded.

Links below now inactive......

*********These are _scanned_ results, which means that you require a version of JPEG or similar on your computer in order to see them.In fact they are saved as PICT files, but my JPEG viewer loads them without any trouble, so for the moment I'm not going to try and fiddle about. Email me if you can't see the files and want a specific result. If I have time I'll fish out the winners as a text file. With luck I should get the full text files up within a few days, and then they will be easily read and downloaded.

  1. Division 1 first page
  2. Division 1 second page
  3. Division 1 third page
  4. Division 1 fourth page

  5. Division 2 first page
  6. Division 2 second page
  7. Division 2 third page