National Championships 1995 UK

Return to RQ's Web pageJust very briefly, the main Champs results.Full resultsThanks to Geoffrey Page of the Telegraph for the results service.NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS OF GREAT BRITAINHOLME PIERREPOINT, NOTTINGHAM, JULY 14-16 1995.Conditions:  variable blustery head-wind for most of the weekend, dying slightly in the evenings, and gusting to a cross-wind at times on the Sunday.  Occasional showers, some sun.  Smooth organisation on the whole, although some junior races were moved due to high winds, but as usual, no flipping atmosphere...  From the smell, a very good barbecue in the campsite overnight, but town was quieter than normal.  Average turn-out of clubs, most of the Henley medal-winners absent due either to international commitments or to an early-ending season and well-deserved holidays.  Most national squad absent, with the major exception of the men's sculling section, who were there in force to perform some lightly-disguised final trials.  Some of the women's squad also there, including some scullers.  Count-down to the worlds now begins in earnest.Nat. Champs '95Medal WinnersHEAVYWEIGHT MEN4+GOLD		LeaSILVER	Met Police/Sons of ThamesBRONZE	NCRA2xGOLD		NCRASILVER	LeanderBRONZE	Tideway Scullers2-GOLD		TradesmenSILVER	Aberdeen/Aberdeen UniBRONZE	Cambridge '991xGOLD		Rob Roy	(Goodbrand)SILVER	Leander 	(Holmes)BRONZE	Kingston 	(Zapata)U23 1xGOLD		Kingston	(Zapata)SILVER	Tideway Sc.	(Pearce)BRONZE	Molesey	(Collins)2+	GOLD		Isis B  (Kelly, Allen, Lake)SILVER	TradesmenBRONZE	Royal Chester4-GOLD		NCRA BSILVER	Ox. Brookes ABRONZE	NCRA A4xGOLD		Tideway ScullersSILVER	Castle SempleBRONZE	NCRA8GOLD		NCRA ASILVER	NCRA BBRONZE	UL/UL TyrianLIGHTWEIGHT MEN2xGOLD		NCRASILVER	LondonBRONZE	Peterborough City2-GOLD		LondonSILVER	NCRABRONZE	UL1xGOLD		Rob Roy 	(Hames)SILVER	NCRA		(Davis)BRONZE	Stirling AB	(Plank)4-GOLD		London BSILVER	NCRABRONZE	London A4xGOLD		NCRASILVER	HenleyBRONZE	Walton8GOLD		London					;)SILVER	TradesmenBRONZE	Staines/UTRCJUNIOR MEN (winners only)4+GOLD		Lancaster RGS2xGOLD		Windsor Boys School2-GOLD		Bedford Modern School1xGOLD		NCRA 		(Alexander)4-GOLD		Bedford School4xGOLD		Windsor Boys School8GOLD		King's School ChesterHEAVYWEIGHT WOMEN4+GOLD		ThamesSILVER	Staines/Thames TradesmenBRONZE	Thames Tradesmen2xGOLD		Henley/TSSSILVER	NCRABRONZE	Royal Chester/Thames2-GOLD		ThamesSILVER	TradesmenBRONZE	Edinburgh Uni/Glasgow Uni1xGOLD		Lea		(Reid)SILVER	NCRA		(Carroll)BRONZE	TSS		(Turvey)U23 1xGOLD		Clydesdale	(Lindsay)SILVER	WorcesterBRONZE	Leicester4-GOLD		National compositeSILVER	BedfordBRONZE	Kingston4xGOLD		NCRASILVER	TSS/NorwichBRONZE	Kingston8GOLD		Tideway ScullersSILVER	Bedford/TTRC/UL/WeybridgeBRONZE	ThamesLIGHTWEIGHT WOMEN2xGOLD		TSS/TwickenhamSILVER	UTRC/WalbrookBRONZE	NCRA2-GOLD		Kingston/TTRCSILVER	Notts & UnionBRONZE	Leicester1xGOLD		Runcorn	(Ashcroft)SILVER	Agecroft	(Calvert)BRONZE	NCRA		(Hart)4-GOLD		Bedford/TTRC/UL/WeybridgeSILVER	StainesBRONZE	WeybridgeJUNIOR WOMEN (winners only)4+GOLD		Bedford High School2xGOLD		Henley/Marlow2-	GOLD		St. Leonard's School1xGOLD		Bewdley	(Camm)8GOLD		Haberdasher's Monmouth School.