Non-UK Rowing Notices

Non-UK Rowing Notices

This page has been superseded by the new Rowing Service noticeboard. You will be redirected there shortly. August 7th 1998
"I just want to bore you with a watchdog-type tale about United airlines. I scull at Thames Rowing Club and last Christmas asked my sister who was living in Chicago at the time to bring me over a pair of Dreissigacker sculls when she was next coming over. A number of people I know have done this no problem, and saved money.
Anyway, she got charged an excess baggage fee of $141 by the airline for bringing over an item weighing about 2 kilos. She had hardly any otherbaggage. The height was the problem, they said. Anyway, I complained but got no joy from a flurry of letters with the customer service department. My last was a snotty one vowing never to fly United again.
Anyone have a similar experience?"
Jon Scott.

July 12th 1998
I am interested in setting up a world rower network through the icq network.By downloading the free software from icq the person can add other rowers to their contact list who too are on the icq network. We already have a growing network in oz that is quite helpful as well as being a bit of fun. Is anyone interested? The address is Paul.

May 5th 1997
Thank you for this valuable and essential rowing service:We in Southern Africa desperatly need this form of contact to remain part ofthe Rowing fraternity, be better connected and feed on any assistance or travelling oarspeople destined to this part of the world on vacation , altitude or off season training and or consultants sent here to work for short spells.Additional assistance with mothballed equipment and or obselete equipment inthe Kingdom of Swaziland is most welcome to grow the sport at Waterford United World College and Big Bend Sisakela High School. Please help where possible.Kind regards:- Swaziland Rowing Federation, Eddy Bruce. Mbabane

March 27th 1997
If you would like to order a video copy of "The Great Eight" - an inspiring documentary about the 1952 Naval Academy Olympic gold medal crew,narrated by Gregory Peck - contact us by e-mail for details - PAL copiesavailable.Wisteria Pictures.

11th January 1997
The Canterbury Rowing Club is the oldest Rowing club in New Zealand(136years). We would like to make contact with the oldest clubs from othercountries. If you belong to such a club or know how I can contact them thenpleasa e-mail any information about the club and an e-mail address or URL.

Thank youWarren Hall

16th July 1996.
Como socio da Associa┴ôo de Remo de Sousas - Campinas - SP - Brasil,gostaria de entrar em contato com outros remadores e obter publica┴×esreferente ao esporte.Walter Stervid - Associa┴ôo de Remo de Sousas.

Hello! I am the Director of Research for Wisteria Films in the U.S. I am trying to find archival footage of a 1952 Naval Academy teamthat won the gold in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Does anyone know of any UKarchives that would have film footage to use in editing this film?We have alot of stills but need film. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you. J. Wilson at