Olympic Rowing Index

This is part of the Rowing Service website.The list below brings together all Olympic links to rowing and some generally useful Olympic websites.

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There is now a page for New Olympic Information where initial reports and results links will be stored before transfer to here.

  1. IBM's Full Results Site + Splits.
  2. Results index, variable success.
  3. Write to the athletes.

    Best Olympic Sites

  4. The IBM site quoted above is probably the best of all. Properly updated and including photos, links, full results and search engines for all sports. Happy browsing!
  5. British Olympic Association.
  6. BBC Olympics site.
  7. AtlantaGames site.
  8. See also the main rowing sites below, many of which have links back to their index for all Olympic sports.
  9. UK-centric resultscalendar index.
  10. It's Atlanta!, an unofficial locally-designed website.
  11. NBC sports
  12. CNN Interactive
  13. Swiss Olympic site.

    Olympic Rowing Sites

  14. Yahoo Rowing Index
  15. ESPNET SportZone rowing site.
  16. NationsBank coverage, US team sponsors.
  17. Official 1996 Olympic Rowing Site from ACOG.
  18. Sports Illustrated site.
  19. USA Today site.
  20. WomenSports Rowing.
  21. Yahoo! Medal Standings (by sport, country etc.).
  22. Dutch rowing server with Olympic information, by Henk Schrik.

    Specific Rowing Info

  23. Japanese rower in Atlanta, in Japanese.
  24. Latest results
  25. Results lists from the Rower's Resource.
  26. Lake Lanier information.
  27. Complete schedule for the Olympic rowing regatta.
  28. Listing of pre-Olympic qualifying regatta results.
  29. ESPNET listing of previous winners - names and times.
  30. Listing ofthe US rowing team.
  31. Danishrowing team list.
  32. US rowing trials results.

    Olympic Rowing Press Clippings

  33. SEE New Olympic Information PAGE FOR LATEST.

  34. Preview and Profiles of various rowers.
  35. US men carry Olympic torch.
  36. Silken Laumann on-line from her sponsors, Subaru.
  37. Olympic Trialsfinally completed - what's next? (USA)
  38. John Riley injured in accident report from the Rower's Resource.
  39. Fuller learns from testing other waters.
  40. Shockwave rowing animation.
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