Piedluco International

GB-orientated Piedluco results, 1995*************These are minimal, so you know who won what.When I've done some work today, I'll type in the rest of the times.RQ.************SATURDAYM4-     Italy (6:10.10), France, Croatia, GB.M2-     GB (6:53.70), Italy, Slovenia.M4+     GB (6:30.90), Italy, PortugalM2x     France (6:40.0), Italy, Spain, GB.M1x     Slovenia (7:17.20), Italy, Ukraine.     GB dnqM4x     Germany (5:57.40), Italy, Russia.M8+     GB (5:46.40), France, Italy.ML4-    Germany (6:16-70), Italy, GB, GB.ML2x    Spain (6:42.30), Italy, Italy, GB.SUNDAYM2-     GB (6:49.80), Italy, Italy.M4-     Italy (6:09.80), France, Croatia, GB dnqM4+     GB (6:33.10), Italy, italy (GB entry different from previous).M2x     Italy (6:42.30), Spain, Russia, 5th GB.M1x     Italy (7:22.90), Ukraine, GB.M8+     GB (5:46.00), Italy, France.LM4-    Germany (6:16.60), GB, Italy, GB.LM2x    Italy (6:44.10), GB, Spain.COLOGNE WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL REGATTASaturdayFours   Saar/Frankfurt/Berlin 6:30.38, ARA 6:32.82.Pairs   Thames RC 7:07.17.1x      Holland 7:29.97, Thames RC 7:32.51.SundayFours   Holland 6:34.35, ARA 6:36.87.Pairs   HOlland 7:12-83,        3rd TSS/Marlow 7:18.54,  6th Thames 7:31.541x      Bucharest 7:37.69, Thames 7:46.07.
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