Scottish National Championships 1005

Posted by Rod LawsonReturn to RQ's Web pageResults are for championship events (2000m, 1500m, or 1000m asappropriate) and concurrently held non-championship (intermediate)events. Results are given in race order.<----- STRATHCLYDE COUNTRY PARK  ----->    RACE MANAGEMENT COMPUTER SYSTEM# Scottish & Scottish Schools Rowing Championship Regatta 1995 #SAT 10 JUN 95            1st      2nd      3rd      4th      5th    6thMInt 4+SFA  EUBC     STAU     RGAB     SUBC A   AUBC A DUBC B3 to F      05:11.56 05:14.74 05:19.86 05:28.12 "N"    "S"MInt 4+ SFB AUBC c   SUBC B   AUBC B    LL       ABC    DUBC A3 to F      05:16.36 05:20.98 05:30.87  05:31.68 05:59.77  "S"MInt 1x SFA STA  b   STA  a   AUBC      INV  A   NARC3 to F      05:51.30 06:07.40 06:11.22  06:19.70 06:31.13MInt 1x SFB LL       STAU A   SUBC      INV  b   STAU B3 to F      06:07.66 06:08.37 06:09.76  06:10.53 "S"WOp 4+ SFA NARC      CDL      ABC  A    STA  A   INV3 to F     07:52.06  07:52.88 08:01.0   08:04.50 08:19.42WOp 4+ SFB EUBC      ABC  B   STA  B     RGU3 to F     07:59.89  08:08.40 08:09.56   08:15.30MOpen 1xSFA CSRC C   SABS     SUBC       STA      GLA      CSRC D3 to F      07:33.30 07:36.15 07:38.98   07:40.35 07:49.70 07:49.98MOpen 1xSFB CDL  B   CSRC     LMBC       CDL      GARC     TRC3 to F      07:33.86 07:35.22 07:36.38   07:37.62 07:48.93 "S"MJu18 8 F   NARC     HER            06:18.40 06:24.49MInt 2- SFA ABC      AUBC      SABS      STA2 to F      05:55.70 06:13.13  07:59.61  "S"MInt 2- SFB GLCS     LL        ASRA      STAU3 to F      05:48.40 05:57.01  06:02.76  06:07.62MVetB 4+  F CDST      ABDS      INV            03:20.35  03:25.26  03:39.88SBU16 1x  F HUT       SABS            03:57.18  04:00.99WJu16 4+  F NARC      ASRA            03:50.45  04:01.75SGU18 1x  F SABS      WAT       ASRA      GLHS            04:15.89  04:26.93  04:27.63  04:35.02MInt 1x   F STA  b    AUBC      STA  a    LL        STAU A    SUBC            05:46.05  05:51.08  05:55.82  05:57.69  06:28.88  "S"MInt 8    F AUBC      SUBC            04:45.13  04:49.48SGU18 4+  F WAT       HER            05:42.53  05:50.31MJu16 4+  F NARC      GRC       HER            05:31.13  06:07.86  06:24.01WInt 4+   F AUBC      RGU       EUBC      EUBC      ABRG      DUBC            05:56.15  06:00.29  06:07.87  06:16.93  07:26.19  "M"MOp 2-SFA   CLY       ASRA      INV       EUBC A2 to F      07:42.36  07:47.48  07:50.21  "M"MOp 2-SFB   ABAU      EUBC B    ABC       GRC3 to F      07:02.23  07:33.39  07:42.37  07:55.69MJu18 1xF SUBC      BWK       GRC       HER       INV         AUBC          07:46.73  07:56.30  08:19.76  08:28.87  08:30.96  "S"WJu18 2-  F   WAT       ASRA              08:38.30  08:53.34WOp 4+    F   CDL       NARC    STA  B   EUBC     ABC  B   ABC  A              07:29.74 07:31.98 07:41.69 07:47.88 07:53.39 07:54.73MJu15 1x  F   HUT       SABS      NARC              04:00.45 04:01.25   04:01.95MVetC 2-  F   SADS      CDL              03:44.66  03:47.86MVetA 2-  F   CLY       ABC              03:32.26  03:35.25MVetA 1X  F   SABS      LMBC      GRC       STA       CDL       INV              03:14.39  03:16.17  03:29.44  03:33.13  03:37.73  03:38.53WJu16 1X  F   SABS      GLHS      WAT              04:04.03  04:12.85   "S"WVetA 1x  F   INV       STA              04:13.32  04:21.95SBU15 4+  F   HER  B    HER  A              03:46.68  03:47.19SBBC 4+   F   HER  A     HER  B              04:30.42    04:43.77SBWC 4+   F   HUT         HER       DA              03:47.42  03:53.21  04:30.10MVetB 2x  F   CDL  A    CDL  B    STA              03:27.28    03:33.75  03:40.13MInt 2-   F   ABC       GLCS      LL            AUBC      ASRA              05:42.24  05:56.11   05:56.83  06:10.35   06:12.00WInt 8    F   ABAU      EUBC              05:28.58  05:47.92MJu16 2x  F   GRC  B    HUT       GRC  A    ASRA A    ASRA B              06:08.37  06:11.95  06:54.53  08:00.25  "N"SBU18 4+  F   DA         HER  A    HER  B              05:02.73   05:13.05  05:24.89MInt 4+   F   SUBC B    AUBC c    STAU      EUBC      AUBC B    RGAB              05:08.33  05:10.17  05:14.76  05:18.44  05:25.79  05:39.81WJu18 8   F   WAT       NARC              07:00.06  07:12.55WOp 1x    F   CDL  A    SABS      CDL  B              08:36.90  08:45.37  "S"MOp 2-    F   ABAU      CLY       EUBC B    ABC       ASRA              06:59.97  07:13.93  07:15.39  07:37.72  07:39.65MOp 4+    F   ASTA      STA        ABC        SUBC              06:32.85   06:51.65  07:00.05  07:18.16MOpen 1x  F   SABS      CSRC C    CDL  B    CSRC      LMBC      SUBC              07:18.42  07:24.11  07:26.24  07:36.58  07:40.15  07:56.36<----- STRATHCLYDE COUNTRY PARK  ----->    RACE MANAGEMENT COMPUTER SYSTEM# Scottish & Scottish Schools Rowing Championship Regatta 1995 #SUN 11 JUN 95              1st       2nd       3rd       4th       5th     6thMVetB 2-  F   SOT       SADS      INV       CDL        CLCD              03:45.49  03:49.54  03:50.01  03:55.78  "S"MVetB 1x  F   SABS      STA       GRC      INV       CDL              03:45.81  03:49.35  03:57.81 04:04.60  04:11.98SBU15 1x  F   DA        SABS      HUT              04:00.32  04:00.72  04:06.66MJu15 4+  F   ASRA      HER              03:38.63  03:41.95WJu16 8   F   WAT       HESA              03:41.93  04:05.07MVetA 4+  F   CCLS       ABDS              03:29.81   03:36.82MVetC 1X  F   INV         STA              04:10.62    04:12.05WInt 8    F   EUBC      SAEU              05:43.53  05:57.55MInt 4+   SFA SUBC B    LMBC      AUBC B    ABC       AUBC A3 to F        05:36.42  05:49.31  05:49.68  06:09.51  "M"MInt 4+   SFB AUBC C    EUBC      SUBC A    RGAB3 to F        05:32.65  05:37.17  05:44.12  05:47.14SBU18 1x  F   DA        HUT       IRA              06:00.53  06:13.45  06:28.07SBU18 8   F   HER  A    HER  B              05:15.07  05:20.28WInt 4+   SFA AUBC B    STA       SAEU      EUBC B    ABRG3 to F        06:24.71  06:32.60  06:35.19  06:37.72  06:48.58WInt 4+   SFB RGU       GULB      EUBC A    AUBC A3 to F        06:31.19  06:39.48  06:40.07  06:43.67MLwt 1x   SFA CDL  B    CDL  A    STA       LL        GARC      AUBC3 to F        07:59.46  08:01.80  08:03.97  08:12.94  08:13.88  "S"MLwt 1x   SFB SABS      GUBC      GRC  C    RWS       GRC  B    SUBC3 to F        08:02.49  08:04.80  08:06.18  08:07.80  08:49.42  "S"MOp 4-    F   ASTA      CLGU      STA       NARC              06:42.71  06:46.08  06:56.98  06:57.61WJu18 4+  F   NARC A    NARC B    HER       WAT              07:52.11  08:10.86  08:16.56  "S"WOp 2x    F   CDL  A    CDL  B    STA              07:51.36  07:56.90  08:00.85WOp 2-    F   WAT       EGLU      CGUL      ABC       CDL       INV              08:10.15  08:20.25  08:28.59  08:47.93  08:53.19  09:23.63MJu18 2x  F   SUAU      STAI      HUT       ASRA      HER                        07:22.21  07:27.08  08:24.16  08:44.63  "S"MOp 2x    F   CSRC A    CSRC B    GUBW              06:55.03  07:02.44  "S"SGGC 4+   F   WAT       HER       DA              04:11.34  04:28.79  05:29.31SGU16 4+  F   WAT       HER              01:01.01  02:02.02MVetC 4+  F   CDST      INV       SADS       CSRC              03:34.08  03:42.23  03:49.02   03:55.76WJu16 2X  F   ASRA A    ASRA B              02:01.0   02:02.02SGU15 4+  F   WAT       HER       STJO              03:08.96  03:23.57 03:25.65MInt 8    F   EUBC      SUBC              04:48.26  04:59.49MInt 1x   F   AUBC      STA  B    STA  A    INV       SUBC              05:50.84  05:51.03  06:03.11  06:30.41  "S" WInt 4+   F   AUBC B    STA       RGU       SAEU      GULB      EUBC A              06:12.22  06:24.00  06:30.07  06:39.75  06:42.02  08:53.02SBU17 4+  F   HER  A    HER  B              05:30.94  06:04.55MJu16 1x  F   HUT       SABS      NARC              06:25.07  06:26.16  06:26.45SBU16 4+  F   HER  B    HER  A              05:52.98  05:53.18MInt 2-   F   ABC       ASRA      EUBC      STA       SABS              05:56.60  05:59.07  05:59.43  06:00.72  06:31.84MInt 4+   F   AUBC C    SUBC B    EUBC      SUBC A    LMBC      AUBC B              05:09.68  05:13.43  05:14.02  05:31.18  05:34.54  05:44.23WInt 1x   F   GRC       STA              07:12.83  07:39.30MLwt 2-   F   EUBC      CLY      SOT      GLCS      GRC              07:46.58  07:56.06 07:58.79 08:15.78  08:27.24WOp 8     F   CDL       ABC              07:33.98  07:44.58MJu18 4+  F   NARC A    NARC B    HER              07:37.70  07:57.02  08:00.39WJu18 1x  F   SABS      WAT  A    WAT  B    GLHS      ASRA      GRC              09:57.04  10:03.99  10:09.66  10:21.82  10:22.86  10:56.44MLwt 1x   F   SABS      CDL  B    GUBC      CDL  A    STA       GRC  C              08:12.51  08:20.73  08:26.04  08:32.16  08:41.17  08:47.37MOp 8     F   SAAC      ABC       EUBC      SGCS      SUBC      DS              06:41.16  06:55.82  07:00.66  07:03.29  > CLUB ABBREVIATIONS> (Composites first)> > AARC" "Aberdeen BC/Aberdeen Uni. BC/RGU BC/Clydesdale> AARG" "Aberdeen BC/Aberdeen Uni. BC/Robert Gordon Uni. BC> AARS" "Aberdeen/Aber. Uni/Robert Gordon Uni/St Andrew BC> ABAS" "Aberdeen Boat Club/Aberdeen Schools Rowing Assoc> ABAU" "Aberdeen Boat Club/Aberdeen University Boat Club> ABDS" "Aberdeen BC/Deeside Scullers> ABRG" "Aberdeen Boat Club/Robert Gordon Univ. Boat Club> ABTY" "Aberdeen Boat Club/Tyne Rowing Club> AGCG" "Aberdeen BC/Glasgow RC/C.Semple/Glasgow Univ> ASAB" "Aberdeen Schools Rowing Assoc./Aberdeen Boat Club> ASTA" "Aberdeen Boat Club/St Andrew BC> BWCD" "Berwick/Clydesdale> BWK" "Berwick Rowing Club> CARC" "Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club> CCCS" "Clyde/Clydesdale/Castle Semple> CCLS" "Clyde/C/dale/SABSC> CDBE" "Clydesdale/Berwick> CDCE" "Clydesdale/Clyde/EUBC> CGEC" "Clydesdale/Griffin/EUBC/Clyde> CGST" "Clyde/GUBC/St Andrew> CGUL" "Clyde/GULBC> CLCA" "Clyde/Cambois> CLCD" "Clyde/Clydesdale ARC> CLCG" "Clyde/Cambois/Griffin> CLES" "Chester le Street ARC> CLEU" "Clyde/Edinburgh University BC> CLGU" "Clyde/Glasgow University Boat Club> CLMA" "Clyde Masters Rowing Club> CLS" "Chester-le-Street> CLSA" "Clydesdale/St Andrew BC> CLSG" "Clyde/SUBC/GUBC> CLYB" "Clydesdale/York City/Berwick RC> CSB" "Castle Semple/Berwick Rowing Club> CSGU" "Castle Semple/Glasgow University Boat Club> CSSG" "Clyde/St Andrew/Strathclyde Uni/Glasgow Uni BC> DHAM" "Durham Amateur Rowing Club> DUR" "Durham ARC> EALC" "EUBC/Alexandria/Clydesdale> EGLU" "Edinburgh Uni/Glasgow Uni. Ladies' BC> EUAL" "Edinburgh Univ/ Alexandria> EUCL" "Edinburgh University/Clydesdale> EUGL" "Edinburgh University/Glasgow Rowing Club> GCS" "Glasgow Rowing Club/Castle Semple> GGCA" "Glasgow/GUBC/Castle Semple/AberdeenBC> GHGW" "George Heriot's School/George Watson's College> GHS" "George Heriot's School  Rowing Club> GLBK" "Glasgow/Berwick> GLCS" "Glasgow / Castle Semple> GLHS" "Glasgow High School> GLO" "Gloucester Rowing Club> GLST" "Glasgow/Stirling ABSC> GRK" "Glasgow/Kingston Grammar> GUAU" "Glasgow University / Aberdeen University> GUBW" "Glasgow Uni/Berwick ARC> GUSU" "Glasgow University/Strathclyde University BC> GWC" "George Watsons College Boat Club> HASB" "Hutchesons GS/Aberdeen Uni/Strathclyde Uni/Berwick> HEME" "George Heriot's/Mary Erskine> HERM" "Hermitage Academy> HESA" "George Heriots School/St Andrew BC> HUT" "Hutcheson Grammar School> HWU" "Heriot Watt University BC> INKI" "Inverness RC/ RAF Kinloss> INLO" "Inverness / RAF Lossiemouth> LEE" "Lee RC> LVBC" "Lady Victoria BC> NSGU" "Nithsdale/Strathclyde Uni/Glasgow Uni Boat Clubs" "Nithsdale/SUBC/GUBC" "" > QEHS" "Queen Elizabeth High School> RGAB" "Robert Gordons / Aberdeen Boat Club> RGAU" "Robert Gordon / Aberdeen University> SAAC" "St Andrew/Aberdeen/ Clydesdale> SADS" "St Andrew/Deeside Scullers> SAEU" "St Andrew/Edinburgh Uni BC> SCCA" "Stirling/Castle Semple/Clydesdale/Aberdeen BC> SCOM" "Stirling Composite> SCOT" "Scottish Rowing> SGCS" "SUBC/GUBC/Clyde/Sons of Thames> SLEO" "St Leonard's School> STCS" "Stirling/Castle Semple Rowing Club                                  > STGL" "Staines/GLASGOW> SUAB" "Strathclyde Uni/Aberdeen BC> SUAU" "Strathclyde Uni/Aberdeen Uni BC> SUST" "Strathclyde University / St Andrew Boat Club> TYNE" "Tyne Rowing Club> ABC" "Aberdeen Boat Club> ASRA" "Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association> AUBC" "Aberdeen University Boat Club> CDCS" "Clydesdale/Castle Semple> CDL" "Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club> CDST" "Clydesdale/Stirling AB&SC> CLY" "Clyde Amateur Rowing Club> CSRC" "Castle Semple Rowing Club> DA" "Dumfries Academy> DIT" "Dundee Institute of Technology Boat Club> DS" "Deeside Scullers> DUBC" "Dundee University Boat Club> EUBC" "Edinburgh University Boat CLub> GARC" "Glasgow Argonauts Rowing Club> GLA" "Glasgow Rowing Club> GRC" "Glasgow Rowing Club> GSRC" "Glasgow Schools Rowing Club> GUBC" "Glasgow University Boat Club> GULB" "Glasgow University Ladies Boat Club> HAZ" "Hazlehead Academy> HER" "George Heriots School> HOL" "Holyrood School> HUT" "Hutchesons Grammar School> INV" "Inverness Rowing Club> LL" "Loch Lomond Amateur Rowing Club> LMBC" "Lake of Menteith Boat Club> LS" "London Scottish Rowing Club> NARC" "Nithsdale Amateur Rowing Club> NIT" "Nithsdale Amateur Rowing Club> NOM" "Nomads> RGU" "The Robert Gordon University Boat Club> RWS" "Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club> SA" "Scottish Argonauts> SABS" "Stirling Amateur Boating & Swimming Club> SCO" "Scottish Rowing> SRC" "Stirling Amateur Boating and Swimming Club> STA" "St Andrew Boat Club> STAU" "St Andrews University Boat Club> STUB" "Stirling University Boat Club> SUBC" "Strathclyde University Boat Club> WAT" "George Watsons College> .> >