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Results and event details for Masters and Veteran events within regattas are sprinkled round the Internet and usually not separated out. Therefore, first check New Information page, then the right section of the Events page, and the Results index. Alternatively what you are seeking may be on the relevant club website.
Specific Masters/Veteran events

The Internet Erg Challenge allows indoor rowers round the world to challenge and race each other, scores published on this site monthly. There are several masters/veteran categories, and if you wish your email address may also be published so that masters rowers in other countries can contact you directly.

A vastly useful site is Stephen Seilor's MAPP: Masters Athletes Physiology and Performance. This amazing resource contains all sorts of useful links and pages for athletes of all kinds, but especially Dr. Seilor's personal addiction, masters rowing.

The 1999 FISA Masters took place in Seville, and there is a full website, including results.

The 1998 FISA Masters took place in Munich, which has a website of its own.

The 1997 FISA Masters took place in Australia (Adelaide). Thanks to the helpful efforts of Peter Morrison, the Rowing Service was able to format the full results and put them online.

Several masters athletes took part in the Atlantic Challenge in 1997-8. The Norwegian veterans Stein and Arvid kept a fascinating online diary day-by-day on the Rower's World website.

Masters Resources

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