'Winning!' with Sports Psychology video

'Winning!' with Sports Psychology video

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"Mental toughness is something you actually can develop in yourself." - HERB ELLIOTT 1994
This page introduces the first opportunity to buy the world-famous "Winning!"video, marketed by ICC Entertainment, Australia, in the United Kingdom and Ireland from a local distributor. The Rowing Service is able to distribute throughout the UK following an order by email and a subsequent postal confirmation enclosing the payment. The commission for this service will go to support the work of the Rowing Service.

The video is approved by Mind Tools and their Sports Psychology site is a helpful summary of ideas currently in use around the world, including references.

"Winning!" has already proved enormously popular around the world in many sports. It is a clear and logical exposition on the basic ideas of sports psychology.

Click here to see a review of Winning by Greg Sargent, Sports Coach Magazine, Autumn 1995.

Production Notes from ICC

'Winning!' is presented by Dr. Rob Hampshire, consultant psychiatrist,sports psychologist, World Masters Rowing Champion 1993 and AustralianVeteran Cycling Champion.

The video introduces mental training to ordinary sportsmen and women. It isaimed at the average sports participant and sets out in a clear and simpleway the basics of sports psychology and how to master the techniques usedto gain mental toughness. Interviews with world champions illustrate theseideas. There is extensive footage of the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games,Rugby League, World Cup Rugby Union, AFL, Soccer, Cycling, Swimming,Athletics, Basketball, Triathlon, Boxing, Rowing, Cricket, Golf etc.

By applying just a few of the techniques demonstrated in this video, we hopethe viewer will improve his/her sporting performance. The techniquesdiscussed and the lessons to be learned can be applied to any sport andeven life itself.

The following champions are interviewed in the programme:-

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