Worlds '96

Worlds '96

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This only includes countries at the World Championships this year.

AUS	Australia
AUT	Austria
BEL	Belgium
BLR	Byelorussia
BRA	Brazil
BUL	Bulgaria
CAN	Canada
CHN	China
CRO	Croatia 
CZE	Czech Republic
DEN	Denmark
EGY	Egypt
ESP	Spain
EST	Estonia
FIN	Finland
FRA	France
GBR	Great Britain
GEO	Georgia
GER	Germany
GRE	Greece
HKG	Hong Kong
HUN	Hungary
IRL	Ireland
ISL	Iceland
ISR	Israel
ITA	Italy
JPN	Japan
LAT	Latvia
LTU	Lithuania
MEX	Mexico
NED	Netherlands (Holland)
NOR	Norway
NZL	New Zealand
POL	Poland
ROM	Romania/Rumania
RSA	Republic of South Africa
RUS	Russia
SLO	Slovenia
SUI	Switzerland
SVK	Slovakia
SWE	Sweden
TUR	Turkey
UKR	Ukraine
URU	Uruguay
USA	United States of America
YUG	Yugoslavia
ZIM	Zimbabwe

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