Worlds '96

Worlds '96

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The fax numbers highlighted as hyperlinks below can be reached by email, via a service provided by Demon Internet within the UK. You send an email and the fax arrives on the machine after conversion into a document. Click on the relevant hyperlink to use.

World Rowing Championships 1996,
Watersports Centre,
Strathclyde Country Park,
366 Hamilton Road,
Motherwell, ML1 4ED.
Telephone 01698-252565.
Fax 01698-269446.

Organising Committee

Chairman Peter Morrison, telephone 01786-833029.
Fax 01786-833630.

Treasurer George Hunter, telephone 0131-664-1070.

Secretary Moira Pow, telephone 01475-729966.

Event Management Division

Chairman John MacDougall, telephone 01475-787076.
Accommodation Marjory Summers, telephone and fax 01389-752454
Accreditation Mary Massaro, telephone 01259-216923.
Ceremonial Alistair Neil, telephone 01698-422624.
Communications, David Biddulph (incl. email), telephone 01705-571626.
Commentary Ian Carlton, telephone 01862-810532.
Information Frances Morrison, telephone 01786-833029.
Staffing Bob Neil, telephone 0131-667-5389.
Medical Dr. Peter Barton, telephone 01698-285964.
Results Geraldine Haggerty, telephone 0141-952-7332.
Security Jim McNiven, telephone 01389-759063.
Socials Lesley Stewart, telephone 0131-657-2183 and Sharon Coen, telephone 0131-245-3515.
Technical John McKinney, telephone 01505-703239.
Technical: water Jim MacRitchie, telephone 0141-881-6563.
Technical: land Neil MacFarlane, telephone 0131-667-4587.
Transport Chris Ireland, telephone 01481-824145.

Marketing and Publicity Division

Chairman Iain Somerside, telephone 0141-339-3337.
Press Mike Haggerty, telephone 0141-952-7332.

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