Worlds '96

Worlds '96

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  • Whole of Scotland clickable map.
  • Online Scotland.
  • "TweedNet"(!), general tourist information about the Borders.
  • General city-by-city information is available from this index.
  • soc.culture.scottish newsgroup.
  • Currency and other reference information.
  • The UK Guide
  • Travel and Health.
  • Maps and Weather.
  • The AA UK List of Hotels.
  • The British Tourist Authority.
  • One of the best lists of travel indexes on the Web.
  • A list of search engines on this server.


  • Edinburgh main index.
  • An alternative index.
  • The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour.
  • Dramnuie Edinburgh Film Festival


  • Local information from GLANCE.
  • The Glasgow Pub Guide.
  • Glasgow University.
  • Glasgow Evening Herald and Evening Times.
  • City Live Magazine.
  • Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Tron Theatre.
  • Strathclyde University.
  • The Glasgow Pub and Club Guide. This is the number image-browser access to this page since midnight Wednesday 7th August.

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