Medals Worlds '96 By Event

World Rowing Championships 1996
Strathclyde, August 6th-11th.


Junior Women
Coxless pair	JF2-		Germany		Russia		Australia
Coxless four	JF4-		Germany		Romania		New Zealand
Single scull	JF1x		Slovenia	Germany		Russia
Double scull	JF2x		Poland		Austria		Germany
Quad scull	JF4x		Netherland	Germany		Switzerland
Eights		JF8+		Germany		Romania		Denmark

Junior Men
Coxed four	JH4+		Romania		France		Poland
Coxless pair	JH2-		Canada		Germany		Slovenia
Coxless four	JH4-		Slovenia	Australia	Germany
Single scull	JH1x		Australia	Belarus		Greece
Coxed pair	JH2+		Russia		Italy		Germany
Double scull	JH2x		Australia	Yugoslavia	Switzerland
Quad scull	JH4x		Denmark		France		Italy
Eights		JH8+		Romania		Germany		Gt Britain

Lightweight Women
Coxless Pair	FPL2-		USA		Gt Britain	Romania
Single Scull	FPL1x		Romania		France		United States
Coxless Four	FPL4-		China		Gt Britain	United States

Lightweight Men
Coxless Pair	HPL2-		Denmark		Ireland		Germany
Single Scull	HPL1x		Denmark		Czech Rep	Finland
Quad Scull	HPL4x		Italy		Germany		France
Eight		HPL8+		Germany		Denmark		Canada

Open Women
Coxless Four	F4-		USA		Romania		Germany

Open Men
Coxed Pair	H2+		France		Romania		Netherlands
Coxed Four	H4+		Romania		Czech. Rep	Russia

Compiled courtesy of The Rowing Service at the Worlds 96