Photos from the British Student Quiz Championships

Here are some photographs from the eighth British Student Quiz Championships, held 12 May 2012 at Imperial College, London.

Oxford A teammates Alison Hudson and Chris Savory wait for their opponents.

The men of Oxford A (from left, Chris Savory, Kyle Haddad-Fonda, and Alex Bubb) are happy with their undefeated record.

The players of Oxford D (from left, Hongquan Lock, Anna Hopper, and Sam Swift) continue to smile despite being forced to play with only three people.

The full Oxford A team is ready to play.

Tournament editor and director (and former BSQC champion) Edmund Dickinson smirks for the camera.

Four of the five members of Oxford B (Peter Sloman, George Scratcherd, Maris Rowe-McCulloch, and Hasneen Karbalai) wait for the finals to start.

Alex Bubb talks with future OUQS member Joey Goldman about their common taste in glasses frames.

The victorious members of Oxford A pose with their trophy.