There has never been a more exciting time to study and teach public international law and it is a particular privilege to do so at Oxford University with its long tradition in public international law. As a practicing German Rechtsanwalt and a member of the English Bar practising from 20 Essex Street Chambers my approach to public international law is very much practice oriented. I don’t believe in theory for theory’s sake. In fact, theory, more often than not, not only fails to enhance the understanding of a problem but creates a tertium quid which stands, like a bank of fog on a still day, between the observer and the contours of the ground which call for investigation. My work is strongly rooted in the tradition of legal positivism. I am more interested in what the law actually is, than what it ought to be. I still consider the State the main, although not the only, actor in international law and do not view State sovereignty as a concept of the past. I see myself as a generalist whose interests cover a wide range of subjects in public international law. In my teaching, I seek to emphasize the practical impact and political dimensions of international law, as rules for the ‘global village’.

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26/11: Chair of the Session on 'The PCIJ as the First World Court' at the Conference on 'The Permanent Court and Modern International Law: Reflections on the PCIJ's Lasting Legacy' in London more>>

02/11: My D.Phil. student Mehmet Karli from Turkey successfully defends his doctoral thesis on 'Regulatory Regionalism and Article XXIV of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade' - Many congratulations Doctor Karli!

01/11: Registration starts for the 2011 Summer Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law where I will be serving as Director of Studies of the English-speaking section of the Course on Public International Law more>>

29/10: Presentation on 'The Role of Recognition in Determining Ownership of Natural Resources' at the Conference on 'Corporate Liability for Pillaging Natural Resources' at The Peace Palace in The Hague more>>

23/10: Memorial Service for my former supervisor Sir Ian Brownlie CBE, QC, DPhil, DCL, FBA at All Souls College

13/10: Presentation on 'Kosovo: The ICJ Opinion, What Next?' at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium more>>

12/10: The Court of Appeal of England and Wales (Civil Division) hands down judgment in The Queen (on the application of (1) Kibris Türk Hava Yollari and (2) CTA Holidays Limited) v. Secretary of State for Transport, and The Republic of Cyprus intervening, [2010] EWCA Civ. 1093 more>>

11-22/10: Global Law School Professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

10/10: I am on sabbatical until HT 2011

08/10: Start of my new M.Phil. student Lucas Bastin from Australia who works on 'Regulatory Failures and the Full Protection and Security Standard'

21/09: Presentation on 'Kosovo: The ICJ Opinion - What Next?' at Chatham House, London more>>

02/09: Presentation on 'The Security Council as Dispenser of (or with) International Law' at the 4th Biennial Conference of the European Society of International Law in Cambridge more>>

15/08: Review of The Legal Order of the Oceans: Basic Documents on the Law of the Sea by Erik Franckx in (2010) 28/3 Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law 431-433 more>>

22/07: 'The ICJ's Advisory Opinion on Kosovo' - Interview with the BBC World Service's Newshour Programme

20/07: 'Looking into the Crystal Ball: The ICJ's Advisory Opinion on Kosovo' - Interview with the BBC World Service's Serbian Service

19/07: My BYU summer intern Jordan Toone reports about his experience at Oxford more>>

15/07: Review of The Legal Order of the Oceans: Basic Documents on the Law of the Sea by Douglas Guilfoyle in (2010) 59 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 884-885 more>>

04/07: Presentation on 'The Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice: Obstacle or Stepping Stone for the Recognition of Kosovo' at the conference on The Impending ICJ Opinion on Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo more>>

28/06: Legal Scholars Weigh in on Gaza Blockade, Flotilla Death, Interview with Erik Schechter for a Carnegie Council Report more>>

24/06: My FSP student René Mirko from the Czech Republic wins the Foreign Service Programme Dissertation Prize for his thesis on 'State Practice of the Czech Republic: Prohibition of the Use of Force in International Law' - Many congratulations!

18/06: Presentation on 'The UN Security Council as a Threat to International Law' at the Faculty of Law, University of Bonn, Germany

16/06: 'Flotilla Battle Continues: In Law Schools' - Interview with The Media Line, the MidEast News Service, on the legality of Israel's naval blockade of Gaza more>>

04/06: Presentation on 'Piracy, State Terrorism or Self-Defence? Israel's Raid  on Ships Bound for Gaza' at the Third Faculty Seminar, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

27-28/05: Participation in the Expert Meeting on 'The Concept of Stateless Persons under International Law' organized by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Prato, Italy

15/05: Publication of The Iran Nuclear Issue by Yael Ronen in my Series 'Documents in International Law' published by Hart Publishing more>>

07/04: My BYU intern Emily Hardman reports about her experience at Oxford more>>

01/03: The European Court of Human Rights declares the applications in Demopoulos v. Turkey and 7 other cases inadmissible

28/01: My M.Phil. student Raghav Shankar from India successfully defends his master's thesis on 'Attribution of Internationally Wrongful Conduct to Corporations' and is awarded the degree with distinction - Many congratulations!

19/01: The Court of Appeal of England and Wales (Civil Division) hands down judgment in Apostolides v. Orams, The British Residents' Society intervening, [2010] EWCA Civ. 9

01/01: Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!



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