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Selected Publications

Grajewski, Nicole. "UK–Iran Relations and Brexit" in Post-Brexit Europe and UK: Policy Challenges Towards Iran and the GCC States edited by Feoffrey Edwards, Abdullah Baabood, and Diana Galeeva, London: Palgrave Macmillan. 2021. PDF

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Grajewski, Nicole. “What developments in Russian-Iranian relations can be expected under Raisi?Al Sharq Strategic Research. July 2021.

Russian Weapons.” Russia Matters, October 2020.

Grajewski, Nicole. "Iran’s Hormuz Peace Endeavor and the future of Persian Gulf security," European Leadership Network. July 2020. 

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Grajewski, Nicoole. "Friends or Frenemies? How Russia and Iran Compete and Cooperate," Russia Foreign Policy Papers, Foreign Policy Research Institute. March 2020. PDF

Grajewski, Nicole. “Российско-иранское сотрудничество во время гражданской войны в Таджикистане [Russian-Iranian Cooperation during the Tajik Civil War]” in Россия и Иран. Пять веков сотрудничества [Russia & Iran. Five Centuries of Cooperation], edited by Nina Mamedova and Irina Fedorova, Moscow: Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. 2018. ISBN: 978-5-89282-841-3. PDF

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Grajewski, Nicole. “From Foggy Bottom to the High Seas: Ocean Diplomacy.” DipNote U.S Department of State Blog, June 8, 2016.

Grajewski, Nicole. “Iran’s Azerbaijan Crisis: Great Power Politics & the Advent of the Cold War.” Roshangar: the Roshan Persian Studies Journal 1, no. 1 (2016).

Working Papers
Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Regime Security, Collective Solidarity, and Regional Expressions of Multipolarity

Russia-Iran Relations and the Nuclear Question

Fading Empire: Soviet Elites and Foreign Policy Thinking in the late Gorbachev Era (Archival research)

Russia, the United States, and Regional Order in the Middle East (APSA 2021)

Moscow and American Grand Strategy from the Nixon Doctrine to Obama's Red-Line