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Doctoral Disseration 
My dissertation seeks to better comprehend the nature of Russia’s relationship with Iran and its relevance for broadening our understanding of Russian approaches to international peace and security. Through an examination of the place of Iran within Russian foreign policy ideas and debates, I trace the evolution of Soviet and Russian foreign policy thinking about Iran within Moscow’s understanding of the dimensions which drive, produce, and sustain international order including (a) the balance of power and great powers, (b) regional order and spheres of influence, (c) international law, diplomacy, and multilateralism, and (d) the management of diversity, struggles for recognition, and membership. Through its interpretivist approach, my dissertation not only helps us understand Russian foreign policy towards Iran but also its broader implications for interpreting Moscow’s conceptions of international order. The dissertation situates itself within the English School and constructivism’s social ontology whilst engaging with a broad range of international relations theory to contextualise the global application and the theoretical basis of Russian and Iranian foreign policy debates.The novelty of my dissertation research lies in its attempt to comprehensively analyse Moscow’s relations with Tehran through the application of conceptual insight from international relations scholarship while engaging with English, Russian, and Persian language sources.

Unpublished Research
Grajewski, Nicole. "Moscow's Normative Convergence with Tehran: The Impact of Regional Military Interventions on Russian Foreign Policy towards Iran." Dissertation (distinction) submitted for the MPhil in Russian and East European Studies, University of Oxford, June 2018.