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Dancing Shoes, Kilts and Tartan

Dance Shoes

What to wear to classes

Most people come in normal clothes, although it's helpful if you can move reasonably well in them. Many women wear a skirt, and if you have a kilt, we encourage you to wear it occasionally (or always)! If you don't have dancing shoes, we recommend that you bring soft, flexible shoes (flats are a good choice for women) or be prepared to dance in socks. Once you start learning a bit more technique, you'll want to be able to point your toes!

We also have a number of pairs of shoes, some kilts and a few sashes for hire from the society. Most beginners start out dancing in Scottish dancing shoes (ghillies) this way. Talk to any of the committee members at the next class about this.
If after dancing for a while you decide you would like to buy your own shoes (or kilt, for that matter), we recommend the links below.