Lukas Lewerentz

I'm a DPhil student in philosophy at the University of Oxford. I mainly work on philosophy of language.

DPhil Thesis

In my thesis, I explore connections between presuppositions and context-dependence in language, and I examine what we can learn from so-called metalinguistic uses.

My supervisors are Paul Elbourne and Ofra Magidor.

Philosophy of Language in Progress

Henry Schiller and I currently organise online workshops for work in progress in philosophy of language. See here.

For some philosophy of language on facebook, see here.


Metasemantics, Intentions and Circularity
2018, Synthese 195, 4, pp. 1667-1679.
[with Benjamin Marschall]


In Michaelmas Term 2019, Matt Hewson and I gave a class together, entitled `Assertion and Knowledge.' The aim was to look at the relationship between the two and at the implications of that relationship for a variety of issues in epistemology and philosophy of language.

Lecture 1: Two Accounts of Assertion [notes here]
Lecture 2: Assertion and the Logic of Knowledge [notes here]
Lecture 3: Assertion and Testimony [notes here]
Lecture 4: Assertions and Lies. [notes here]

At Oxford, I have also taught tutorials in philosophy of language, as well as metaphysics and epistemology, and I was teaching assistant for introductory logic.

At Humboldt University, I gave tutorials in logic as well as introduction to philosophy.


St Hugh's College
St Margaret's Road

lukas.lewerentz (at)