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Superconductivity is one of the most exciting areas of research in physics today. Outlining the history of its discovery, and the race to understand its many mysterious and counter-intuitive phenomena, this Very Short Introduction explains in accessible terms the theories that have been developed, and how they have influenced other areas of science, including the Higgs boson of particle physics and ideas about the early Universe. It is an engaging and informative account of a fascinating scientific detective story, and an intelligible insight into some deep and beautiful ideas of physics.

978-0-19-954090-7 | paperback |168 pages |174x111mm 20 black and white halftones and line drawings


Stephen J. Blundell is a Professor of Physics at Oxford University and Professorial Fellow of Mansfield College, Oxford.

  • `It is accessible to nearly any interested reader, yet it en passant presents lots of interesting information also for grown-up physicists.... I can highly recommend this book, since it not only presents the topic and its aspects well but also gives insight into how physics works in general.'
    Contemporary Physics
  • `Blundell certainly succeeds in squeezing a great deal into the small package. It is a story full of excitement and intrigue, with accidental discoveries and major deception, complete with a cast of Nobel laureates. He keeps the narrative moving at a good pace, peppering it with brief biographical sketches and photos of key players, as well as a few useful diagrams (and no equations!)..... I hope it inspires future students to look deeper into physics. It is certainly ideal for slipping into your luggage during summer travels, being small and light enough for the even the smallest travel bag.'
    CERN Courier