I have anumber of volumes in press to appear in 2024.

The first is a study of the reception of the Cupid and Psyche story from Apuleiusí Metamorphoses in European culture since 1650 (in collaboration with Regine May), Apuleius in European Literature: Cupid and Psyche since 1650 (forthcoming with OUP February 2024):

The second is an edition with translation of Latin poetry by three different Popes, The Neo-Latin Verse of Urban VIII, Alexander VII and Leo XIII (forthcoming with Bloomsbury Academic, April 2024):

The third and fourth are the first volumes of the new OUP series Oxford Classical Reception Commentaries (in collaboration with Lorna Hardwick and Elizabeth Vandiver):

Greek and Roman Antiquity in First World War Poetry: Making Connections

and its longer version

Rupert Brooke, Charles Sorley, Isaac Rosenberg and Wilfred Owen: Classical Connections

[see, spring/summer publication]

I also have two co-edited volumes in press. The first is an anthology of neo-Latin verse by classical scholars, co-edited with William Barton, Gesine Manuwald and Bobby Xinyue, An Anthology of Neo-Latin Poetry by Classical Scholars (forthcoming with Bloomsbury Academic, January 2024):

The second is a conference volume on Latin poetic style, co-edited with Paolo Dainotti and Alexandre Hasegawa, Style in Latin Poetry (forthcoming with De Gruyter, Trends in Classics, April 2024):

Other ongoing book projects in 2024-5 include an edition of the Silvae of the sixteenth-century Scottish neo-Latin poet George Buchanan (for Droz), a volume of collected essays on Horace (for De Gruyter), and co-edited volumes on the figure of Ajax and Vergil and the Land (both for De Gruyter).