Two Major New Projects

Brothers and Sisters in Early European Literature investigates sibling relationships in Norse, Welsh, Arthurian literature and romance, as well as in English and Scottish ballads and folk-tales, and medieval chronicles. Combining psychological, psycholanalytical and anthropological perspectives with historical contextualisation, it uncovers the parameters of sibling and affinal relationships and their significance for the history of the European family.

Revisiting the Poetic Edda: essays on Old Norse Heroic Legend, co-edited with Paul Acker (New York: Routledge, 2012). A new collection of invited essays on the heroic poems of the Edda and their afterlives has just been commissioned.


1. The Feminist Companion to Mythology. (London and San Francisco: Pandora Press, 1992). [A collection of essays under my editorship. I contributed the Scandinavian section and the Introduction.] Now reprinted as The Woman's Companion to Mythology. (1997).

2. A Store of Common Sense - Gnomic Themes and Style in Old Icelandic and Old English Wisdom Poetry. English Monographs Series (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1993).

3. Women and Writing in Medieval Europe: A Sourcebook. (London and New York: Routledge, 1995). [All writings selected and many translated by myself, thematically arranged and with a broad historical introduction to each section].

4. The Poetic Edda: translated with an introduction and notes. (Oxford: World's Classics, 1996).

5. The Poetic Edda: Essays on Old Norse Mythology (Co-edited with Dr Paul Acker, University of St Louis). (New York and London: Routledge, 2002).

6. King Arthur’s Enchantresses: Morgan and Her Sisters in Arthurian Tradition. (London: IB Tauris, 2006).

Articles and Essays

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'Women and Poetry in Old Norse.' (with Dr Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham) in Voicing Medieval Women , Chaucer Studios, University of Adelaide, 1996.

Exhibition Catalogue
Knights Tour - Knights Bachelor (Milton Keynes: JNSculpture, 2005). 24 pp.
Review Articles
cover article: 'Land of Ice and Fire' Times Literary Supplement, January 8, 1999.
cover article: ‘Peter Ackroyd’s Tales, Times Literary Supplement, July 9, 2009.

Forthcoming (Work in Press)
‘Sibling Drama: Laterality in the Heroic Poems of the Edda’, to be published in a Festschrift, ed. D. Anlezark (2010).

‘The Translated Lais’ in The Arthur of the Norse, ed. Marianne Kalinke (University of Wales: 2010).

‘”Rageful Agency”: Sisters and Chivalry in the Post-Vulgate Grail Quest’, in Arthur in the Antipodes, ed. Andrea M. L. Williams (Turnhout: Brepols, 2010).

‘Þóra and Áslaug in Ragnars saga loðbrókar: women, dragons and destiny’, in Making History: Essays on the Fornaldarsögur, ed. Martin Arnold and Alison Finlay (London: Viking Society, 2010).

Völsunga saga, Ragnars saga and romance in Old Norse: revisiting relationships’, in Uppruni og þróun fornaldarsagna Norðurlanda, ed. Ármann Jakobsson, Annette Lassen and Agnete Ney (Reykjavík: Háskólaútgáfan, 2010).

‘Sibling Relations in Malory’s Morte Darthur’, Arthurian Literature, 2011.

Work in Progress

‘Melvin Burgess’s Bloodtide and Bloodsong: Sigmundr, Sigurðr and Young Adult Literature’, given at ‘Eddische Götter und Helden – Milieus und Medien ihrer Rezeption’, J. W. Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, 25-27 June 2009. To be published in edited volume from Frankfurt.

‘”I have long desired to cure you of old age”: Mothers, Siblings and Murder in the later Heroic Poems of the Edda’. To be published in Revisiting the Poetic Edda.

‘New Thoughts on Old Wisdom’, paper given at Cambridge-Bergen Symposium ‘Wisdom and Advice in Old Norse Literature’, Finse Norway, 11-13 April 2007.

‘Gods and Beasts: Animals and the Divine in Norse Myth’ given at International Symposium on Old Norse Myth, University of Århus, Denmark, 22-23 November 2007.

‘Brynhildr’s Laughter, Guðrún’s Weeping: Performance, Performatives and Emotion in Old Norse heroic poetry’, paper given at The Cultural History of Emotions in Premodernity, 23-26 October 2008, Umeå University, Sweden

 ‘The Illustrations of the Merlin and Merlin Continuation in BL Add. 38117’. Given at the 21st International Arthurian Congress, Utrecht, July 2005. To be developed as journal article.

‘Shame and Guilt in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi’. Conference paper given at Celtic Studies Colloquium, UCLA, March 2002.