NeuroImage Analysis Group

We are based the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME), Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Our interests are in designing and implementing data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to handle large medical datasets, with a core interest in characterising spatial and temporal structural changes in the human brain during the perinatal period and in late adulthood.
Our research encompasses studying human physiology and software development, with an emphasis on creating scalable, practical, and theoretically sound tools for mining diagnostic information from large clinical datasets. One of our key research themes seeks to enhance the use of challenging, but information-rich, ultrasound (US) for quantification of structural brain development in early life. Our goal is to strengthen the diagnostic power of US as a standalone affordable neuroimaging modality, thus broadening access to brain imaging to resource-constrained settings (e.g. hospitals and clinics in developing nations) where MRI is unavailable or unaffordable to most.
Recent work focuses on developing machine learning-based algorithms that addressing the key challenges posed by increasingly large and diverse medical datasets, including label scarcity, model harmonisation, and model explainability.
More information about ongoing projects may be found on this website.