Curriculum Vitae

Dr S. D. Lee, MA


Name: Stuart Dermot Lee                                      Date of Birth: 3/2/66

Sex: Male                                                               Nationality: Irish


Address: 92 Wytham Street, Oxford, OX1 4TW. Tel: 01865-434307


Present Position: Director, Computing Systems and Services, Oxford University Computing Services


Member of the English Faculty, University of Oxford


Member of Merton College, Oxford


Present Employer: Oxford University Computing Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN, UK.





1987-1992       King's College, University of London, UK.


1984-1987       University of Keele, Keele, Staffordshire, UK.


1976-1983       Bancroft's School, Woodford Green, Essex, UK.



Qualifications & Awards


2009                HEA National Teaching Fellow


2008                Reader in E-Learning and Digital Libraries, Oxford University


2008                Teaching Award, Oxford University


2001-2002       Open University Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and

Learning in Higher Education: Course Design in HE


1992                PhD in Old English Literature entitled ‘An Edition of ģlfric's

                        Homilies on Judith, Esther, and the Maccabees’. Supervisor: Prof.

                        Jane Roberts, King's College; External examiner: Prof. Malcolm

                        Godden. Pembroke College, University of Oxford; Internal examiner:

                        Dr Peter Orton, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University

                        of London.


1988                M.A. in English Literature pre 1525, King's College,

                        University of London.


1987                B.A. (Joint Honours, 2:1) in English and Economics,

                        University of Keele; subsidiary Computer Science and

                        Modern History.



Positions of Employment


Oct 2005 -       Director, Computing Systems and Services, Oxford University Computing Services


2001 - 

2005                Head of the Learning Technologies Group, University of Oxford


Nov 1998-       Seconded position, 9 months, to the Bodleian Library to complete

July 1999        A. W. Mellon Foundation-funded Study of Oxford's

                        Digitization Activities


Oct 1996-

2002                Head of the Centre for Humanities Computing, University of Oxford


Jan 1996-        Part-time lecturer in English at the Department

                        of Continuing Education, University of Oxford.


Oct 1994–

Oct 1996         Humanities IT Support Officer for the University of Oxford.


Jan 1991–

Sep 1994         Research Officer for the Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for

                        Textual Studies, Oxford University Computing Services.


Jan 1990–

July 1990        Part-time lecturer at Royal Holloway and Bedford New College,

                        University of London.


July 1983–

July 1984        Bank Clerk, Barclays Bank PLC, Gidea Park, Essex, UK.



Positions of Responsibility


Mar 2007-

Mar 2009        Director, JISC WW1 Poetry Digital Archive


2007 -              Student Systems Board


2006 -              OeRC Management Committee


2006 -              Enhanced Computing Environment (ECE) Project Board


2005 -              JISC CETIS Advsiory Board


2005 -              ASUC Strategy Group


2005 –             Russell Group IT Directors


2005                Chaired committee for distribution of HEFCE E-learning Fund


2005-               Member of Oxford University’s ICT Strategy Group.


Oct 2005 -       Supervisor on IAUL’s Diploma in learning and Teaching in HE (Alison Young, Law Faculty)


2004 -              Members of the Social Sciences Divisional IT Committee.


                        Supervising two students as part of the Masters in E-learning.



2004                Supervised Oxford survey into Student IT Literacy.

2003-               Member of Oxford’s ICT sub-committee.

2003                Member of JISC e-pedagogy experts forum


June 2002        Selection Panel for JISC/NSF 'Digital Libraries in

the Classroom' initiative



Oct 2001 -       Joint supervision of PhD student (thesis entitled 'The

Use of IT in Higher Education to Teach English Literature')


Oct 2001-

May 2002        Member of Committee outlining future IT in Teaching

                        Strategy for Oxford's Medical Division


Sep 2001 -       Chair, Oxford's VLE Working Group


Feb 2001 -       Member of Oxford University's Educational Development

Advisory Panel


Jan 2001 -       Member of JISC DNER working groups on 'Images' and 'E-Books'


Jan 2001 -       Chair, JISC Assisted Bibliographic Services (JIBS) User Group


2000-2003       Oxford University’s Digital Library Board


Nov 2000 -      Member of Oxford University's Committee for Library Provision

                        In English


Oct 2000-        Supervised survey into the use of IT in Teaching at Oxford

Feb 2001


Oct 2000 -       Deputy Manager of the Humanities Computing Unit


Oct 2000 -       Acting Co-ordinator for OxTALENT


Jan 2000 -

May 2002        Site Manager for the ASTER Project


Jan 2000-        External examiner for the University of Nottingham (undergraduate)

                        and Oxford Brookes University (postgraduate)


Jan 2000

Jun 2000         Acting Director for the CTI Centre for Textual Studies



July 1998 -      Chair of University's Datasets Committee (formerly Datasets

Oct 2000         Working Party)


Feb 1998

Mar 1998        Supervised University Survey of IT in Humanities Teaching


Jan 1998 -       Member of Oxford's Sub-Committee on Library Automation

Oct 2000


Aug 1996

Sep 1998–       Manager for the JISC Technology Applications Program (JTAP)

project ‘Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature’.


Jun 1996 -       Member of the Committee of the Association for Literary and

                        Linguistic Computing


Apr 1996 -      Member of the EC-funded Advanced Computing in the Humanities

                        (ACO*HUM) group


Jan 1996–        MA Status of Oxford University, Member of Congregation


Oct 1995 -       Secretary of University's Committee on Computing in the Arts


Oct 1995 -–     Member of the English Faculty, University of Oxford


Oct 1995

Jan 1998–        Member of the Policy Group advising Oxford University’s Committee

                        on Automated Library Services (COALS)


June 1995

July 1998–      Chair of the Datasets Working Party, University of Oxford.


June 1995–      Member of Oxford University’s Committee on Automated

                        Library Services (COALS)


June 1995–

Jan 1996          Supervised Humanities Computing Survey of Oxford University


Jan1995–         Member of the English Faculty IT Committee


Oct 1994–

Oct 1995         Deputy Director of the CTI Centre for Textual Studies.





October 2008  £96,000 Enriching the Poetry Archive (JISC)


July 2008        £4,500 Oxford University Teaching Award


March 2007     £434,000 from JISC Digitisation call


August 2005   2 x £5,000 grants from English Subject Centre (Old English

Coursepack project and New Tools for English)


May 2005        £30,000 JISC Evaluation of Learning Design Tools


May 2005        £10,000 Evaluation of JISC/NSF Digital Libraries scheme


January 2005   £120,000 JISC Regional E-learning Project ELISA (joint with

                        University of Greenwich)



January 2005   £5,000 grant from English Subject Centre ‘Reusing learning



August 2004   JISC E-learning grant (£10,000) – Practitioner Trial of LAMS



2004                HEFCE PC3 grant for VLE development £200,000


                        JISC grants on portfolio development, federated searching, and

Shibboleth integration (total c. £100,000)



2002                JISC Grant (joint with University of Huddersfield and Loughborough)

                        to work on Digital Libraries and VLEs £33,000


April 2001       AHRB grant to digitize John Ruskin's Teaching Collections

                        £140,000 (Resource Enhancement Scheme)


August 1998   Datasets Committee, given annual budget of

Oct 2000         c.£330,000


March 1998     Received £6,000 from Hulme University Fund for JTAP Project


March 1996     Received £50,000 from the JISC Technology Application Programme

                        to develop Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature. Funding

                        commenced 1 August 1996 running for 24 months.



Conference/Workshop Papers


‘Anglo-Saxons on Film’ Anglo-Saxons Bones Conference, Oxford, April 2008.


‘Open Learning’ Research Panel, October 2007, OpenLearn Conference, Open University.


‘LAMS Practitioner Trial’ and ‘Reusing Learning Objects’ September 2005, ALT-C, University of Manchester


‘Are Students ready to e-learn?’ April 2004, Shock of the Old Conference, Oxford Said Business School.

‘Open Source VLEs: The pleasure and the pain’ September 2003, ALT-C Conference, University of Sheffield.


''It Depends': The Use of IT in HE Teaching', April 2002, Beyond Chalk and Talk, Oxford Union Debating Chamber.


'VLEs: Who Needs Them?' March 2002, Digital Projects in Oxford series.


'Using C&IT in Teaching' January 2002, presentation to new lecturers at Oxford.


'Digital Collection Development', March 2000, Oxford University Libraries' Conference, Oxford


'Seeing it Through: Prioritising, Purchasing, and Evaluating the Dataset', September 1999, DRH 99, King's College, London


'Scoping the Future of Oxford's Digital Collections', June 1999, ACH-ALLC Conference, Virginia


'Creating the Digital Archive and Copyright', July 1998, Text Encoding Summer School, Oxford


'The JTAP 'Virtual Seminars' Project: Tutorials, Archives, and Evaluation', July 1998, ALLC Conference, Debrecen, Hungary


'The Datasets Nightmare', June 1998, IT Support Staff Conference, University of Oxford


'The Two Cultures: Teaching and Research in IT', June 1998, IT and English Studies, University of Oxford


‘Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature’, September 1997, Digital Resources in the Humanities Conference, Oxford


‘Digitisation Principles’, June 1997, Oxford University's Text Encoding Summer School.


‘Literature and the Web: World War One Poetry’, April 1997, Edinburgh Science Festival.


‘World-Wide Web Tutorials’, December 1996, joint JTAP/CTI Workshop on 'The Virtual Classroom’.


‘Teaching English Studies Using the Internet’, September 1996, CCUE Conference, University of Loughborough.


‘World-Wide Web Pages for Students’, March 1996, CTI Centre for Textual Studies’ ‘Using the World-Wide Web in Teaching’ Workshop, University of Oxford.


‘Providing IT Resources in the Library: Problems and Solutions’, March 1996, Oxford University Annual Conference for Library Staff.


‘The World-Wide Web and First World War Poetry’, September 1995, European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) Conference, University of Glasgow.


‘Oxford University's Centre for Humanities Computing’, September 1995, CATH Conference, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College.


‘Using The Poetry Shell for Teaching Literature’, July 1995, International Medieval Conference, University of Leeds.


‘Electronic Textuality and the Shifting Boundaries of Texts’, August 1994, International Society for the Study of European Ideas, Graz.


‘A Hypermedia Edition of The Dream of the Rood’, June 1994, Leeds International Medieval Congress, Leeds.


‘Hypermedia in the Humanities: A Crucible, or a Mechanical Toy?’, April 1994, Association for History and Computing, Hull.


‘Computers and the Teaching of English Studies’, September 1993, ESSE 93, Bordeaux.


‘Hypermedia in the Trenches: The Use of HyperCard in the Teaching of World War I Poetry: Some Observations on Design, Copyright, and Evaluation’, June 1993, ALLC-ACH, Georgetown University.



Invited Papers


PLENARY: ‘Content is King but we’re in a republic’, July 2009, JISC Digitisation Conference, Oxfordshire.


PLENARY: ‘Challenges for IT Services’, November 2008, CETIS Conference, Aston University.


KEYNOTE ‘E-learning demand and supply: selling the unsinkable submarine’ April 2006, De Paul University, Chicago (via Video-conference).


‘Learning Designs for English Literature’ November 2005, English Subject Centre Workshop, Newcastle.


‘Refocusing E-learning’ October 2005, University of Chicago, SLATE Conference.


‘Using film in teaching English Literature’ March 2005, English Subject Centre Workshop, Hull.


‘Literature and IT’ February 2004, Nottingham Trent University.


'Is Digitization Worth It?, BUILDER Conference, Birmingham, January 2001


‘Canute and the Waves: Coping Locally with Electronic Publications’, UKOLUG Conference, 13th July 2000, Cambridge


'The Information Service Provider - The Local 'Coal-Face'', JISC Assist E-Collections Workshop, 27th January 2000, London


'Selection Criteria for Digitization', November 1999, Selecting for Surrogacy Workshop, City of Westminster Archives, London


'Literature and the Internet', March 1999, Literature and the Millennium Conference, Kellogg College, Oxford


'Electronic Publishing', May 1999, Oxford Brookes University


'Remote Learning: A Teacher's Perspective' May 1998, TALISMAN workshop, University of Dundee


'Project Management' February 1998, Oxford Brookes University


'The History of the Electronic Text: Past, Present, and Future' History of the Book Series, January 1998, University of Oxford


'Using IT in Teaching'. January 1998, University of Warwick Staff Development Seminar Series


‘JTAP Project: The Poetry of Wilfred Owen’, May 1997, King's College, London.


‘The World-Wide Web and First World War Poetry’, February 1996, Sorbonne University, Paris.


‘Teaching and the World-Wide Web’, June 1995, King's College London.


‘Multimedia and the Teaching of English Literature’, March 1995, University De La Corunna.


‘The Principles of Digitization: Text, Graphics, Sound, and Video’, January 1995, Hypermedia at Work Conference, University of Kent.


‘The Computers in Teaching Initiative’, October 1994, University of Sydney and the Australian Defence Force Academy (Canberra).


‘Hypermedia for Humanists: An Introduction’, March 1994, University of Kent.


‘Multimedia and Humanities Teaching’, October 1993, ILECC Educational Computing Services Guest Lecturer, London.


‘Multimedia and the Humanities’, December 1992, University of Braga, Portugal.







‘If you build it, they will scan: Oxford University’s exploration of Community Collections’ Educause Quarterly [2009, forthcoming.]


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Old English Coursepack – (2006 -


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Reusing Learning Objects in English Literature and Language  (October 2005) -


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JISC LAMS Practitioner Trial (jointly with L. Masterman – 2005) –


JISC MLE Development Pack (2003) -

OxTALENT Survey: The Use of IT in Teaching at Oxford University (February 2001) jointly authored with Dr E. Solopova and Dr F. Condron


Scoping the Future of the University of Oxford's Digital Collections (August, 1999) - final report of the nine-month study funded by the A. W. Mellon Foundation Available at -


On-Line Teaching: Tools and Projects (JTAP Report Series, 1999) - joint report with S. Armitage, P. Groves, and C. Stephens available at


Digitising Wilfred (On-Line Tutorials and Digital Archives) (JTAP Report Series, 1998) - joint report with P. Groves, available in electronic form at


Existing Tools and Projects for On-Line Teaching (JTAP Report Series, 1997)—joint editor with P. Groves and Chris Stephens, available in electronic form at


A Case Study: Teaching on the World-Wide Web—Isaac Rosenberg’s ‘Break of Day in the Trenches’ (SIMA Report Series, 1996)—available in electronic form at: http://info.mcc.





Key Concepts in Medieval Literature (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007) with E. Solopova.


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An Introduction to Multimedia for Academic Use, edited and co-written with Marilyn Deegan and Nicola Timbrell (Oxford: OUCS, 1996).


Electronic Text—A Coursebook (Oxford: Oxford Brookes University, 1995).






2004                Guest editor – Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JIME) special issue on Shock of the Old proceedings, 2003.


1997–-             Assistant Editor of Literary and Linguistic Computing (OUP)




1998                Editor of the newsletter for the Teachers of Old English in

                        Britain and Ireland society.


1994–              Victorian Periodicals Hypertext Project —first in an Occasional series

                        by the CTI Centre, co-edited with L. Hughes.



1996                Humanities Computing in Oxford (newsletter)—News-sheet for the

                        Centre for Humanities Computing. Three issues per year.


1992                Computers & Education special edition—joint editor with J. Darby,

                        R. Gladwin, J. Rafferty, and F. Rowland.


1991                The STELLA Symposium —joint editor with J. Anderson.



1994                CTI Centre for Textual Studies newsletter Computers & Texts.


1991–1994      CTI Centre for Textual Studies Resources Guide—three editions,

                        joint editor with M. Deegan (1991); M. Deegan and C. Davis (1992);

                        L. Hughes (1994).


1991—1994    Production Assistant on the British Association for Romantic

                        Studies Bulletin.




Electronic Editing


2006 -              Advisory Board member for International Electronic Editions of the

works of ģlfric of Eynsham (led by Biola University)


2002                Authored on-line course 'Poets of WW1' for the Alliance

for Lifelong Learning (Oxford, Yale, Stanford)


2000                        Authored 'Internet for English' as part of the RDN

Virtual Training Suite.



1998                Supervised and contributed to publication of four web-based tutorials

                        to teach literature. Contributed to digitization and SGML-encoding

                        of Wilfred Owen Archive (part of JTAP 'Virtual Seminars' Project)


1995                Edited and Published World-Wide Web tutorial to teach First World

                        War Poetry (mentioned in The Guardian [21/9/95] and

                        The Times [27/9/95]). Expanded to 4 tutorials, 1/10/97.



1995                Editor of the Centre for Humanities Computing World-Wide Web



1994–              Editor of MULTIMEDIA-L, discussion list on multimedia

                        development within Oxford University.


1991–1993      Editor of the electronic bulletin board HUMBUL (the Humanities                             Bulletin Board).


1992–1996      Joint Editor of HumGrad, a discussion list for Humanities






2008                Numerous interview re launch of Great War Archive (BBC Radio Oxford, Gloucester, etc)

April 2007       Interviewed for The Radio Café, BBC Radio Scotland on new J. R. R.

                        Tolkien book



September       Interviewed for The Radio Café, BBC Radio Scotland on J. R. R.

2006                Tolkien



1999                Interviewed for Ariadne



1997                Interviewed (twice) for Radio Oxygen FM.



1996                Interviewed for the BBC World Service's programme on the

                        English Language.


October 1995  Interviewed for BBC Radio 4's The Network; Interviewed for the

                        Interface section of The Times.