President - Jonathan Nash, Exeter
Jonathan is in his third year studying Earth Sciences at Exeter College. He enjoys music (playing percussion, piano, and just starting to learn guitar) and is a member of Scout Association, as well as being an active member of one of the Baptist Churches in Oxford. Aside from Doctor Who, his favourite TV shows include Supernatural, Smallville, Hustle, and Spooks.
Vice President - Glyn Kennington
Keeper of the Three-Year Rule - making sure that we don't rewatch Trial of a Time Lord every term.
Secretary - Adam Kendrick, St Catz
Adam is an overworked Chemistry undergraduate of St Catherine's College. He has a black belt in Taekwondo, occasionally writes video game reviews for The Tides of Time and is an enthusiastic member of the international Twitterati conspiracy.
Treasurer - Graham Cooper
(does treasuring)
IT Officer and Magazine Editor
Adam prints our society magazine The Tides of Time. This takes him about ten minutes each term. With the remainder of his time he has been known to make a computer do physics for him, go to the cinema a lot so he can complain about modern cinema from a position of authority, win money playing cards in exotic locations like Manchester, and drink. As he now gets paid, he feels he should probably start buying people drinks to make up for his years of being a scrounger.
Membership Secretary - Doug Hall
Publicity and Web Officers - Sara James and Emma Jourdan
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