The Miles Room - St Peter's

The Miles Room was our main location for meetings during the 2015 - 2016 academic year.

If you don't know where the Miles Room is, then we'll probably gather outside St. Peter's College just before 8pm. For subsequent entry, just ask the porters for directions or consult the map below. Due to ongoing building works, the room is not currently accessible through the porters lodge - instead, entry to the quad is through a black iron gate down the street to the left of the main lodge. Please ask the porters for help entering if the gate is locked and no college or society members are around. To reach the Miles Room from this gate, simply turn left and continue along to the corner of the quad.

Map showing the Miles Room


To reach the Miles Room, enter St. Peter's College through the main lodge, go past the chapel to the left, and it is across the grass in the far left corner.

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