Maeve Henry

Born in Ireland, but brought up in the North-East of England (Redcar), Maeve lives in Oxford with her husband and her two very beautiful children.

(At the moment, I give the titles, year of publication, publisher, ISBN where I have it, and the blurb that appears on that edition.


* The Witch King (1987, Orchard)
* A Gift for a Gift (1990, William Heinemann Ltd; 1992, Mammoth [ISBN: 0 7497 0474 8])
"One night, in despair and anger at her family, Fran storms out of her home and seeks refuge in what seems to be an empty house. But there she meets the strange and elusive Michael, who has the power to grant her any wish but who, in return, insists on a gift of his own choosing -- that Fran will stay with him in this life and beyond."
* A Summer Dance (1990, William Heinemann Ltd; 1995, Mammoth [ISBN: 0 7497 2377 7])
"It was a dreadful summer. Their father had retreated to Ireland and Helen and Teresa have had to move across town with their mother to begin afresh. But rather than a new start, it seems a time of discomfort and regret until Velsford bounds into their lives. He draws each of them to him and awakens them to new beginnings."
* Listen to the Dark (1993, William Heinemann Ltd; 1994, Mammoth [ISBN: 0 7497 1784 X])
   Winner of the Smarties Award.
"He had run into a little patch of darkness, scarcely discernible from the shadows of the trees, but absolutely different. Even now he felt the chill of it. As he straightened up there was a sound from the same place. It was faint, it hardly reached his ears, but he recognised it. Something was calling his name.
"Mark Robson is a loner. Too neat. Too clever. Too keen. He's bullied at school and suffocated at home. But one day he has an experience that gives him a new perspective on life, a change that has implications for everyone around him."
* Midwinter (1997, Mammoth [ISBN: 0 7497 2593 1])
"When Thomas Ortellus sets out to find the mysterious Midwinter, it is to save his land from vicious raiders by reclaiming the Sword, which conveys power and peace to those who possess it. But Thomas's quest awakens an older and deeper conflict. Only by braving the peril of the forest can he learn the truth."

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