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In addition the Library holds paper hand-lists for David Lack and Reg Moreau's archives, which were prepared by the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists and on-line access is available  to hand-lists for Peter Conder, John Buxton and C. Suffern
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Acland, Clemence M.
    1. Twenty-eight small NBs and diaries (including a 1909 egg collection) from 1910, 1912-1915, 1921-1933, 1935-1936, 1945;  Four bird NBs;  List of bird names in French.

  Alexander, H. G.
    1. Sixty-seven bird diaries 1904-1946 (46 & 47 missing) 1948–1962.
    2. Letter bundles: from Chistopher (C.J.) Alexander 1905-09, Jan-June 1911, 1911-12 Birds of Rome, June 1911–Feb 1916 Rome, 1916-17, England, Wales, France, Belgium;  from William Backhouse (W.B.) Alexander 1900-1930;  Correspondence regarding RSPB Watcher's reports & Dungeness.
    3. Letters bundles: West Midland Bird Club;  Great White Heron Dorset;  Notes on Dungeness by J. Tart's;  RSPB papers;  Dorset Birds and bird letters;  with Bruce Campbell regarding 70 years of Bird Watching.
    4. Bird diaries of C. J. Alexander (10) and H. G. Alexander (51);  Four NBs of an unidentified author 1907 onwards.
    5. Correspondence with Ticehurst, Witherby, E. L. Turner ("Skipper"), Tucker, and Coward (mixed) and letters from B. W. Tucker Jan. 1926–Jul 1948 (folder);  Miscellaneous cuttings and letters;  Photos from the Ornithological Congress in Finland (1958?);   Various manuscripts and papers by H.G. and others;  BOU British Records Committee correspondence 1963-4;  Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in Jersey correspondence;  Folders with letters from Tony Blake, Stephen Incldeon, Brian Barnett, J. Grauton, R. Fitter, and R. Stokes;  Correspondence with Salim Ali and others regarding the Indian National Committee for Bird Preservation.
    6. Correspondence and papers: BOU British Records List; miscellaneous with various people; British Birds Rarities Committee 1957-1965.
    7. Correspondence:  Delhi Bird-watching Society;  BOU and Cambridge University Madingley Field-Station;  Letters from Phyllis Barclay-Smith, ICBP and IUCN;  Letters with Bill Bourne 1960-68 regarding ocean birds;  Various ornithological letters 1959-1969 including letters from David Lack Jan-Feb 1959.
    8. MS: "The migration and distributions of birds in SE England.";  J. A. Benington's Two Irishmen in Oxford given to W.B. Alexander by Arnold Bennington;  C. B. Ticehurst's 1938 A systematic review of the Genus Phylloscopus (Willow-warblers or Leaf-warblers), with notes by H. G. Alexander;  Annotated copy of Hartert, Jourdain, Ticehurst and Witherby's 1912 A Handlist of British Birds with an account of the distribution of each species in the British Isles and abroad.
    9. Correspondence including David and Elizabeth Lack, James Monk, Salim Ali. Bert Axell, Ernst Schüz;  Various papers on the D.V.O.C. and H. G. Alexander's bird writings from the 1970s; Papers and correspondence with Poyser Publishers.
    10. Correspondence: Bird letters 1956-59 and 1960-63;  Slender-billed Gulls 1950;  Fair Isle.
    11. Annotated copies of the Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 1906-14 vols 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, and 34.
    12. Scrap Album containing illustrations of birds taken from magazines, post cards, photographs and specimen plates from books;  Small envelop of photographs from Hickling Broad 1905 -.
    13. Indian birds and bird letters 1960-65;  Indian ornithology 1954-55 and 1956-59;  Himalayan migration;  Bird writings;  India and Indian Ocean;  Bird note book 1957.
    14. Twenty-one NBs on birds in India and England over various decades.
    15. Material, correspondence, and papers pertaining to Birds in India.
    16. Letters, most sorted into correspondents, and book disposal notes.
    17. Papers regarding birds on the danger list (1957-9), including papers and correspondence with the ICBP;  Folders on rare birds on various continents and the Indian Ocean.
    18. Miscellaneous notes and letters on bird observations and field identification;  drawings;  small paintings;  photographs (including one of Alexander and his wife);  "bird letters" from 1985;  Numerous items of personal correspondence.
    19. Field NB of W. B. Alexander's (?) from August 1909 with lists of birds singing in certain months and observations on birds at Rome (July to November 1911);  NB (H.G. or W.B.?) on migrant arrival and departure dates;  Migration notes by H.G. inc. photograph from Helsinki IOC;  Bird Notes in America 1955;  Species List NB (H.G. or W.B.?);  the Advisory Council of Science and Industry of Australia's Memoir No. 1 on The Australian Environment 1918.
    20. NB on Bird Mapping;  C.J. Alexander(?)'s field NBs (3);  Copy of H.G.'s book Gandhi Through Western Eyes 1984 edition (orig. published in 1969);  W.B.'s signed copy of James Fisher's Bird Recognition;  Vol. 2 of hand-written NB Zoological Notes: Birds, & c. seen abroad;  Birds of Tunbridge Wells 1905-6 by W. B. Alexander. RETURN TO TOP

Alexander, W. B. (also see Boxes 19 and 20 above).
    1. Photograph album of photos taken by W. B. Alexander "in the wilder parts of Great Britain (Shetlands, Sutherland, Caithness, Invernesshire, Dumbartonshire, Kirkcudbrightshire, Wigtownshire, Cumberland, Westmorland, Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Merioneth, Pembrokeshire, and Cornwall) of scenery, bird-haunts, nests, and birds".
2. Two albums of bird cigarette cards;  Collection of British Museum (Natural History) bird plate post-cards;  NB with cut-out illustrations of foreign birds;  RSPB species information plates;  Photographs of W.B.A. and friends in the field at Heligoland (small photographs) Dungeness, and other localities;  EGI and other group photos, field trips, etc.;  Photos of St. Kilda scenery and guano harvesting off the coast of Peru.
3. Collection of photographs of famous ornithologists:  Macpherson, Jourdain, Witherby, Seebohm, Harting, Sclater, Armstrong, Bannerman, Edward Grey, Jardine, Mountfort, Pavlovsky, Eagle Clarke, Tucker, Newton, Bewick (copy of engraving), Stresemann, Sibley, Lack, W. B. Alexander, Mrs. Bannerman, Porteuno (?), Wetmore, Yeates, Huxley, and Fleming;  Photographs of Pterodroma arminjoniana, Puffinus pacficus, roosting tree-creeper, Bullock's Oriole nest, White-winged Petrel, Olive-sided Flycatcher nest, Mountain Chickadee nest, Valley Quail nest;  Correspondence and photographs regarding Bowerbird nests, Rufous Fan-tail NSW 1928, Bluecap 1928, Yellow Robin, Hylacrla pynopygia NSW 1928, Deirdre chisholm and Lyrebird nest Sydney 1928.
4. Notepads:  No. of birds seen in each county of British Isles;  Notes on journey to Sicily 1928/9;  Palestine & Cyprus 1929, Scotland 1929;  Bird Notes on Voyages 1905-1920;  Notes on the natural history of W. Liguri (including letters);  Seabirds seen on voyages;  Lists of birds seen in zoogeographical regions;  Notes on history of Australian ornithology;  Notes on birds eating seeds from Witherby's Handbook;  Bird notes undated;  Winter migrants Oxford district;  Summer migrants Oxford district.
5. Notepads: Birds seen in 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1942-3;  Central Queensland birds;  Other notes on Bordighera Peggy? Tucker;  Bodighera Birds – non-passerines and passerine;  Inns with birds in their names;  List of literature by bird species.
6. Notepads:  British Birds (Number of counties in which seen);  Bird Maps (rare species);  Bird Maps (common species);  Bagley Wood records;  Sandford Sewage Farm records;  Birds seen in Jersey 1953;  Birds seen in Palearctic region;  World list of birds seen Non-passerine and Passerine;  Birds seen 1927-1936;  Relative status of birds in England & Scotland.
7. Notepads (1918-45):  A geographical bibliography of British ornithology: British Isles (books and general articles);  England (Shrop to Yorks);  England (Beds to Glos);  NBs on Wales and the Isle of Man, Scotland, Ireland, since 1918;  Plate collection of Ralliformes, Psittaciformes, Coraciformes, Palaeognathae, Columbiformes, and Impennes.
8. Program for the BOU and SOC gathering 1947 with autographs of participants;  Reprint of Newton's copy of Owen's article on the Solitaire with note attached (by?) Charles Darwin regarding flightless birds;  1767 reprint of Marthland's Pteryplegia: Or, the Art of Shooting-Flying;  Note from P.L. and W. L. Sclater and Jardine;  Various letters including Newton and Blanford, John Latham to T. W. Chevalier 1823;  1816 Leach's Systematic Catalogue of Indigenous Mammalia and Birds in the British Museum;  Newton's reprint of Bonaparte's Catalogo metodigo degli Uccelli Europei with letter to "Mr. Prince Agent to Mr. Gould Celebrated Ornithologist from C.L. Bonaparte (?) 1842;  Pages extracted from the Encyclopaedia Londinensis 1799 on bird-catching, bird-lime, bird nests, and singing birds;  Notebooks:  12 watercolour sketches of flowers;  Notes Brisbane to Southampton 1925/6;  Voyages to and from South America 1926;  Bird List for 1921, 1922, and birds seen 1921 and 1920;  Birds seen 1926;  Birds seen in Chile 1920;  Notes on Seabirds;  Holland 1935;  Heligoland 1933;  Notes on problems to be solved and diagrams re. ringing, movements of birds, and letters from Falla, Harry Crossfield, photos and account Little Barrier Island.
9. Passeriformes  plate collection;  Bird illustrations collected from magazines and newspapers and pasted onto paper.
10. Plates of birds arranged in folders systematically:  Turdidae,  Oscines,  Cuculiformes, Ciconiformes, Anseriformes (British and foreign).
11. Route-Atlas van de Rotterdamsche Lloyd 1925;  W.B. Alexander's letters to H. G. from America 1920-21;  Correspondence and notes regarding Heron Census 1928-38 (notes by Nicholson, for a paper compiled by Alexander);  W.B. Alexander's correspondence connected with the Great Crested Grebe Census 1950-52;  Letters to C.J. Alexander 1903-1912;  Letters to H. G. Alexander 1920-21;  Correspondence regarding Cactus enemies in South America;  Lab sketches and notes found in Sedgewick's "Zoology";  Plates of Passeriformes, Charadriiformes and Galliformes.
12. Contents of W. B. Alexander's desk drawer, miscellaneous papers, clippings, and letters.
13. Plates organized systematically.
14. Plates organized systematically.
15. Photo albums:  Cyprus, Greece and Italy 1929;  Tunisia 1925 (Jourdain's?);  Two volumes of the Oxford University Expedition to Spitsbergen 1921 (and Bear Island).
16. Photo albums:  Balearic Islands (Spain) 1930;  Island Bird-catching stations (Heligoland, Skokholm, Isle of May), (2 vols);  Egypt 1935;  EGI Wedding photo of Betty and Gordon Orians June 25, 1955;  Photographs of IOC Congresses (groups and individual shots) for 1905, 1926, 1938, 1947, 1950, 1962, 1966;  Signatures of participants of 1950 IOC;  Russian OC;  AOU 1939.
17. Notecards of new species description citations and synonomy.
18. Folio box of large photographs and plates;  Correspondence and photographs re. "A Gannet Catastrophe."  Purse with writings including letters to Phyllis Barclay-Smith from 1929 and field notes                                                                         RETURN TO TOP

Field NBs of daily observations 1894-1910 and 1911-1917, indexed.

Aplin, O.V.
    1. Box of Notes on Wales;  letters from H.E. Forrest 1900-1905;  Northamptonshire Birds (extracted from The Natural History of Northamptonshire by John Morton 1712;  Envelope of newspaper clipping regarding rare birds, etc.;  Letters from T. A. Coward 1899-1904;  letters from Gregory Haines (?) and various others.
2. Correspondence and manuscripts;  Bound volume of reprints and notes on Birds of Oxon.
3. Correspondence and manuscripts.
4. Natural History Journals, including extracts from various authors;  Uruguay Journal I & II 1892;  Birds of Oxon.;  Notes and observations on quadrupeds, birds, and reptiles 1882; Extracts from "Catalogue of my collection of British Birds Eggs, with notes, etc." by Charles E. Stubbs 1867; Birds of Lleyn (bound reprints and notes), and Notes in Tunisia 1895.
5. Field Notes 1883-85 (MS NBs of various sizes with extracts, notes, and clippings);  Letters circa 1903.
6. Field Notes 1886-1894, including Diary of a tour in Switzerland 1891
7. Field Notes 1895-1918;  Travel 1895;  NBs:  Birds–General (2); Miscellaneous notes 1915;  Notes and art 1879-1885;  Contributions to the natural history of Banburyshire district 1881;  Diary of a tour to Belgium and Holland 1895;  Journal of a visit to Belgium 1898;  Journal of a visit to Pwllheli and Lleyn 1899;  Journal of a visit to Pwllheli 1903; Journal of a visit to North Wales 1900;  Journal of a visit to Barmouth 1904;  Journal of a visit to Lleyn 1905;  Birds in Holland 1907.
8. Birds of Oxfordshire (bound notes and reprints);  Birds of Oxon (bound notes and reprints).
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Armstrong, E.A.
    1. Correspondence.
2. Bird NB of George Bird, given to EAA;  TS: Discovering Bird Courtship;  Marked proof of The Folklore of Birds and line drawings;  TS: Birdlife.
3. Articles and ornithological paper drafts.
4. TS: The Wren (pub. 1955) and A Study of Bird Song.
5. EAA's publications list prepared by Patrick Armstrong;  Data for Discovering Bird Song and The Wren;  TS and MS for papers and BBC scripts on wrens, etc.
6. Photos for the Folklore of Bird,, Bird Display, A Study of Bird Song, Discovering Bird Courtship, The Way Birds Live, the Birds of the Grey Wood.
7. Correspondence with ornithologists and other scholars.
8. TS (x2) of BirdLife;  TS of "Shakespeare's Birds," much of which was used in "Shakespeare's Imagination";  "Symbolism of Goose and Swan," mostly published in Folklore 1945;  Miscellaneous mythology material.
9. Article TS (some unpublished), ornithological, natural history and general.
10. Large photos and album.
11. Sermons.
12. Sermons.
13. Sermons.
14. Seven notebooks of negatives.
15. Photographs of birds.
16. Photographs of birds.
17. Photographs of people and places, especially Hong Kong.
18. Wren photographs.
19. Negatives.
20. Small photographs.
21. Sermons.
22. Sermons.
23. Sermons.
24. 1 sonogram roll.
  25.-30. Boxes of lantern slides of a variety of topics, mostly natural history, many birds (located above library's card catalog).

Backhouse, J.
MS folder with list of common trees and what birds nest in them.

Balfour, H.
    1. Photographs: plate glass negatives;  bleating of the common snipe Galiago caelistis (1 box);  Snipe drumming (3 boxes + letter re. Mr. Mann & Cyrena shells);  snipe pictures from various books (3 boxes).
2. Photographs: plate glass negatives.
3. Photographs: plate glass negatives.
4. Photographs: plate glass negatives.
5. Photographs: plate glass negatives. 
Box of  bird photographs taken in Oxfordshire
Numerous files of reprints by species, county & observatory
[From James Monk 1/2/95]. Located above library card catalog.

Baker, E.C.A.
2. vol. 2: Folder of handwritten bird notes  by species1900-1947
(presented by Mrs A. Turberville Smith via RSPB)

Barrington, J. S.
Donation of photographs and drawings:  bird catcher of the Faroe Islands;  plate of a ground-roller from Madagascar.

Bates, Colonel
One box of lantern slides (located above library card catalog).

Bell, M. F. B.
Photograph of kestrel's nest on University Farm, Sandford.

Bird, G.
George Bird's NB and photos 1920s-1930s  (in E.A. Armstrong Box 2).

Blathwayt, F. L.
Handwritten NB on Cries and call notes of British waders.

Blockey, Robert
Handwritten NB on Birds seen in Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Cysenaica, Sinai, and Iraq (birds seen in S. Africa at end of book) 1941-.

Boase, H.
Three TS NBs:  Birds of Angus 1962, Birds of North and East Perth 1961, and Birds of North Fife 1964.
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Borrer, Clifford
TS: The Wild Birds of Blakeney Harbour. 1921, with additional notes to 1945.

Briggs, J. M.
    1. 16 game bags notebooks 1924-1974, 5 fishing 1944-58.
2. 5 Game bags notebooks 1908-1972.

Brotherton, W.
Game Book for 1883, with game license. Small notebook in vellum wallet.

Brown, George
Bird observations 1921-1925 Ceylon
                            1930-1950 Combe Manor, Inkpen near Newbury

Brown, L. H
    1. TS: Systematic Problems in African Falconiformes;  Fish Eagle data and notes;  Flamingo letters and papers;  TS: A proposal to establish a chain of national parks or national monuments along the length of the Kenya Rift Valley;  papers on ostriches;  numerous plates of birds from magazines;  Agricultural Change in Kenya 1945-1960 by Leslie Brown 1968, reprint;  correspondence and photos regarding nest of Circaetus cincrascens.
2. Ford Foundation Range Research Centre data and correspondence;  BOWP requests New Dictionary articles, etc.;  correspondence regarding Great Blue Turaco nests;  papers and correspondence from the Fourth Pan-African Ornithological Congress 1976;  a fiction story "The Life of Alexander Magunki.";  sketchbook of notes on Big Game in Nigeria;  miscellaneous typescripts of papers and reports.
3. Field NBs on the crowned eagle at Karen 1959 – 1972;  various miscellaneous NBs (addresses, accounts, etc.);  Nigerian Bird Notes NB;  flight log and maps;  permits;  2 packets newspaper clippings.
4. Miscellaneous, uncatalogued correspondence;  copy and notes of Meyer's Red Kite paper;  various typescripts of papers;  photographs of Brown's dogs;  miscellaneous original drafts "perhaps useful again" including correspondence;  reports resulting from work as environmental consultant on various development projects.
5. Correspondence:  WWF/IUCN;  local conservation action in Kenya;  soil and forest conservation;  miscellaneous;  correspondence re. flamingoes;  large mammals;  Nyala, etc.;  Moreau, Landsborough, Marshall.
6. Correspondence:  bird papers miscellaneous;  Coraciiformes, Kemp, Fry;  gulls, terns, Britton, etc.;  pelicans;  copies of published articles and letters;  correspondence re. TS's;  letters from ornithologists other than birds of prey.
7. Correspondence (mainly re. Ethiopia):  John Blower;  conservation board;  National Geographic Society;  E.K. Urban;  UNESCO;  WWF (Vollmar);  Wild Ass.
8. Correspondence and papers: Lake Naivasha Pollution Study;  Lake Naivasha Biological Survey;  Mountain Nyala (large mammals in Ethiopia).
9. Correspondence (Ethiopia): Ministry of Agriculture;  British Museum;  Mr. Crowe;  Ethiopian Trust Organisation;  Fauna Preservation Society;  Ian Grimwood;  Natural History Museum;  IUCN;  Kenya National Parks (Perez Olindo);  African Wildlife Leadership Foundation;  General Mabratu;  P. D. Stracey;  Scientific Exploration Society;  Mr. Tjonneland;  miscellaneous;  checklist and Godare Expedition.  Also: typescripts;  report and papers re. Arash Park Area, de Brazza's Monkey, Colobus Monkey, and rainforests of southwest Ethiopia.
10. Ethiopia reports and papers (con't) re. Walia Ibis, legislation, Mountain Nyala, Rift Valley, and Semien Mountains.
11. World Birds of Prey correspondence;  Peter's Checklist as revised by E. Stresemann TS and Vaurie MSS raptors in Birds of Palearctic Fauna.
12. Correspondence (raptors):  owls – Sessions & c.;  Sweden and N. Europe;  South and Central America;  oddments (speed, etc.);  systematics – Brooke, Vous;  N. America;  Amadon;  N. America – Postupalsky et. Al.;  N. America – Ryder, Nader;  D. Wood re. birds of prey;  India and Australia;  N. America – Cade and Hickey.
13. Correspondence (raptors) con't: S. Africa – Hall, Kemp, etc.;  West and North Africa;  E. Africa;  Steyn, Newman, etc.;  Siegfried, Gargett et. Al.;  A. Watson, C. E. Palmer, Golden Eagle;  British birds of prey.
14. Correspondence: Birds of Prey 11.5.58 – 4.12.65 (1-437).
15. Correspondence and papers: Ceylon Shikra;  with Mr. Phillips;  Crested Goshawk, Anceda jardini, etc.;  Golden Eagle Scottish Census (including Tucker).
16. Black Sparrowhawk material, original and short papers;  Owls of the Northern Hemisphere correspondence and drafts;  information on individual species;  data on S. coronatus, Karen: analysis up to 30.6.65.
17. Plates;  wildlife in South Africa papers;  Garget. Verreaux's Eagle population study data;  ringing results;  correspondence and field notes on Verreaux's Eagle Owl;  miscellaneous raptor material, notes, correspondence, etc.
18. Range management papers and wildlife in rangelands in Kenya TSs.
19. Photographs.
20. Watamu fishing log;  "Information on contents" papers;  Ethiopian Episode original MS;  "The Biology of Pastoral Man as a Factor in Conservation" reprint with notes;  abortive migration TS;  miscellaneous poems.
21. Leather African folders w/ types notes on various species observations.
22. Typescripts by others;  Westlands Working Group papers;  Ithange project report and data;  University of Oxford Development Record Project.
23. Typescripts and originals.
24. Reports and typescripts.
25. Typescripts: 1940 Expeditions, Kenya Eagles, and migration in Nigeria.
26. Correspondence, miscellaneous notes, and Nairobi data.
27. Photographs;  birds, Trinidad, Tobago;  OBE;  folders of photographs of raptors, "photos relating to Browns' Nigeria Diaries", great white and brown pelicans, Ethiopian episode MS;  illustrations for "Birds and I", herons, and various material.
28. 1968 Fish Eagle Lake Naivasha, Embu Eagles NB;  Fish Eagle diurnal behaviour, records, and analysis;  Nesting Log 1937 and Fishing Diary;  Typed notes on African Eagle species;  Nightjar papers and tapes from Myles Merth.
29. Material from various NBs.
30. On the Biology of the large Birds of Prey of the Embu District, Kenya w/ MS sketch-map showing sites;  Nigerian Field Notes I – III;  Nigerian Bird Notes from Bannerman Vols I, II, IV -–VIII;  Fishing Diary and Nesting Log 1932-36;  Crowned Eagle NB, Karen 22.5.72-2.8.80.
31. NBs: Britain, Kenya, Ethiopia, Botswana, Rhodesia, US, Sweden, Holland, France, Somalia, South Africa, Germany, Yugoslavia 1970-1978.
32. NBs: Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Europe, Britain, E. Africa, Zambia, USA 1966-1970.
33. NBs: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Monaco, Britain, US, Tanzania, Rhodesia, Botswana, S.W. and S. Africa, Arabia, M. Nyala Expedition 1963-1966, and 1978-79 Diary.
34. Photographs.
35. NBs: Kenya, Scotland, Spain, Camargue, India, Scotland, US 1954-1960 and Nigeria 1942-1943.
36. NBs: Kenya, Scotland, Austria 1948-1954.
37. NBs: Nigeria 1940-1944 and Scotland, Kenya 1946-1947 including Eagle expedition 1946.
38. Photo Album: Torridon-Applecross March-April 1951 and African raptors and waterbirds.
39. Wing outline sketch of Bateleur Eagle;  various large-size photos;  Certificate from the appointment to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire;  Certificate from the Geographic Society of Chicago for Brown's book Africa, a Natural History;  drawings by D. Tischler.
40. Certificate of Achievement from the US International Cooperation Administration;  Plates from Hawks, Eagles and Falcons;  TS and MS of material gathered for Africa Book;  miscellaneous papers. 
41. 1  reel of 16 [?] mm positive film. Ethiopia: Mountain scenery; baboon; ravens; Lammergeyer nest; flamingos; shore birds; Fish eagle;  short clip LHB; Saddlebill stork; pelicans; mountain heath scenery; waterfall; cranes.
42. 1 reel of 16[?] mm positive film: African Lake birds: flamingos; Elmenteita;  LHB (hide); Flamingo nests; flamingo eggs; flamingo sitting.
43. 1 reel of 16[?] mm positive film: African Lake birds: Kenya: young flamingo; flamingos; Fish eagle; Marabou storks; "good quality".
44. 600ft [Kodachrome II ]colour original and colour print film of pelicans in Ethiopia
45-51.  52 100ft 16mm cine film + 16 reels 400ft 16mm cine film, mostly Ethiopian & Kenyan birds notably flamingos

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Buxton, John
List on cardbox and Excel spreadsheet (see librarian).  Boxes located in main library.
Buzzard, G.
Complete set of BWP plus 2 extra copies of vol. 1-5, all interleaved with extensive notes by Gui Buzzard

Cambridge Bird Club
Report of Council, list of members, miscellaneous.

  Clarke, G. R.
Photograph of pigeon nest made from pieces of galvanised iron wire and fledglings.

Cottam, Lt.
Drawings of the eagle from Vancouver brought home by H.M.S. "Sayers" by Lt. Lambe 1864.

Chance, E. P.
Photograph album containing some of the photographs published in Chance's books "The Cuckoo's secret" and "The truth about the cuckoo" with correspondence from John Compton to Jeremy Greenwood about the deposition.

Clarke, Gordon
NB typescript: Somali Bird Notes 1968.

Conder, P. J.
List on Cardbox; Boxes located in main library room.

Coward, T.A.
44 volumes of Field Notes 1883-1933; Private letter list; Newspaper articles; Bound letters in 4 volumes; Notes on Manx Shearwaters (1895-1923). Unsorted or boxed. Brief biographical sketch and report by Tony Usher of his visit to the Alexander Library to view Coward's field notes.

Cox, A. H.
    1. NBs: Roostings of Starlings 1929-1933 (9);  Breeding behaviour of Stonechats 1920 (1);  Drumming of Woodpeckers 1931-1933;  Breeding behaviour of Wood Warblers 1925-1933 (7). Also: rough MSS The Nesting of the Woodwren.
2. Diaries 1899-1903.
3. Diaries 1904-1930.
4. Diaries 1931-1946.
  4b.  Card index file on drumming in woodpeckers c. 1930.
    1. Starling material and correspondence;  NB on starling roosts in Devon and Cornwall var. years 1899-1946, interspersed with letters.
2. Correspondence regarding woodpecker drumming and boring: Barclay, Huxley, Blathwright, E. Hardy, F. J. Wacker, Mrs. Briggs, F. C. Butters, O. H. Latter, E. C. Hope Hall, Miss Goode, H. A. Gilbert, N. Tinbergen.  MS on woodpecker drumming;  Barham House Register NB 1885;  Notes on nuthatches (small NB), various poems, etc.  MS The Woodpecker's Tattoo.
3. Correspondence regarding Starling Roost Inquiry.

Cramp, S.
1. Large notebook 1968- 1979: Libya;  Hungary;  London; England; Cyprus; Iran; Scotland; Eire; Turkey; Texel; USA; Rumania; Tobago; Trinidad; Tunisia; Gambia; Israel.
Large notebook 1979-1982: Israel (maps); England; Malta; Italy; Belize; Scotland
Large notebook: Species list 1948-1982.
2. i. Area census – London, 1949-1978 [weather,  Carrion Crow, Wood Pigeon, Starling, House Sparrow, Blackbird, Blue & Great Tit]
ii Area Census – London, 1959-1985: weather; squares; parks; species; nests.
iii. Area Census –London, 1947-1982: Parks; Wood Pigeon; House Martin; Starling; dead birds.
3. i.  London: Pigeons & Gulls
ii  London: Corvidae
iii. London: House sparrow
iv. London: Buckingham Palace Gardens
4. i. Spain & Iran, correspondence, maps
ii Rumania & Portugal: correspondence,  maps
iii. London: Tits
iv. Drafts of talks and publications
v. Publications
vi. notebooks : pubs with bird names; RSPB observer log

Crosfield, A.J.
Small NBs;  Notes on birds seen in various localities in England and Wales (1890-1922), and various foreign localities.  2 Volumes.

D'Aeth, Christopher.
Field notes on birds. 1927.

Dewar, John Michael
    1. Typescript of Dictionary of the Habits and Behaviour of Birds by John Michael Dewar M.D., F.R.C.P.E., F.R.S.E., author of The Bird as Diver, and ready for publication at time of his death on the 24th May 1941 but never published.  Organized alphabetically by ornithological terms: Behaviour to Feeding Habits.
2. Flight to Orientation.
3. Oviposition to Young, including Index to Animals and Plants and Supplementary Index.

Dickinson, et. al.
Birds of the Philippines: an annotated check-list. By Edward C. Dickinson, Robert S. Kennedy, and Kenneth C. Parkes.  BOU Checklist No. 12.  Proofs from James Monk.

Dobson's copy of Liste distributive des Oiseaux de la Suisse: Elenco degli uccelli svizzeri 1892, annotated in 1926.

Dunlop, E. B.
    1. Nineteen hand-written NBs on field observations of birds, arranged by family.
2. Eighteen small field NBs 1904–1906 and 1908-1914 and seven hand-written NBs on various topics: zoologist references, roosts of Corvidae, disposal of shells after hatching of young, animals kept in captivity (2), incubation, bird's means of protection of offspring.
3. Seven small field NBs from 1907, 1910, 1911 and eighteen hand-written NBs on field observations of birds, arranged by family and some on various topics: roosting of Corvidae, Canada summer 1915, Canada spring 1915, Canada trapping notes, Animalia various, incubation, structure of birds, dogs, States and Canada.

East Lancashire Ornithologists' Club
TS: The East Lancashire Ornithologists' Club: It's first 21 years. RETURN TO TOP

Elliot, Sir Hugh.
Eleven small NBs: 1942 N. Tanganyika;  1956 N. Tanganika;  1960 Madagascar;  1961 France;  Tristan;  1969-70 Uganda;  1965;  1966-71 Turkey, Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, Bombay;  1972 Poland list;  1975 Finland, Europe, Rwanda & Zaire;  small NBs;  Correspondence with Moreau, North, Rand, Chapin, Rowan, Monk et al. 1952 onwards;
Folder of correspondence regarding Mascarene Expedition Reports (primarily with Horne, J.), 1981.

Fisher, James
Files on Procellariiformes (folders on Diomedea, Oceanitidae, puffins);  Notes, cuttings, typescripts, and photos, including TS of November 1952 broadcast of "Birds in Britain."

Fitter, R.S.R.
Correspondence regarding Birds on Airfields 1947-48.
Field notes on index cards: mammals + divers - godwits;sandpipers to crows; tits - starlings; finches - sparrows, aliens, reptiles,amphibia,  personal observations for London NH group special species; Place records, 5 drawers
10 small note books: Ornithological notes 1-6 (1926-1938); British mammals 1929-1944; Lepidoptera; Oological notes 1925-1934. 4 small note books: Register of No. 1 rings ; Register of No. 1a rings ; Ring register sizes 2 and larger; ringing 1962-63.
Great Black Woodpecker- the lost British Bird - ms. to Birding world + corresp.; Records submitted to BOU Records Committee; Ms. from Gus Buzzard "The BWP Dryocopus maritus, a new study of its European distribution and the problem of its status in the British Isles"
Notes and correspondence on starlings and their roosts, Ruxley Roost 1933.

Fronteras, P & F.J.
Field NB "Field Notes: Birds of Bonny Nigeria."                 RETURN TO TOP

Gibb, J.A.
    1. Envelopes with notes and sketches on: birds tapping on windows;  fluctuations of population of Great Crested Grebes;  flight and fighting of grebes;  the feather-eating habit of grebes;  golden-eye;  feather-eating habits of grebes;  hybrid ducks and the "bimaculate duck";  mallard;  plumage, attitudes, etc. of Great Crested Grebe;  tufted duck;  goosander;  tail-less (or "sawed-off") ducks;  starlings in London;  cormorant;  pigeons;  notes on species of grebes other than Great Crested Grebes;  coots;  nidification and breeding behaviour of grebes;  miscellaneous notes on ducks, geese, and swans;  grebe behavior (feeding, diving, swimming, fighting, etc.);.  Four bound typed notes on fledgling periods and incubation period by species .
2. Envelopes with notes and sketches on: miscellaneous notes,  gulls, courtship display of Great Crested Grebes; Bound notes on the food of wild birds compiled for British Birds vols 1-32;  Data from routine observations on tits feeding in Marley Wood, Wytham: 1950-1951.
3. NBs:  Automatic nest entry recordings for tits 1945 -.
4. NBs:  Automatic nest entry recordings for tits 1945 -.
                                                                                  RETURN TO TOP
Groswold, H.
Drawing of Crested Tit 1880.

Harden, G. E. and T. Winall
Photograph Album of British Birds taken between 1930-1960(?), presented by Prof. Sir. R. Southwood 29.10.84.

Harrisson, T.H.
Six NBs:  Notes on birds in the London area during 1929 for the L.N.H.S. (on loan) 1929;
Diary for 1930;  Ringing results and statistics 1930 - ;  Birds;  Local collected lists for gardens, villages, districts, counties, etc.;  Collection of author's notes on birds, arranged under species for reference.

Hartley, P. H. T.
List on Cardbox;  Boxes above Library card catalog.

Hector, J.
Letter to G. E. Mason regarding Apteryx fossils.

Hereford and Radnorshire Annual Representative Council
Member's List.

Herklots, G. A. C.
Papers and letters on birds of British Guiana, Trinidad, and Tobago 1941-58.

Hertfordshire Ornithological Section of Natural History Society
General meetings and committee minutes.

Hibbert-Ware, Miss A.
NB:  Notes and correspondence on bird pellets. 1939.

Hinde, R. A.
Correspondence regarding the first breeding Moustached Warbler record for Britain.
                                                                            RETURN TO TOP
Howard, E.
    1. Small field NBs 1906-1915.
2. Field NBs 1916-1930 (not inc. 1924-25).
3. Field NBs 1930-1938.
4. Field NB 1924-25;  25 small NBs with musings, field notes, and calendars.
5. Manuscript NBs of writings.
6. Three large NBs with miscellaneous writings 1918-1931.
7. Correspondence, including letters from Professor Lloyd Morgan.

Huxley, J. S.
1.  Bird notes and diaries 1901-1924 and 1949;  MSS and drafts of papers (27 items, lits in box).
2.  Bird notes and diaries 1901-1924 and 1949;  MSS and drafts of papers. (Con't)
3.  Photographs of Avery Island, egrets and herons;  Lantern slides on courtship and various other topics;  MSS: Notes on heron behaviour;  Bear Island;  A Spitzbergen Camp;  A Stay at Cape Boheman.
4.  Correspondence and papers from a filebox regarding the 1921 OU Spitzbergen Expedition, including practical and financial arrangements for the expedition, fund-raising efforts, and equipment lists;  A collection of newspaper cuttings regarding bird behavior, courtship, evolution and other topics (list enclosed) from 1922-1948.
5.  Notecards series 1
6.  Notecards series 2
7.  Notecards series 3
8.  Lantern slides: two boxes on Spitzbergen, one box on egrets and herons, others on courtship and behavior gen and various birds (list of species covered with box).

ICBP British Section
Report of the Scientific Administrator, Cousin Island, Seychelles 1970-1979

Jack, T. A. M.
NB: Notes on Bird Flight.

Jourdain, F.C.R.
    1. Field NBs 1892-1897, 1898-1901, 1902-03, 1904-05, and Index.
2. Field NBs 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909.
3. Field NBs 1910, 1911, 1912.
4. Field NBs 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916.
5. Field NBs 1917, 1918, 1919.
6. Field NBs 1919 (con't)- 1920, 1921, 1922.
7. Field NBs 1923, 1924, 1925.
8. Field NBs 1926, 1927, 1928.
9. Field NBs 1929, 1930.
10. Field NBs 1931, 1932, 1933.
11. Field NBs 1934, 1935.
12. Field NBs 1936, 1937, 1938.
13. Field NBs 1939, 1940, and Food of British Birds NB 1913.
14. MS exercise books of notes taken from numerous sources (complete list in MS/ARCHIVE card file box), interleaved with letters.
15. Six NBs:  The Breeding Biology of British Birds, organized by family I-VI.
16. NBs:  Ranges and migrations of British birds 1911;  Notes on the Birds of the Western Palearctic Region Vol. I (with letters interleaved).
17. NBs:  Notes on British birds, with special reference to their breeding habits;  Ornithological bibliography of various regions (Europe and other continents) 1916.
18. NBs:  Dobrudscha and Romania;  Volume VII of The Breeding Biology of British Birds;  Small NB on Birds of Spitzbergen and Bear Island 1921;  Notes on Gulleries (L. ridibundus) 1918-.;  British Gulleries;  References in ornithological literature (w/E.B. Dunlop);  ‘Injury feigning' 1937;  Birds of Marocco 1920;  Notes on Coleopters;  Persian Gulf;  Worcestershire;  Notes on Syrian and Palestinian breeding birds;  annotations to Witherby and Ticehurst's paper "On the more important additions to our knowledge of British Birds since 1899" 1909;  Birds in Iceland;  References to the principal figures in works on European and British Oology;  Avifauna Arctica;  Birds of Spitsbergen and Bear Island;  OUE to Spitsbergen 1921;  List of skins procured in Norway, Bear Island, and Spitsbergen.
19. MS exercise books of notes taken from numerous sources (complete list in MS/ARCHIVE card file box), interleaved with letters.
20. Small NBs:  References to literature on special points in ornithology, Weight records of British birds;  Cumberland and Scotland, Cornwall, Scilly, and Shetland 1939.
21. NBs:  Geographical Index to Ornithological Papers (exercise book and NB) 1911, Notes and extracts on British Birds (3 loose-leaf folders).
22. NBs:  Courtship of British breeding birds, Parts I and II;  Notes on the Birds of the Western Palearctic Region Vol II (with letters interleaved).
23. NBs:  The Avifauna of Southern Spain and N. Morocco, compiled from many authors, Extracts from the "Field" relating to breeding stations of birds in the British Isles.
24. Photo Albums:  Algeria 1926-28, Moracco 1928, Palestine and Syria 1931;  Tunisia 1925.
25. Photo Albums:  Norway, Finland and Germany 1924;  Hungary;  Norway and Spitzbergen 1922 (Jourdain, Congreve, and Tucker);  Palestine and Malta;  Balearic Isles 1930.
26. Photo Albums:  Egypt;  Cyprus 1929 (Greece, Italy);  Oxford University Expedition to Spitzbergen 1921 2 Volumes.
                                                                                 RETURN TO TOP
Kepler, K.
Field notes on Todus mexicanus  September 1968-1971, also notes on other tody species.

Lack, D. L.
Rare Books Cupboard.

Landon, K.
Nature Notes (birds) no. 1 May 1948-Dec. 1953; No. 2 Jan 1954-Dec 1961 (Britain, Watford)

Lewis, Sir Thomas  (1881-1945)
Ornithological record cards.

Lockley, R. M.
    1. Skokholm Island typed bird notes abstracted from original log 1927-1940 kept by R.M. Lockley et.al.;  Log of voyage to Rockall 17 June 1948 to 29 June by R.M. Lockley and Stephen Marchant; Species record of birds at Skokholm 1927-1940;  Skokholm Bird Observatory visit of International Ornithological Congress 1934 inc. signatories of visitors July 8, also some old records. CV & bibliography by W.R.P. Bourne.
2. Log Book Original 1927 to 1940 for Skokholm Island Bird Observatory, including map of first Heligoland Trap;  Manuscript notes, letters, and records from Skokholm Bird Observatory re. Grassholm, Middleholm Island, Cardigan Island, etc.

Lodge, G. E.
H.F. Witherby's "A check list of British birds 1941" used and annotated by Lodge when he was drawing the plates for The Birds of the British Isles.

Bird NB for the Oxford University Expedition to Greenland 1928 (with Max Nicholson, J. O. and H. P. Hanham, and Basil Nicholson).

Lynes, Rear Admiral
NB:  Kashmir 1928 and Algeria 1930.
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Mason, G. E.
Letter from J. Hector regarding Apteryx fossil specimen Nov. 14, 1901.

Meade-Waldo, E.G.
NB on Tenerife 1887;  Correspondence with M. Elwes and Trevor Battye re. Spitzbergen Expedition;  Correspondence re. kites, Morocco, Tangiers, kiwis fighting and various topics including letters from Lord Lilford, Lord Grey, Salvin, Dresser, Tristram, and others 1880-1900s.

Meylan, O.
Exploration of La Dombes MS.

Mitford, R.H.
Random notes on the birds of Suffolk  1887-1888, 15 p.

Mountfort, Guy
Expedition Diary Pakistan 1967;  Hungarian Expedition Diary;  Pakistan expedition diary 1966.  (handwritten loose-leaf folder on which The Vanishing Jungle was based);  Jordan Expedition Diary April/May 1963.                                RETURN TO TOP

Nicholson, E.M.
Lecture TS on "The Challenge of the New Renaissance" September 1997 to RGS;  Correspondence (1983-) re. Birds of Egypt (Max Kasparek;  S. Howe;  Peter Meininger, Robin Brewster;  Orn. Soc. Middle East Bull. 11 1983);  Letters from Bernard Tucker 1930-1950;
Correspondence with W.R.D. Harrisson, Gladys Tucker;  W.B. Alexander, A.W. Boyd, A. Hardy, Jourdain  (1931 - );  Papers and correspondence re. North Atlantic Birds (originals of his 4 papers on North Atlantic Birds and paper given at 1950 IOC, letters to editors of British Birds).  Also see W. B. Alexander Box 11, folder on Heron Census correspondence and notes.

Niethammer, G.
Correspondence regarding origin of Niethammer's Vogels der Mitteleuropas (1937-1942) in Alexander from A. Schifferli to C.M. Perrins;  copy of correspondence 1941-45, 1988 from John Buxton to A. Schifferli and comments by John Barrett to C.M. Perrins.

Norris, C. A.
Corn Crake Inquiry correspondence 1939 -. (Indexed).

Oldham, C.
    1. Field Notes NBs: 1883-1899, letters and photographs interleaved.
2. Field Notes NBs: 1900-1906, letters and photographs interleaved.
3. Field Notes NBs: 1907-1917, letters and photographs interleaved.
4. Field Notes NBs: 1918-1929, letters and photographs interleaved.
5. Field Notes NBs: 1928-1929, letters and photographs interleaved.
6. Field Notes NBs: 1930-1932, letters and photographs interleaved.
7. Field Notes NBs: 1933-1935, letters and photographs interleaved.
8. Field Notes NBs: 1935-1939, letters and photographs interleaved.

Orielton Decoy Books (2) 1877-1919, 1935-46, and Ringing books (3) 1934-6.  Col. Saurin and H. A. Gilbert.

Osmaston, F.C.
 Annual plan of operations for Wytham Wood, forest year 1961/62

Owen, J. H.
    1. Photographs;  small NB on Whinchat.

2. NBs: Annotated copy of his article on cuckoos in the Felsted District "with comments by my brother";  Down Plumage;  Notes on the Red-backed Shrike 1942-43;  Notes on the Common Snipe culled from past diaries;  Nature Notes 1946;  Bird notes starting 1949;  Bird Notes 1945;  Bird Notes 1944;  Wasps 1946-1950 and Vol. 2 of Field Notes on the Red-backed Shrike 1944-;  Notes on ravens at nest in Llanymyneck quarries March 1949 and Nature Notes 1947 -;  Long-tailed Tits 1946 – 1947 and Notes on the ravens at nest in Llanymyneck quarries 1945-1949.
3. Correspondence and MSS (mostly Sparrowhawks but also Whitethroats, Whinchats and Dippers).
4. Correspondence and MSS on various subjects, especially Red-backed Shrikes.

Oxford Ornithological Society

    1. OOS Abridged minutes by Balfour 1921-;  OOS Minute Books Vol I 1921-1927;  Vol II  1927-1931;  Vol III 1932-1934.

2. OOS Minute Books Vol V 1936-1939;  Vol IV 1934-1936;  Vol V 1936-1939;  Vol VI 1940-1943.
3. OOS Minute Books Vol VIII 1949-1956;  Vol X 1962-1968;  Vol XI 1968-1978 (Vols VII 1943-1949 and IX 1956-1962 missing).
4. OOS Attendance Books 1923-1928, 1929-1932, 1937-1948, 1948-1955, 1956-1965.
5. Christ Church Meadow Trap 16 Nov 1927 NB including instructions to observers by E.M. Nicholson and trapping data;  University Museum Trapping Station data on ringing;  Correspondence regarding traffic in Birds from Tanganyika with Balfour;  "Rook Book" Rook census NB 1931;  OOS Kingfisher Experiment correspondence and data NB;  OOS Fieldfare and Redwing Report 1936-1939 (3 NBs, including sketchmaps).
6. NBs: Passerine birds ringed by OOS away from trapping stations;  University Museum Trapping Station data by species.
7. OOS Minute Books Vol. XII 1978-1984; Vol. XIII 1984-1998.

Patterson, A. H.
Two NBs: Volume I - copy of List of the birds of Blakeney Point, Norfolk, by William Rowan, with cuttings and additional notes by A.H.Patterston. 1916-17;  Volume II - "Letters and ‘Recriminations' over Blakeney Point as to privileges of the natives, the affairs of the terns, and the anxiety of imported gunners and little-bird slayers" collected by A.H. Patterson 1931-1932.

Peake, Rev. E.
    1. Bird NBs 1894, 1922, 1927, and 1914 and correspondence.
2. Bird NB 1935-1937.

Pease, H. J. R.
Tripolitania for Birds in Winter 1966 (birder's guide);  Bound album of TS and photos.

Pitman, C.R.S.
Bird NBs (5): Mesopotamia 1916 (2 volumes);  List of "Bird and other skins sent to BNH Society from Mesopotamia 1917;  Middle East 1918 (2 volumes).

Popham, C.
Bird Notes. MS NB. 1939.

Priest, C. D.
Letter to Admiral Lynes from southern Rhodesia 22.9.1930.     RETURN TO TOP

Richardson, R. A.
    1. Box of notecards on species observations.
2. NBs: Bird-watching on the plains of India 1944;  Notes on the birds of Dovrefjell, Fokstumyren 1949;  St. James Park and other Bird Notes Part I;  Newspaper cuttings with illustrations by Richardson for articles by R. Fitter.
3. Sketchbook of drawings and paintings;  Ornithological Report for the month of February 1946, Singapore;  NBs: St. James Park and other Bird Notes 1939 Part II, III, and IV;  India, Bombary Province 1944-45;  Camargue Birds (Rhone Delta) with additional notes from Les Alpilles 1949.

Robinson, D.N.P.
Crossbill References TS.

Rowland, B.W.
Correspondence and compilation of museum records of St. Helena bird specimens collected by the Cleveland Museum Natural History (CMNH) Blossom Atlantic Expedition 1923-26. List of St. Helena material in the CMNH (includs some non avian material); Yale Peabody Museum; American Museum of Natural History and summary of James Chapin's correspondence on Sooty Terns. (Received 1998)

Scott, S. G.  Need 3 C1s
    1. Nature Diaries 1913, 1914, and 1915.
2. Nature Diaries 1916 and "Natural History Notes" NB 1892-1900.
3. "Natural History Notes" NBs 1901-1908 and  1909-1912.

Selous, E.
Summary of the papers of Edmund Selous 1857-1934 & former BTO holdings compiled by K.E.L. Simmons in box 29.
1. Note books I-IV & VI pt4. Icklingham 1899-1900; Norway 1899; Longford 1990
2. Loose notes Icklingham , 6/1/-30/4/1900
3. Loose notes: Longford 1899-1900; 1902/ ;  Cheltenham 1901-1902; 1904-1905; Woolmer Forest 1902/ .
4. Loose notes: Icklingham 1898-1899;  Richmond 11/11/1899, Longford 25/12/1899
5. Loose notes: Icklingham 1/5/-9/12/1900; Longford / Icklingham 1-31/1/1900
6. Loose notes Longford 1900; Icklingham 1900-1901; Richmond 1901
7. Loose notes Icklingham 1900-1901; Exercise books Icklingham 1901
8. Manuscripts Icklingham 1900(?),  index 1901-1903, 1914, 1916; index 1888-1901, 1914; Note books Longford / Down Hatherley / Cheltenham 1901;  Down Hatherley / Cheltenham 1901;  Down Hatherley 1901
9. Loose notes Shetland 1900
10. Loose notes Shetland 1902;  Arctic Skua paper; Beachley 1902; Aust 1903; Lerryn 1904
11. Loose notes  & Manuscript Texel 1905
12. Loose notes Texel 1906; London Zoo 1906
13. Loose notes & note books Lennartfors 1907; loose notes & note book Freudenstadt 1907 (july-August); Stuttgart 1908 (January – March); Budleigh Hill 1908
14. Note books and loose notes St Servan 1908-1909
15. Note books and loose notes St Servan 1910 & index; London Zoo 1909
16. Note books Falstone 1909; Shetland 1910-1911
17.  3 notebooks Iceland 1912
18.  Notebooks 1-4 Iceland 1912
19. Notebooks 1-3 Shetland 1913
20. Notebooks 1-4 Icklingham 1914;  Manuscript Icklingham
21. Notebooks:Isles of Scilly 1914; Tring, 1915; Tring / Flempton 1915
22. Notebooks 1-4 Richmond 1916
23. Notebooks: Richmond (3) 1916-1918; Rhayader June-August 1919; Frensham October-November 1917; Manuscript “Heatherley’s notes on the Raven”
24. Notebooks: Portland May 1919; Wyke Regis November-December 1919, March 1920, March-May 1920, May 1920-March1922, December 1919, May 1927; Icklingham June 1914; Southwell March 1920, April 1921
25. Manuscripts miscellaneous – unpublished /published
26. Manuscripts miscellaneous – unpublished & published (includes notes on family); typescript ‘evolution of habit in birds’- preface, thought transference in birds,Miscellaneous letters
27. Typescripts: ‘My Icklingham field diary; Down Hatherley / Pittville Gardens / West Stow
28. Typescripts: Weymouth area 1928, 1929; Weymouth swannery 11 Feb 1930
29. Manuscript: the birdwatcher in Shetland

Shuel, Ronald
Correspondence between Shuel and David Bannerman on collections by Shuel in Nigeria of birds and eggs for Bannerman's "The Birds of Tropical West Africa 1932-1936."

Simmons, K.E.L.  1929-2002
1.1        Biographical notes  by  Marion Simmons   
1.2        Certificates & photographs       
1.3        BOU Union medal 1979       
2.1        1951-1959    Reprints of published papers         
2.2        1961-1969    Reprints of published papers      
2.3        1970-2003    Reprints of published papers         
3.1        1967    The role of food supply in the biology of the Brown Booby at Ascension Island    Msc thesis, University of  Bristol    [THESES]
4.1        1970    The biology of the parent-chick stage in the Great Crested Grebe    PhD thesis, University of Bristol [THESES}
5.1        Unpublished manuscript for proposed biography of Edmund Selous   
5.2        Unpublished manuscript for proposed biography of Edmund Selous   
5.3        Selous letters:    Huxley, Fisher, Hardy, Kirkman, Alexander (copies); Service (originals)
6.1        1962    Field Note books Ascension Island 1-19   
6.2        1962-1963    Field Note books Ascension Island 20-37  
6.3        1963    Field Note books Ascension Island 38-49    
6.4        1966-1997    Field note books Ascension Island New Series 1-16    
6.5        8 Field note books Brown Booby behaviour + 1 note book numerical data [Ascension Island]    
7.1        1948-1962    Field note books Great Crested Grebe 1-17     
7.2        1966-1968    Field note books Great Crested Grebe 1-25   
7.3        1968-1983    Field note books Great Crested Grebe 26-43 + 3 notebooks on other grebes    
8.1        1970-1972    5 Field Note books - Mallards  
9.1        1958-1961    6 Field Note books - Anting   
10.1      1948-1951    11 field note books Reading area   
11.1      1981-1995    10 field note books - garden birds  
12.1      1949-1950    13 field note books - Egypt + annotated Greaves' 60 common birds of the Nile delta   
13.1      1950-1969    13 field note books - miscellaneous   

Simmons, W. C.
Nature NB: birds 1935.

Smith, A.F.
Bird Notes 1922-1941.

Smith, K.D.
    1. Correspondence (list in box) regarding winter song in palearctic migrants in Africa 1968-1972;  TS of "Notes on Winter Song in Palearctic Migrants in Africa";  NB diary on Ethiopia and Eritra, Volume I.

2. NBs: Nature Diary 1938 (Dorset, Somerset, Holland, Atlantic Ocean, South Africa and Southern Rhodesia);  comments on species, originally in Shuel's correspondence with Bannerman box;  List of species seen;  library inventory and Morocco checklist;  Corsica Diary 1937, with notes compiled prior to visit;  1958 Nature NB;  Morocco 1962-1963;  Morocco 1963-1964.
3. NBs: Ethiopia and Eritrea Volume II, III, IV and V.

Southern, H.N.
1. NBs: Tawny Owl journal 1943-1947 and 1948-1950;  Summary of Tawny Owl and small mammal data 1944-1961.
2. NBs: Tawny )wl journal 1950-1956 and 1956-  , includes in outline a proposed book on his Wytham work, written just before he died in 1986, ring register and barn owl notes;  File with list of skulls deposited by Mrs. K. Southern in the BM(NH) Bird Room at Tring in 1987.
3. NBs: Tawny Owl territories.  Reprint of the Little Owl food enquiry 1931-1937 by A. Hibbert-Ware, Witherby for the BTO.  Unbound notes on an index for the owl population.
4. NBs: Small mammal index trapping 1953-1966 (also field notes on mammals and trapline samples of small mammal populations in the grounds of Haselmere Educational museum, Haselmere, Surrey 1957-1961);  Summary of shrew catches 1952-1970;  Photocopy of V.P.W. Lowe's small mammal trapping in Wytham Great wood, working with H.N.S. from 1954-1956.
5. NB: Wytham trapping 1 Sept. 1948 – June 1950.
6. NB: Wytham trapping 2 Aug. 1950 – Aug. 1952.
7. NBs: Abstracts, general ecology and Tawny Owl literature;  Field notes Wytham 1943-46 survey of predators;  Wytham notes;  Reprint of A. Gosler's paper 1990 ‘Birds of Wytham';  Wildlife investigation 1938-1942, which became the Sheepstead Rabbit population study;  Summary of Sheepstead Rabbit population study.
8. NB: Wytham Trapping Register.
9. NB: Small mammal index trapping 1969-1985, summary of breeding condition and weights of female Clethionomys from Jan. 1969 – Dec. 1973, summary of data collected throughout index trapping, comparison of standard index trapping with ‘trapping out.'
10. NBs: 1931-1945 Bird Notes I (Avocet to Short-eared Owl);  Bird Notes II (Stilt to Black-winged Wryneck and botanical notes and animals up to 1943);  Tawny Owl autumn census 1970-1971.
11. NB: Maps showing walks taken through Wytham with vertebrates, especially predators, seen or heard on each occasion.
12. Working files for mouse and Tawny Owl paper (J. Zool. 1982).
13. Working files for Tawny Owl paper (J. Zool. 1970).
14. V.P.W. Lowe's and H.N.S.'s trapping data 1952-1956;  Tawny Owl cassette compiled by G. Hirons from his own recordings 1972-73.
15. Magpie and crow nests North Oxford 1985;  1988 catalogue by Mrs. Kitty Southern of H.N.S.'s archive.
1. Owls. Owl note book by C.S. Elton 1936; owl correspondence; Tawny owl: skins 7 skulls collected (skulls in BMNH); pellet analysis
2.New Zealand:4 small note books, cuttings, correspondence
3. Scotland: MSc: population changes in the Scottish Crossbill. Notes on visits to Shetland 1934 & 1935
4. Nature notes: 5 notebooks
5.Miscellaneous field note books (9): Bird Notes 1937, 1939, 1948 journal, Teneriffe; 1959-1967 Wytham; 1969 cats - Sweden; 1973 Norfolk, 1980 hebrides, 1981 Culterty (Guillemots).
6. File of cuttings from "The Ingle Nook" Oxford Mail 1937-1943.
7.Red note book: bird notes 1937-1942, colour-ringed birds (mainly Marsh Tits Bagley Wood? 1937-9, note Wytham Woods 23/12/45 on Marsh Tits. Brownfile: House mice caught Isle of May 1936; Index of bird photographs (glass-slides);Whinnyfold Guillemots photographs 1953; Wytham general albums 1-3;photographs from 1964 New Zealand visit (C. Kidnappers Gannet colony, Ball's Clearing Podocarp Forest).
8. Photographs: Herons; Swifts; Tenerife - habitats; Trapping (Longworth traps) & handling small mammals; Tawny owl pellets, nest boxes, Wytham habitats; Rabbits: 1939 rabbit research, post 1954 Myxomatosis prints.

9.Early photos listed alphabetically by English name T-Z; habitat photos.
10.Early photos listed alphabetically by English name A-S.
11.Photographs: mainly rats & mice, illustrations for "Contrast of birds"; oddments; negatives.
12.Photographs: Africa 1958, Tenerife 1948, Eleonora's falcon Mogador Island R. Vaughan 1959, negatives.
13Photograph album " Bird photographs 1932",yellow portfolio miscellaneous photographs.
14.Glass negatives Tawny owl, hobby, weasel, Scilly shrew, rats & mice, birds 1951-1955.
15.Glass negatives.
16.a & b. Sundry maps, Tenerife, large photos
Stowell, R. F.
    1. Ornithological Record Cards for Tanganyika 1940-1953 and Nyasaland 1953-58 and two NBs on bird observations.
2. Ornithological Record Cards for Tanganyika 1940-1953 and Nyasaland 1953-58 (con't).

Sykes, A. Neil
Ordinance survey maps for Huddersfield;  Nature Notes NBs 1921-1941, 1941-1947, 1955-1962, and 1963-1972;  MS nature notes;  poems;  letters (A.W. Boyd, Bruce Campbell, re. visit to the Isle of May);  Bird Ringing Book 12.1944 to 6.1955;  Ringing Record and Recoveries 1944-1949, 1953-1969, and 1969-1970.

Symonds, A. E. J.
TS: The time starlings leave their feeding grounds daily to fly roostwards;  Photographs and negatives (roosts, etc.);  Data sheets of observations.        RETURN TO TOP

Taylor, Capt. Mark R.N.
Notes and papers on New Zealand and Barrier Island Birds. Observations on seabirds on a voyage from Melbourne to England 1947. Letters from J. M. Winterbottom and D.S. Serventy. 1946-8.

Taylor, S.
Letter to J. Boswall regarding rooks 1964.

Thomas, J. F.
NB: Census of the Bird Population of a portion of the South Downs near Seaford, Sussex 1927-1932 (data and photographs).

Ticehurst, C. B.
Letters 1910-1913 from Eagle-Clarke.

Tomes, Robert Fisher
Copy of "Victoria History of Worcestershire" Birds section 1901, followed by MS notes from MS catalogue of local birds of Worcestershire in the Victoria Inst. Museum and the Tomes Collection of birds.

Tuck, J.P.
Great Bustard in Suffolk 1891. 1p.

Tucker, B. W.
Rare Books Cupboard, see Librarian

Tully, H.
    1. Ornithological observations and diaries
   2. Ornithological observations and diaries 1935-39, 1939-42 and 1942-45.

Turnbull,  Prof. H. M.
Folder on birds of Balgarvie, S. Johns Hillroad, Woking, Surrey.
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University Committee for Ornithology

    1. Reports and correspondence 1933-1941.
2. Reports and correspondence 1931-1938 and 1939-1941.

Versey, C. M.
TS: Some further notes on birdlife at Ham Island;  NB: Ham Island Records 1950-58 waders, ducks, geese, terns, etc.;  Obituary Note;  Eight NBs June 1947 to March 1974 on bird observations at Ham Island.

Vorobuev, K. A.
TS: Birds of the Ussuri Region. 1954.

A. F. G. Walker
Located above library card index.  List on Cardbox.

Walker, F. J.
TS: Notes on the birds of Northeast Oman 1978;  Notes on the birds of Dhufar, Sultanate of Oman 1979;  Data for sea-watch at Cape St. Vincent, Acgarue Sept 1997-March 1998.

Wallace, A. R.
Letters to H. E. Howard 13.12.1903 and 10.9.1904 regarding color change in old female birds and beauty as evidence of design.

Wallis, H. M.
Thirty-three NB diaries 1874-1924 each of a different trip or geographic area, including Switzerland, Pyrennees, Ireland, Algeria, Holland, Germany, North Africa, France, Bulgaria, Orkneys, Italy, Scillies, and others.  Trips made with various people including C. E. Pearson, Herbert Crosfield,  and G. H. Fox.

Ward, Peter
Ten boxes and 3 brown folders of notes, correspondence, data, manuscripts, and spare reprints.  Unboxed or sorted.

Whittaker, Arthur
    1. NBs of observations made on various species and indexed by species and locality 1900-1948.  Volume 1 and 2.
2. Volumes 3 and 4.
3. Volumes 5 and 6.
4. Volume 7.
5. Data book of observations.
6. Notes on British Birds, made chiefly between the years 1900 and 1948, being a typed copy of the MS diary of the personal observations and records of Arthur Whittaker. Vol 1: Crows to Swifts, Vol 2: Nightjars to Stone Curlew.

White, C.M.N.
Original typescript Wallacea (copy in BMNH)

White, L. S.
Photocopies of NBs 1911-1935: Notes on the birds of the Himalayas;  Notes on the Birds of Kashmir (Srinagar April & May 1920, Srinagar and Pahlgam May-July 1927, Srinagar to Winlar and Manasbal Sept-Oct 1932;  Notes on the birds of the Plains;  Letter from C.M. Perrins regarding diaries.

Wiley, Alexander John.
Notes on preparation of scientific papers from Trelease & Yle;  Notes on Motacilla from published sources;  Unpublished MS: The Migration of Birds by harrier cuttings of the Naturalist section of East African new review. 1947-1949;  NB on observations of birds in Kenya by species;  Cuttings of the Naturalist section of the East Africa Review 1947-49;  Databook on nest characteristics by species.

Williams, "Sparky" the talking budgerigar
TS by Mrs. Mattie Williams 1973 and three reels 7 1/2 ips of Sparkie talking and rhyming.

Wilson, V. J.
NB in TS: Fauna notes of Cheshire and Lancaster, including the Dee Estuary (from the library of T. A. Coward, with a note from him regarding the work).

Winnall, Robert Nichol, 1909-2000.
Game books vol 1-25, 1932-1985, notebook:  Details of shoots and fishings and game book from January 14th 1932; notebook:  Iter in Caledoniam 1933: full story of an ornithological expedition to the north of Scotland June-July 1933 (includes photographs); notebook: iter in Zetlandicium 1946 (includes map and bird photographs). Biographical details (1 page) supplied by Mrs Beard, Winnall’s neice.

Witherby, H. F.
Correspondence regarding Spain and Gibraltar, some with Tucker;  TS: Some Ornithological Excursions in Spain;  Maps;  MS notes on species in Spanish;  TS: Some breeding birds of Spain and Portugal observed during two visits 1928 and 1930 by John Armitage.

Wood, M. G.
Sixty-six NBs 1932-1952 of nature notes from Nigeria:
    1. 1932-1934.
2. 1934-1937.
3. 1937-1943.
4. 1943-1947.
5. 1947-1952.

Wrigley, Thomas
Anatomical darings and MS on Avian Anatomy.

Wynne-Edwards, V. C.
Letter from Wynne-Edwards (Scottish Naturalists) to S. Smith 1949 re. variation in bird song.
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Young, C. G.
    1. Bound reprint of 'A Contribution to the Ornithology of the coastland of British Guiana,' by C. G. Young from Ibis Oct. 1928, Jan. 1929, and Apr. 1929 (with original watercolour of a kiskadee);  NB of watercolours of Birds of the Malay Peninsula that have been found in England, also fish of Guiana and diseases of rubber trees;  NB of watercolours Oct. 1924 to April 1926;  MS w/photos and watercolours of "Some Birds of Guiana" 1921 illustrated by Charles Grove Young and descriptions by Charles Gore Young.
2. NBs: Diary of a voyage (England, Gibraltar, Mediterranean, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Aden, Colombo, Penang, Lower Perak, Kampar hills, Penang, Kedah, Ipoh Perak, and Brastagi Sumatra, filled with photographs and indexed Mar. 1926 to Dec. 1927 with letters from N.B. Kinnear and C.B. Kloss;  Camerouns notes from 15.6.1946 of species seen and drawings.
3. NB of watercolours from Jun. 1926, indexed;  Large NB of watercolours and photos 1922 to 1925 of Great Britain, Atlantic Ocean, Barbados, Trinidad, British Guiana, Dutch Guiana, Madeira and France with appendices on froghopper blight on sugar cane, birds in cane fields, measurements and stomach contents of birds useful to cane fields, and table of recorded bird song.
4. Folder notes: Singapore, Sydney;  Tasmania 1941-42;  Sydney-Perth 1942;  Perth-Durban 1942;  index to Australian birds;  South Africa 1942;  Cape Town-Douala 1942;  French Equatorial Africa 1942;  TS of notes on birds seen on voyage Capetown to Gold Coast by C.M. Morrison, letter from C.M.M. and his widow, index of birds seen;  Camerouns notes and photographs 1942-1946 and 1946-1956 with paintings and sketches.

Young, Robert
Nature Diaries, bound in green 1949-1988 (?), most in top end cupboard.
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