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Short letter to W. Garstand 1922. [SMALL MSS].

Alexander, H. G.
Some notes on the genus Phylloscopus in Kashmir.  Folio typescript. Pp. 4 1949.  [BOXED MS].

Alexander, W. B.
1. Distribution maps of birds of the British Isles.  In large wooden box. [MSS].
2. Heronry correspondence.  Letters to W.B.A. [MSS].
3. Woodcock enquiry data. [MSS].
4. The distribution of rook’s nests in Someret.  A re-examination of Tucker’s data.  Typescript. 15 pp. [BOXED MS].
5. Chronological list of books on British Birds.  2 Vols of notes.  [MSS].
6. Records of longevity of wild birds. [SMALL MSS].

Allen, R. G.
Details of chick growth in Oceanodroma castro (referred to in paper in Ibis 103b 274-295).  1962.  [MSS].

1. Five diaries with Tucker’s notes, but not Tucker’s (1913-17). [OUTSIDE CUPBOARD 3].
2. Weights and measurements of the eggs of Swiss birds. Typed sheets. [BOXED MS].
3. Beobachtungen über den Zug und das Nisten des Stares in Jogeva, Sobjetrepublic Estland.  1956. 2 pp. Typed. [BOXED MS].
4. Records of occurrence of the rarer birds of Oxfordshire. [MSS].
5. Paper tearing by Tits. [MSS].
6. The food of the Lapwing. Typescript. Pp. 6 [BOXED MS].
7. 5 pencil sketches (1 painted) of the Dodo. [MSS – PLATES].
8.  Seabirds Islands of the South Caribbean. [MSS].

Arn, H.
Alpensegler – Solothurn.  1946.  4 sheets. MS data on Swifts.  [BOXED MS].

Arnold, R. W.
Preliminary experiments on passerine night-migrant orientation 1960.  12 pp. And photographs. [SMALL MSS].

Ashmole, and Others.
Migration through Gravarnie, Hautes Pyrenees, in the Autumn of 1955. English original of paper published in Alauda 1957.  [MSS].
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Baker, J.R.
Table of figures of gonad weight of Zosterops.  Small typed sheet. [BOXED MS].

Balfour, Lewis
Gannet (Sula bassana) - Bass Rock Colony. 2 photograph albums with black-and-white photographs and typed notes

Bannerman, D.
1. Letter on birds seen at sea between Liverpool and the Black Sea, Spring 1956.  [BOXED MS].
2. (w/ M. Bannerman).Notes on a mid-winter voyage to Cyprus and back. 1957.  [MSS].

Barnes, J.A.G.
Bird weights at Arnside, Westmorland.  1947.  [MSS].

Bartlett, T.L.
Birds of the Ruislip District (N.W. Middlesex).  Typed. Pp. 19. 2 copies. [BOXED MS].

Beck, B. B.
Predatory shell dropping by herring gulls. Typescript. Pp. 47.  [MS].

Bedford, Duchess of  (???)

Bennington, A.
Data concerning the weights of birds.  [MSS].

Betts (Colonel).
Breeding and field notes on the birds of the Narok district of Masai, Kenya.  Typed MS. Pp. 165.  [MSS].

Bickford, J.A.R.
1. Observations on the distribution and movements of some birds in British coastal waters between jan. 1943 and Jan. 1946.  [MSS].
2. Dates on which woodcock were first seen or shot in the Torrington district of North Devon (1896-1947).  Typed sheet. [BOXED MS].

Bilby, H. A.
The breeding of the Swallow.  1956.  MS paper in folder. [MSS].

Bjornsson, H.
Observations made by Halfdan Bjornsson during autumn 1947 at the farm Kvisker in Oraefe, SE Iceland.  [MSS].

Bloesch, M.
Jahresbericht über Beobachtungen an Alpenseglera (Micropus melba) fÜr das Jahr: 1 (1926), 2(1927), 3(1931), 4 (1932), 5 (1934), 6 (1935).  Typed, yellow sheets bound with red.  [BOXED MS].
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Borodulina, T.L.
Benefit and harm caused by birds of the family Lariformes in Volga and Kuban figheries.  [MSS].

Boswall, J.
1. A bibliography of the Kingfisher Alcedo atthis.  1969.  Typed mss. Pp. 6.  [SMALL MSS].
2. The private life of the Kingfisher. 1969.  Typed mss. Pp. 16. [SMALL MSS].
(others… cyclostyles / MS office)…

Bourne, W.R.P.
1. List of birds from Cape Verde Islands 1952.  [MSS under Rhoades].
2. Birds seen at Habbaniyah, Iraq, 23-26 November 1956. [MSS].
3. Birds observed in the Lebanon, April-May 1958. [MSS].
4. Birds seen in Greece and Crete, May 1958.  [MSS].
5. Bird migration in Scotland studied by Radar 1963.  Thesis. Pp. 182 + appendices. [MSS].
(also cyclostyled).

British Empire Naturalists’ Association
Report on waxwings, winter 1949-50.  [BOXED MS].

British Trust for Ornithology
1. Correspondence of the Enquiry into Tameness in Wild Birds.  One boxfile. [CUPBOARDS (with Rooks)].
2. 8 folders containing local distribution lists. [MSS].
Local Distribution, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938.
Local Distribution, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942-44.
Letters on Local Distribution, 1946 -.
Song Period Enquiry, 1937.
Redshank Enquiry, 1938-.
Trapping Data and House Sparrow Food abstracts.
Trapping and Ringing Birds.
MAF: prevelance of Lapwing.
Lapwing Enruiry 1937.
Oxford Bird Census. Minutes of Committee Meeting.
Results of ringing, 1931-33, South Parks, Oxford,
Lists of birds ringed for OOS, 1931-35. Temple Farm, Sandford.
Bird Populations and Censuses, Cotthill and Bradfield Marsh.
Great Crested Grebe Enquiry. 1965 (North) & 1975 (North), at Tring BTO.
Kingfisher Enquiry.
Starling Enquiry.
Martin Enquiry.
Gepworms Enquiry.
Little and Short-eared Owls Enquiry.
Speed of flight Enquiry.
Heronry Correspodnence, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1953-4.
Heronries according to Drainage Areas.
Rook Census 1927-8. Correspondence.
Wood Pigeons Enquiry, 1939.
Holy Island Expedition.
Bird Catching 1931-34.
Corncrake Enquiry.
Black-headed Gull Enquiry 1942.
Nest Sanitation.
Starling 1942.
Tame Birds Enquiry.
Hatching and Fledging 1939 -.
Lesser Black-backed Gull Enquiry 1949-51.
Lapwing Habitat Enqruiry.
Inland migration of waders and terns Enruiry.
Blackheaded Gull Enquiry 1959.
Data from Grebe surviey North. 1965 – 1975,  [OUTSIDE CUPBOARD 1a].

Brooke, R.K.
1. Ecological distribution of swifts south of the Sahara 1970/71 (?).  Typed mss. Pp. 11. [SMALL MSS].
2. Layard’s Bird Hunting visit to Tromelin or Sandy Island in December 1856.  Ms submitted to Atoll Res. Bull. 16 pp. 1978. [SMALL MSS].

Brooke, R.K. & Vernon, J.C.
The little and other swifts at Kasama 1961. 8 pp. Mss. [MSS].

Brown, Geoffrey
1. Bird report of the Wigan District (1948) within a five mile radious of town centre.  Typescript. [BOXED MS].
2. Notes on the reaction of a Chaffinch (Fringilla c. coelebs) to various stuffed animals and a cuckoo.  Typescript.  1944. [BOXED MS].
3. Notes on the reaction of a Mistle Thursh, Turdus v. viscivorous, to various stuffed animals.  Typescript.  1944.  [BOXED MS].
4. Habits of the Stone Curlew, Burhinus o. oedicnemus, as observed in Berkshire 1946.  Typescript.  [BOXED MS].

Brown, P.
Breeding colonies and populations of the Short-tailed Shearwater or Mutton-Bird, Puffinus tenuirostris, in Tasmanian waters 1978.  Photocopy of typescript, 18 pp. [SMALL MSS].

Brown, R.H.
Clutches of eggs of the Yellow Bunting obtained in Cumberland, 1918-1942.  MS sheet. [BOXED MS].

Browne, P.W.P.
Detailed accounts of waders and other water birds at Aden, 1946-48.  Typescript, and tables.  [BOXED MSS].

Buchanan, K.
Status of the Woodcock in the Clyde area. 1935.  [MSS].

Bundy, G. & Morgan, J.H.
A check-list of the birds of north-western Libya 1968.  Typed mss. 28 pp. [SMALL MSS (filed)].

Bureau of Animal Population
Wytham Ecological Survey: Inventory.  1966.  Pp. 12.  [MANUSCRIPTS].

Burkitt, J.P.
1. An appreciation of Mr. J.P. Burkitt, by W.E.T. 1959.  From The Imperial Reporter. [MSS].
2. James Parsons Burkitt 1870-1959.  From the Irish Naturalist. [MSS].
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Cabot, D.
The status and distribution of the Chouch Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax (L.) in Ireland.  1965. [MS].

Campbell, B.
Zoological Survey of Parishes of Llandegfedd and Llandewi in the County of Monmouth. 1943.  [MSS].  Report on attempted census of the crow family (Corvidae) in an industrial area of South Wales, March-Mary 1944. Typescript. 7pp. [SMALL MSS].

Chapman, A.C.
Two drawing books of bird sketches 1861 & 1875.  Album  of water-colour sketches.  Leatherbound album of 65 plates. (1872-1884). [MSS & PLATES (VALUABLES)].

Charteris, G.
Catalogue of Cuckoo’s Eggs. Typed MS, with additional notes. 1900-44. [BOXED MS].

Cheke, A.S.
Summary checklist of birds seen in Ethiopia July 12-Sept. 18, 1966, plus correspondence with J.S. Ash regarding Ehtiopian birds (1972). [SMALL MSS].
A brief outline of birds seen in Corsica by the Cambridge Expedition in August and September 1965. Xerox of typescript MS. 6 pp. [SMALL MSS].

Collinge, W.E.
List of papers concerning birds and their food. Typescript. [BOXED MS].

Cooke, R.
Black Redstarts on Pett Level, East Sussex. Typescript. Pp. 5 [BOXED MS].

Crook, J. H.
Notes on the present status of certain rare Seychelles birds and recommnedaitons for their conservation.  Memorandum to director of agirculture, Seychelles. 1960.  [MSS].

Cutliffe, A.S.
Ilfracombe Swifts 1946.  Typescript 6 pp. [BOXED MSS].

Darlington, A.
Details of birds trapped Nr. Banbury, 1948.  [MSS].

Delucca, C. & Wain, N.C.
Notes on the migration through Jalta of birds on the British List 1960.  [MSS SMALL].

Despott, G.
Three letters and a Government schedule of protected birds in Malta. C. 1966. [SMALL MSS].

Duffey, E.A.G.
Trans-Atlantic crossing 1942. [MSS].
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Eastman, R.
Observations on Alcedo atthis at Whitechurch, Hants. Dec. 1963-Aug. 1964. Typed mss. Pp, 8 1968. [SMALL MSS].

Edmondson, T.
Bird-Notes from South-east Lancashire, 1953-54.  Typescript. Pp. 49. [BOXED MSS].

Eggeling, W. J.
Fishing with bait by a Green-backed Heron.  Types ms., 2pp. 1974.  [SMALL MSS].

Elton, C.S.
1962.  The first 30 years of the BAP. Cyclostyled pp. 17. [CYCLOSTYLED: MISCELL. (OFFICE)].

Fisher, J.
Map showing distribution of the Fulmar. MS. [BOXES MS].

Fisher, J. and Waterton, G.I.
Report on the Fulmar Inquiry.  [MSS].

Fitter, R.S.R.
The Starling Roosts of the London Area, with 3 appendices: Nicholson’s 1925-26 Starling Survey, and Nicholson’s 1932-33 Starling Survey.  List of starling roosts in Inner London.  Pp. 39 Typescript. 1943.  [BOXED MS].
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Gallagher, M.D. & Rogers, T.D.
A provisional abbreviated list of birds seen during the Oman Flora & Fauna Survey 1977 in Dhofar, the southern province.  Sept-Oct 1977. 1983. MS typed. 11 pages. [MANUSCRIPTS].

Gibson-Hill, C.A.
Extract from an unpublished article on North Keeling. 1941.  [MSS].

Goodacre, M.J. & Lack, D.
Early nesting 1957. Correspondence connected with BTO enquiry. 1959. [SMALL MSS].

Gray, R.
Two letters from Gray to J.M. Campbell, in back of Gray’s Birds of the West of Scotland.  1882 & 1884.  [SCOTLAND].

Greenhalgh, M.E.
Observations on the winter roosting and feeding of Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus in Morecambe Bay. 1966. Unpublished paper pp. 13.  [MSS].
Epizootics among gulls. Typed & handwritten report, 3 pp & 10 pp. 1966. [MSS].

Grey, Lord Lilford, & E.G.B. Meade-Waldo
Various letters. [MSS].

Grey of Falloden
Letters to Chapman. Photographs by F.M. Chapman of Grey and Falloden. [MSS].

Guichard, K.M.
Bird Notes. Turkey.  27 march – 29 Sept. 1959.  [MSS].
Bird Notes. Turkey. 5 May – 14 Oct 1960, 22-Mar – 12 Aug. 1962. [SMALL MSS].

Gurney, J. H.
Notes on the Gannet, letters, etc. 1908-9.  [SMALL MSS].

Gunn, D.
Parasides of Swift
Swift anrasion of wing-feathers simulation moult.
Wood pigeon moulting in February
Castanet noise made by Waterhen.
The Sparrow; food for his young, etc.
Hawfinch eating oak leaves.
Passerine birds catching and eating Fish.
Sketches of Little Auk, Shag, Red-throated Diver, and Purple Sandpiper.
[MSS]. MORE NOTES…                                                    RETURN TO TOP

Harris, M.P.
Storm Petrels of Galapagos.  Mss. Pp. 63, plus tables and graphs.  1969?.  [SMALL MSS].

Herbard, F.V.
Survey of injury-feigning birds on the AOU Checklist.  Typescript.  1949.  [BOXED MS].
Feigning in the wood warblers AOU. 1953.  [MSS].
Feigning Anatidae, Parulidae, and Fringillidae 1955 [MSS].
Feigning. From paper read to Linnean Society 1955. [MSS].
World check-list of fiegning birds [MSS].
Checklist of feigning anseriformes. [MSS].

Herkolts, G.A.C.
1941-59.  Letters and notes from various ornithologists regarding birds in British Guiana, Trinidad, and Tobago.
Birds in Rupununi, British Guiana 1958.
Birds in Tobago 1957.
RNBWS worldwide book and contact list.
E.M. Chenery – The sulphur and white breasted Toucan.
- An introduction to Trinidad birds.
Letter from G.D. Smooker.
Smookers list 1951, Birds of Trinidad & Tobago, BWI [MSS].
D. Snow – Special report for the ornithological section
Appendix to April monthly report of TRVL.
W. G. Downs, 1956-57 Bird nesting records TRVL.
W. G. Downs letter 1057.
TIME 21 Sept 1953 P. 35 Guatcharo birds "Guiding clicks"
List of birds collected by Mr. G. F. Mees in Trinidad.
1953 – list 1,2,4,5
1954 – list 6,7
notes to GWS
Correspondence with A.S.A. Lamb & A.M. Hughes re. protection of wild animals & birds in Trinidad.

HÖhn, E.O.
Black grouse in England and Wales – file containing letters, notes, etc. relating to article published in ‘The Field’ in 1947. [MSS].

Hollom, P.A.D.
Blackheaded Gull Inquiry, 1939.  [MSS].

Home, W.M.L.
Paper-tearing by birds. 1952.  MS summary of results of enquiry including: Table of autumn rainfall in Britain 1900-1948 showing paper tearing incidents; Map showing distribution of incidents in 1949; Types of material torn by Tits.  [BOXED MS].

Hornell, J.
The role of birds in early navigation.  1946. [MSS].

Hudson, W.H.  1916-1922.
Fifteen letters to Mary Trevelyan. 23 Sheets. [VAL. BOOKS].

Hulme, D.C.
The voice of the great tit in South Derbyshire. 1951.  [MSS].

Humble, P.A.
1945. Beginning of Dawn Song.  MS records of times in various localities.  [BOXED MS].

Hutchison, L.P.
Large clutch of eggs of Comb-duck.  1946.  Letter. [BOXED MS].
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Indge, W.H.E.
The altitudinal distribution of Corsican birds. 1966. Typescript MS of partly complete paper, and numerous sheets of handwritten notes and tables. [SMALL MSS].

International Ornithological Congress
Correspondence relating tot he accounts of the 14th Congress (Oxford, 1966).
Correspondence and organising committee minutes of the 16th Congress (Canberra 1974).
All copies sent to D. Lack, some involving N. Tinbergen (see Lack 1966-71, Tinbergen 1967-70).  [SMALL MSS., under Lack].

Jack, T.A.M.
Folder of notes on bird flight, includes photos, cuttings gathered during research for his book, Feathered Wings.  [LIBRARIAN’S CUPBOARD].

Johnson, A. L.
Notes on bird migration in S.W. Wales.  Radar (with accompanying photographs in box).  Observations.  1968/9.  Types Mss. Pp. 5. [SMALL MSS (in Ilford box)].

Johnson, G.F.
Bird Life in Tripolitania. 1949. [MSS].

Jones, E. L.
Agriculture’s reduction and renewel of bird pest problems in recent centuries.  Typed mss. 1970.  [SMALL MSS].

Jones, P.J.
The status of Quelea quelea in Botswana, and recommendations for its control.  Report to Govt. of Botswana. Pp. 26. 1972.  [MS Office].
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Kearton, R.
2 letters, probably to Harting [SMALL MSS].

Kenrick, W. E.
MS notes on nesting colony of black-headed Gulls at Llanwefr Pool, Radnorshire, May 1944.  [BOXED MS].

Kepler, K.
Island stragglers recovered in New Zealand up till 1967.  Ms. 31 pp. [SMALL MSS].
Raw data on Todidae (7 files) 1968-71. [VAL CUPBOARDS].

Kirkman, F. B.
Papers and articles on egg retrieval in birds and perquacity in birds (also letters from M. Rothschild on gull behaviour).  Handwritten and typed MSS. 1940 (?).  [MSS. SMALL].

Kortland, A.
Behaviour of the European Cormorant.  Unfinished MS for a book 1948-52.  [LOCKED CUPBOARDS].

Kozlova, E.
Investigation on the history of regional bird faunas.  Summary.  [MSS].
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1921 postcard from S.H.L. to R. gurney regarding bird protection. [SMALL MSS].

Lack, D. L.
Rare Books Cupboard.
1. Papers.  1925-1973.  416 items or collections of items in numerous cartons.  Catalogued by the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contempoary Scientists  [MSS].
2. Appendices and tables used in preparing "The numbers of bird species on islands." Typed mss (quarto). 27 pp. 1969. [SMALL MSS].
3. The Breeding of birds of Crete. 1970.  Typed sheets. 2 pp. [SMALL MSS / EXPEDITION REPORTS, with Perrins].
4. Top copy MS of Island Biology. [LIBRARIAN’S CUPBOARD].
5. Report on the State of the Galapagos Fauna. [MSS].

Lack, D. and Arn. H.
The mortality rate of the Alpine Swift (Apus melba).  Typed mss. 7 pp.  [SMALL MSS].

Lack, D. & Venables, L.S.V.
Woodland Bird Inquiry.  [MSS].

Lack, H.L. & D.
Observations on communal display of Blackbird 1946.  MS 9 sheets. [BOXED MSS].

Lack, D & Shifferli, A.
The age of the Starling 1948.  [MSS].

Lack, D. & D. F. Owen.
The Food of the Swift: details.  1955.  [MS BOOKS].

Laird, R.
House Martins 1975 and 1976.  Typed ms. 4 pp. [SMALL MSS].

Lambert, A.
The Birds of Greece.  With list of Greek bird names in Greek, and map. 1955.  [MSS].

Lathbury, G.
An account of the seabirds seen during the visit of H.M.S. Endurance to South America and the Antarctic, October 1969 to may 1970.  With list of the seabirds.  2 maps.  [VAL. CUPBOARDS].

Landon, K.
Nature notes (birds): no. 1 May 1948-Dec 1953, no. 2 Jan 1954-Dec 1961 (No 1 includes species Index with localities. Hand written pp 174; 156 [STAIRS CUPBD]

Lee, S.L.B.
Birds of Lewis 1961-2.  [SMALL MSS].

Lewis, P.
Photographs by Pearson Lewis in W.B.A.’s collection; nest and eggs in cottonwood; Valley quail; mountain chicadee; Olive-sided flycatcher; Bullock’s oriole nest.  Box 1 in WBA’s photographs.  [OUTSIDE CUPBOARD].

Lighton, N.
Pencil sketch of tree pipit for Preists ‘Birds of Southern Rhodesia.’  1935.  [SMALL MSS].

Lilford, Lord.
Extracts by F.C.R. Jourdain from ‘Lord Lilford on birds.’ MS exercise book. 1903.  [BOXED MS JOURDAIN].

Lind, P.
Birds seen in the pine forests near Jukkasjauvi, 15-17 June, 1954.  Swedish Lappland.  [MSS].

Lister, G.
Note on the occurrence of the Polyglot Warbler in SE Devon.  Letter and MS, 3 pp. 1941.
Lapwing report: relating to Priesthill Farm, Ewell, Surrey. Typescript. 1938.

Lockie, J.
Notes on Jackdaws, Rooks, and Crows.  1953/4.
2 volumes, also 2 files of loose pages. [MSS].
Golden Eagles in Lewis.  Summary report of the field party.  Typed. 7 sheets. 1957.  [BOXED MSS].

Lorenz, K.
Comparative Behaviour Studies (from Zool. Anzeiger 12 supplement) 1939.  [MSS].

Loretto Bird Report
1947-51. [MSS].

Lothian, D. M.
Census of Kenmure Rookery, Bishopbirggs, Glasgow 1948.  2 typed sheets. [BOXED MS].

Lundwall, C. G.
Notes on the Abisko district and its ornithology. [MSS].
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Majee, J. D.
The breeding distribution of the Stonechat (Saxicola torquata) in Britain and causes of decline.  A report to the BTO.  [2 BOXES, OUTSIDE CUPBOARD].

Makatsch, W.
Der Brutparasitismus der Kuckucksvogel.  Typed. Pp. 153. 1931.  [OUTSIDE CUPBOARD 2f].

Marchant, S.
4 field notebooks;
W. Eire July/Aug. 1938; Egypt (Ras, Gharib & Hurghada) Sept. 1938 to April 1939.
Egypt May 1939 to Feb. 1940; Nigeria March to Aug. 1940.
S.E. Nigeria Sept. 1940 to April 1941; E. Central Borneo Aug./Oct. 1941.
Ravenglass March 1946; Drigg 1948.
Field Notes from Iraq 1959-1962.
Breeding record of Plerocles senegallus in Iraq 1960.
Field Notes from Nigeria 1946-49.
Notes and Nest Record Cards of birds of Ecuador 1958.  [MSS].
Some birds of Gebel Somar, N.W. Central Sinai. 1961. 11 pgs.  [MSS].
Nest record cards from 1883 to 1962 from Baghdad.  Also BTO local distribution card from Galway, Eire, Aug.-Sept. 1962.

Macalister, D. A.
The Blackbird.  By A.F.C. Hillstead.  Mss.  Notes added.  1945.  [MSS].

Maclaren, P.I.R.
Various notes on distribution and habits of the White-tailed Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla L.) in Iceland, 1939.  Typescript.  [BOXED MS].

MacKenzie, D. A.
Copy of letter to Mr. McWillian on the significance of scarecrows.  Typed. 1927.  [BOXED MS].

MacKenzie, J.M.D.
Letter on increased clutch-size produced under favourable food conditions.  1945 B.  [BOXED MS].
Birds as controls for insect pests. 1946.  Typescript.  [ECONOMIC PAPERS].
Nest box experiments around Perth, 1946-8.  Typescript. [BOXED MS].

Magor, J.
Bibliography of the genus Quelea.  COPR Bird-pest archives 1971.  [MS].

Manson-Bahr, P.
Biographical notes on Famous Ornithologists. 1958.  [MSS].

Marsden, F.
Birds killed on railways. 1944.  Typed copy of letter to J. Fisher.  [BOXED MS].

Marshall, H.F. (1905-1986)
Unpublished typescript in 13 volumes, Birds of Nigeria with 444 coloured illustrations by Christine Marshall, 1933-1955. 5 volumes ornithological notes. [SHELF 24]

Marshall, JR.
6 folders on birds of the Gold Coast, West Africa.  1941-1953.  [SEE LIBRARIAN ].

Marwell, A.
Poem "Upon Appleton House, to my Lord Fairfax" portion dealing with killing of Corn Crake by Mowers.  1681.  [MSS].

Mayall, A.
Bird notes and ringing records.  1912-40.  5 MS small notebooks, 5 exercise books.  [MAYALL BOX].
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Mayr, E.
The sequence of genera in the Estrildidae (Aves).  Unpublished MS, pp. 9.  [UNPUBLISHED MSS].

Mead, C. J.
Kingfisher information from ringing recoveries 1969.  Typed MS. Pp. 5.  [SMALL MSS w/ R. Eastman].

Moore, H. J.
The data mentioned in his papers with Boswell on the Birds of Iraq.  [MSS].

Moore, N. C.
Weights of tits. 1949.  [MSS].

Moreau, R. E.
Catalogued by the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists.
34 field notebooks 1922-64.  [LOCKED CUPBOARDS].
Collection of letters concerning mgirants in the Bay of Biscay 1954.  [MISS].
N.W. Spain.  Statements collection from locals. 1954.  [MSS].
List of published works.  [MSS].
Various original data and MS for published papers.
Card file of bird observations made in Tanzania [LOCKED CUPBOARDS].

Morris, R.O.
Some notes on the birds of Aldabra 1962.  6 typed pages.  [SMALL MSS].

Morrison, A.R.G. (?)
Two notebooks on bird species, South America.  [OUTSIDE CUPBOARD 2J].

Mountfort, G.
Bibliography of the Hawfinch Monograph 1957.  (List closed Nov. 1956).  Typescript.
Details of ringing recoveries (up to 1956) in the Hawfinch Monograph.  Typescript.
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New Forest Ornithologists Club
Autumn immigration in New Forest area – 1959.  [SMALL MSS].

Newton, A.
26 letters to Sir Philip Manson Bahr 1903-1907.  [MSS].

Newton, D. & Tebbult, C.F.
Census of rooks nests in Huntingdonshire 1940.  [MSS].

Newton, R. G.
The distribution of Rooks’ nests on the central Sussex seaboard.  Typescript.  1945.  [BOXED MS].

Nichols, H.A.J., Nihcols, C.A., Vanvliet, G. B. & Gray, G. S.
Endangered Amazons of Dominica: the Imperial and Arausiaca parrots.  Unpublished report to the ICPB. 31 pp. & maps.  [SMALL MSS].

North, M.E.W.
Bird notes (on record cards).  Handwritten cards (Index).  Presented 1969.  [MSS].
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Olsen, M. W. & Byerly, T.C.
Orientation of the hen’s egg in the uterus and during laying 1932.  [MSS].

Operation Seafarer
Summaries of observations of breeding seabirds collected in Britain and Ireland by the Seabird group during Operation Seafarer 1968-1971.  Typescript.  [MSS (Cupboards)].

Orians, G.
Shearwater data (envelope of research details) 1955.  [MSS].

Owadally, A. W.
The Dodo and the Tambalocoque tree.  1977.  Typescript of unpublished letter to Science refuting S.A. Temple Plant animal mutualism… (Science 197: 885-886).  4 pp and 3 B&W photographs. [SMALL MSS].

Owen, D. F.
The food of the nestling jays, with notes on the Magpie.  Typed mss. P. 9 (+6). 1956.  [SMALL MSS].

Oxford Bird Census
Reports, correspondence, finances 1937-1930. [MSS].
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Pager-Wilkes, A. H.
Unpublished field-notes by Rev A. H. Wilkes on birds of Kenya and Uganda. [MSS].

Parkhurst, R. P.
Report on the Yellowhammer. MS. [BOXES MS].

Peake, E.
The birds of Huntingdonshire.  Supplementary notes to the List of the Birds of the County in the Victoria County History, 1926.  Typescript. 14 pp.
Reminiscences about Natural History.  1941.  Typescript. 13 pp.

Pease, H. J. R.
Notes from Tripolitania and Sicily 1957.  3 typed sheets [BOXED MS].
February and March in Tripolitania 1959.  [MSS].
Birds of the island of Karlo, off Uleaborg, Finland.  MS notebook. Pp. 104. [MSS & NOTEBOOKS].

Phillips, W. W. A.
Petrels, shearwaters, and other Oceanic birds in the Indian Ocean. 1950. [MSS].
Diary of a Voyage of Bibby Liner M.V. "STAFFORDSHIRE" from Colombo to Tilbury.  8th April to 11th May, 1957.  [MSS].

Pitman, C.R.S.
Some notes on the eggs of African Cuckoos 1943.  Typescript. [BOXED MS].
Documents and letters concerning species found in Uganda and E. Africa: Franco nobilis nobilis, Falco fascinucha, Actophilornis africanus, and Ploceus steroides and measurements of many other species (also copy of world checklist of feigning birds).  [MS].

Poole, F.
Notes on the observations of Seabirds on the North Atlantic from Nov. 1947 to July 1952.
Observations on the Pacific 1952-4. [MSS].

Pring, C.J.
Data of Yellowhammer nests recorded.  1 sheet.  [BOXED MS].

Pusanov, I.
M. A. Menzbierm als zoogeograph, und probleme der Weiterentwickelung der Sovietischen Zoogeographie.  [MSS].                                            RETURN TO TOP

Ratcliff, F. R.
Catalogue of Birds’ Eggs. MS small notebook. [MS BOOKS].

Raw, W.
Ornithological and Shooting Diaries, Egypt, 1916-1918. MS notebooks. 4 vols. [MS BOOKS].

Reed, T. M.
Raw data on birds on islands. 1981. [LOCKED CUPBOARDS].

Rennie, W.
Census of Kenmure Rookery, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. 1947.  Together with analysis of Census of Counts taken during 1912-1946.  [BOXED MS].

Rhoades, R.
List of ‘Sea Birds’ from the Cape Verde Islands collected on the Blossom South Atlantic Expedition and catalogued in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  1952.  [BOXED MS. RHOADES].

Rickett, C. B.
List of birds observed at Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, in June and early July. 1901, 1906, 1907.  MS. Pp. 17.
Notes on birds at the Lizard, Cornwall. 1906.  MS 14 pp.

Robinson, W.
Buzzards on the Postbridge area, Dartmoor, 1941-3, with supplement season 1944. Typescript. [BOXED MS].

Royal Naval Bird Watching Society
Land birds at sea logs. [SMALL MSS].

A season’s nesting in Scotland. 1939.  [MSS].
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Selous, E.
Manuscripts and diaries.
17 Notebooks. Mainly concerned with Shetlands.  Icelandic diary.  Box of exercise books and notebooks.

Sergejuv, B. F. and T. A. Scvorzoca
Heart activity of some birds on order Passeriformes. [MSS].

Serventy, D. L.
A historical background of ornithology with special reference to Australia 1968.  Typed mss. Pp. 22 [SMALL MSS (filed)].

Shorten, M.
The European Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola L.) MS. 62 pages.  1972.  [MSS].

Skemp, J.
Birds of the Southern Ocean. From broadcast talk from Hobart. 1954.  [MSS].

Sladen, W.J.L.
The Biology of the Pygoscelid penguins. 1954. [MSS].

Smith, A.F.
Bird Notes 1922-41. MS large file.  [MS BOOKS].
The Birds of Swindon. Typescript. 1937.
1938 Bird report for the Swindon area. Typescript. 1938.
Swindon Bird Notes 1940 in chronological order. Typescript.  [BOXED MS].

Smith, S. G.
Letter on the flocking of tree sparrows 1941. [BOXED MS].

Snow, D.W.
1. Visible Migration: MS notes for review paper, and some additional data. 1953. See Ibis 1953.  [BOXED MSS].
2. List of all distant recoveries of British robins Erithacis rubecula received up to late 1965 used in analysis published in BB, Feb. 1966.  2 copies. [UNPUBLISHED MSS (SMALL)].
3. Climate and geographical variation in birds.
4. The specific status of the Willow Tit. Typed mss. Pp. 4. [SMALL MSS].

Stenhouse, J. H.
Letter to F.C.R. Jourdain on birds nesting in Malta.  1907.  [SMALL MSS].

Stresemann, E. & Heinrich, G.
Birds of Mount Victoria, Burma 1940.  [MSS].

Summers, D. J.
The bird-life of Tringford Resevoir, Tring, Hertfordshire, July 1963 – August 1964.  Typescript pp. 48 and appendices. [MANUSCRIPT].

Swaine, C. M.
Birds of North-west Derbyshire. 1957.  Typescript. Pp. 9 [BOXED MSS].

Smith, K. D.
1. Preliminary checklist of Eritrea (without data) and preliminary check-list of Eritrean Birds, additrions and amendments, 29.6.53.  Typed MS. 57 pp. And 6 pp.
2. Migrants and winter visitors in Eritrea.  1956. Typescript.  [BOXED MS].

Suffern, C.
1-2.Eight calendar notebooks recording Suffern's daily observations of birds and other wildlife and plants, 1948-1955.
2-8. Eighteen field notebooks of C. Suffern with hourly observations of birds and other wildlife (species circled), including weather maps cut out from newspapers with annotations.  For his studies on migration, 1956-1971.  [BOXED MS].
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Tait, G. M.
Portugal. Recovery of Ringed Birds. 1. April 1954 / April 1956. 2 typed papers.
Ringed birds recovered in Portugal April 1956 – April 1957.
Ringed birds recovered in Portugal.  Details obtained and recorded between April 1957 and the end of 1958.  [MSS].

Taylor, M.
Photographs of birds: China, Aden, New Zealand and UK.  3 negative folders, one complete album of prints and two loose album pages. 1926-47.  [LOCKED CUPBOARDS].

Tebbut, C.F.
The Birds of Huntingdonshire. 1938. [MSS].

Thomas, J. F.
Redshank Inquiry 1940.
The Birds of Cyprus [MSS].

Tinbergen, N.
Correspondence related to the accounts of the 14th IOC (Oxford, 1966).  Filed with lack, D. 1966-71.  [SMALL MSS (Lack)].

Trundle, H. M.
Notes on birds.  MS large box file.  [MS BOOKS].

Tuck, G. S.
Royal Naval Bird Watching Society data for 1959/1960. [MSS].

Tucker, B. W.
Birds noted in the Alpi Marittime, near San Dalmazzo di Tenda, Sept. 21-24, 1932.  5 pp. MS [BOXED MS].
Review Handwritten ms. Of Lowe on the Phyogeny of the Struthiones, PZS Ser B. 112: 1-20 1942.
Notes on subspecies of British Birds notebook & loose pages of notes.
Ms of birds of Chewton Mendip and other Somerset notes to 1921.
Yellow folder. Practical handbook own extracts and notes,notebook with references to Scottish naturalist to 1935 by J.J.R.P. Loose leaf bird notes.
Letters for British Birds – brown envelope.
2 letters from Tucker to HFW
Torquay and district Jan 1-11, 1942
Notes for talks.
Oenanthe oenanthe contributed by B.T. Typed ms.
Further notes on the Ornithology of the Naples district.
Observations chiefly concerning the spring passage and birds of Monte Vergine. BT & Dr C.J. Van Oordt. MS. The birds of Latium—brown envelope.
Manilla folder – Scandinavia: 3 letters from Hugh Blair, map of Norawy,a nd notes.  Photographs.  Loose notes and letter from O. Meylan. 1937. [CUPBOARD Box 1].
4 small field notebooks 1912-1934.
Field notes on songs and calls of west european birds Vol. I and II.
Bird Notes Oxford 1922
Bird Notes Oxford 1926-31.
Bird Notes 1922-36 (Sark, Tring, Reading, Channel Islands, Oxfordshire, Ireland).  [CUPBOARD BOX 2].
Hillside Natural History Soc. Minutes & records of excursions 5th April 1918.
Expedition to Spitzbergen 1922 Vol I & II and notes for talk "Birds of west Spitzbergen".
The Hook of Holland 1927.
Scotland 1935, Islay 1936, Aberdovey 1942, Cheshire 1942. [CUPBOARD BOX 3].
1. Birds of the Naples district, non passerines and passerines.
Lapland, Sweden and Finland 1937, Sweden 1939 (letter from Blair 1942).
Loose sheets The Wash, 1938, Scotland 1941, Corsica 1936, Ottenbygard 1947, Scotland 1944-46. Selected References for essays. [CUPBOARDS BOX 4].
2. Address book.
References in the literature to courtship and display.
3 bound blue-diaries: Scotland 1941, 43; Andalucia 1935; Diary notes 1931-34.
1 envelope photographs and post cards.
1 envelope negatives. [CUPBOARD BOX 5].
3. 5 boxes of glass slides – St. Kilda, Corsica, Bass Rock, Hornbills, other.
1 box down from hawks nest Braemar. [CUPBOARD BOX 6].
4. Bird notes. England vol. 1 and 2. 1939-41. [CUPBOARDS].
5. Notes for Handbook (blue binding). Vol. 1-3: refs to field data in literature. [CUPBOARDS].
6. Maps, many annotated. Bartholomews: Bath/Bristol, Dorset, Exmoor, Herford, London environs, N. Devon, N. Shropshire, Oxfordshire, Peak District, Bacons: Irealdn, Harrow.
Street maps of various. Ordinance survey maps.  [CUPBOARDS BOX 7&8].
7. Wooden box of slides (glass) of Spitzbergen 1922. [CUPBOARDS].
8. 5 large scribbling diaries with field notes not Tuckers 1913-1917 [LIBRARIAN’s CUPBOARDS w/ TUCKER"S BOXES].

Turner, B.C.
Unique nesting site of Robin.  Typed paper with photographs. 1945.  [BOXED MS].
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Vaughan, H.R.H.
Birds seen on an Atlantic crossing. 1939.  Typescript and map.
The Birds of Radley. 1944. Typescript. 23 pp. [BOXED MS].

Venables, L.S.V.
Map showing Hobby territory, Wytham-Binsey, Oxford, 1942-4. [BOXED MS].
A. F. G. Walker’s field NBs from a schoolboy onwards are held in eight boxes containing 77 items.  Most of his observations on birds (and planes, fish, and nature in general during the early years) were made in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and he compiled reports for the area’s naturalists society which are in the archives.  He also made observations on trips to Persia and Spain.  His NBs are very difficult to decipher as years pass (many are in shorthand), but the early ones are easy to read and are detailed chronicles of days spent in the field, noting down every thing observed and paying careful attention to weather conditions.

Versey, C. M.
"Pied Flycatcher in north-west Somerset 1956 4p. handscript.  [ARCHIVE].

Wadley, N.J.P.
Note book on birds of Turkey 1943-46; Black Redstart data, notes and correspondence; Manuscript: "Notes on the breeding of the Black Redstart in the city of London, 1949." [STAIR CUPBOARD]
Walton, A.S.G.
Notes on migrants in the Camarque and Greece – Oct 1961 to may 1962.  9 typed pages.  [SMALL MSS].

Ware, E. G.
Notes on some birds of Algeria, with an appendix on the birds of Corsica.  Typescript. Pp. 105.  1943. [SMALL MS].

Warman, S.R.
The Roseate Tern Sterna dougalli arideensis on Aride Island, Seychelles. 1979. Typescript. 8pp. [SMALL MSS].

Waters, W. E.
Notes on land birds seen from the "Dunera" on voyage from Southampton to Cyprus November 10-20 1960.  2 typed pages. [SMALL MSS].

Weber, W.H.F.
Notes and correspondence on Woodcock in the British Isles.  Ms large file. [MS BOOKS].

Wenner, M.V.
Notes on birds – journal. 1909-15.  MS Book. [MS BOOKS].

Whittaker, A.
Extracts from Whitaker’s diaries of occurences of birds in Britain. MS loose-leaf binder.  [MS BOOKS].
Notes on nests of yellowhammer found between the years 1900 and 1945.  Typescript. [BOXED MS].

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