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Chunli Mo
Chunli Mo

Chunli Mo

Chunli was a visiting academic student to the Oxford Silk Group, and used FTIR spectroscopy to study biological materials. She enrolled at Fudan University in 2004 as a PhD candidate studying the molecular structure and properties of silk fibroin.

Spectroscopic characterisation is a non-destructive and powerful investigative technique. Her most recent work has shown (Mo et al 2006) near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to be a rapid and effective way to investigate qualitatively and even quantitatively the conformation of regenerated silk fibroin films of different thicknesses regardless of the effects of water. Moreover, the large quantity of information about the amide group from its’ near IR spectrum is expected not only to result in a better and integrated understanding of the relationship between structure and mechanical behavior of silk fibroin, but to also contribute to the exploration of conformational transition mechanism of silk fibroin.


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