Forthcoming presentations:
'The new bronze rams from the Egadi Islands (First Punic War) and the quaestorship in the third century BC’, St. Andrews University, School of Classics research seminar, 1 March 2013.
'Auxilia and clientela: military service and foreign clientelae reconsidered', at Foreign Clientelae in the Roman Empire: a reconsideration, University of Zaragoza, 14-15 March 2013.
'Republican auxiliaries - the exploitation of local warlordism in the Republican Empire', at Multipolarity and Warlordism in the Ancient Mediterranean, IV-I cent. BCE, ICREA sponsored conference, Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), 23-25 May 2013.
Recent presentations (2007-2012):
18-21 December 2012. Ottave Giornate Internazionali di Studi sull’area elima e la Sicilia occidentale nel contesto mediterraneo: La Città e le città della Sicilia antica. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy. Invited paper: ‘La nuova tavola in bronzo (in due copie) da Halaesa.’
26-28 November 2012. Techniques, savoirs et cultures d’empire: l’imperium romanum en perspective. INHA, Rue Vivienne, Paris, France. Invited paper: ‘The quaestorship in the third and second century BC.’
18-20 October 2012. Political culture and social structure in the Roman republic; in memory of Friedrich Münzer, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany. Invited paper: ‘The Roman Republic and the West.’
27-31 August 2012. XIV Congressus Internationalis Epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.
Invited paper: ‘Between Public and Sacred space: the case of Hellenistic Halaesa (Sicily)’
Paper: ‘Inscribed rostra from the First Punic War: new discoveries in Sicily’.
30 May 2012. The Impact of Moses Finley. Laurence Seminar, Faculty of Classics, Cambridge 29th-31st May 2012. Invited paper: ‘Finley’s Sicily.’
13 March 2012. Research meeting of the Copenhagen Volutnary Associations in Antiquity project. Invited paper: ‘A new bronze honorific from late Hellenistic Sicily (Halaesa) in two copies.’
14 December 2011. Epigraphy and Urban Culture, one day workshop of the Roman Society Research Centre, Gent, Belgium. Invited paper: ‘A new bronze honorific from late Hellenistic Sicily (Halaesa) in two copies.’
20-22 October 2011. Gérer les territoires, les patrimoines et les crises. Le quotidien municipal 2. International Colloquium, Clermont Ferrand, Maison des Sciences et de l’homme. Invited paper: ‘Managing civic resources in Hellenistic/Republican Sicily: the epigraphic evidence from Taormina and Halaesa.’ [Unable to attend for personal reasons].
27 July 2011. Triennial 2011: A Celebration of Classics. University of Cambridge. Invited paper: 'The spread of epigraphic culture in the Hellenistic West'.
23-24 June 2011. Comunidades locales e imperialismo romano en occidente. Universitat de les Illes Balears. Paper: 'Republica auxilia: comparing East and West'
5 May 2011. Kinship diplomacy between Sicily and Rome in the Republican period. University of Zaragoza, Spain.
6-7 December 2010. Le luxe et les lois somptuaires dans la Rome antique (approche comparative). Table Ronde, École française de Rome, Italy. Invited paper: ‘Autour du plebiscitum Claudianum de 218 av. J.-C.’
1-3 September 2010. Politics and Oratory in the Roman Republic. International Conference, University of Oxford, UK. Invited paper: ‘The provincial perspective on the politics of repetundae trials.’
25-26 May 2010. Les gouverners et les provinciaux sous la République romaine, colloque international. University of Nantes, France. Invited Paper: ‘Provincial governors and the use of local military manpower.’
7 May 2010. Workshop on the Financial Inscriptions of Taormina, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy. Paper: ‘The Taormina Financial Inscriptions: Historical Problems.’
6 May 2010. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy. Invited paper: ‘La nuova iscrizione da Halaesa.’
26 April 2010. Punic Studies Workshop II, Merton College, Oxford. Co-Organiser. Paper: ‘From Himera to Hannibal: Barbarizing the Western Phoenicians.’
14-15 April 2010. Alleanze e parentele: le affinitá elettive nella storiografia sulla Sicilia antica. Convegno internazionale, Università degli studi di Palermo, Sicily. Invited paper: ‘Kinship diplomacy between Sicily and Rome.’
27 February 2010. Conquest and Culture: Sicily in the first millenium BC, Study Day, Rewley House, Oxford. Invited paper: ‘Sicilian identity between Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans.’
24 February 2010. Reading Classical Association. Paper: ‘From Himera to Hannibal: Barbarizing the Western Phoenicians.’
16-17 November 2009. Truppe e Comandanti nel mondo antico, conference, University of Palermo, Sicily. Invited paper: ‘Truppe e comandanti stranieri nell’esercito romano in età repubblicana.
8-10 October 2009. 16th French-Italian Epigraphic Congress: The Roman Tribus, Bari, Italy. Invited Poster: ‘Sicilia Romana tributim discripta’.
22 April 2009. Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma, Mallorca. Invited Paper: ‘Roman Expansion in the Western Provinces: models of integration of local communities’.
6 November 2008. Identifying the Punic Mediterranean. Conference, BSR, Rome, Italy. Paper: ‘Ancient Constructions of Punicity’.
20 October 2008. Callaghan War Studies Institute, University of Swansea, UK. Invited paper: ‘Non-Italian Manpower: auxilia externa under the Roman Republic’.
11 October 2008. Italians and the Land, conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. Paper: ‘Senators, Land-holding, and the Lex Claudia’.
1 October 2008. University of Messina, Sicily. Paper: ‘Per un’identità siciliana in età repubblicana’.
22 September 2008. AIAC XIII, Rome, Italy. Paper: ‘Siculo-Punic Coinage and Siculo-Punic interactions’.
9 July 2008. ‘Public and Private Lies’, International conference, University of Melbourne, Australia. Invited paper: ‘Tyrannizing Sicily: The despots who cried ‘Carthage!’.
29 March 2008. Classical Association Conference 2008, University of Liverpool. Paper: ‘Non-Italian Manpower: auxilia externa under the Roman Republic’.
11 March 2008. Joint Classical Association and Roman Society lecture, Dept. of Classics, University of Nottingham. Paper: ‘Non-Italian Manpower: auxilia externa under the Roman Republic’.
5 February 2008. Pyrrhus. Ancient History Seminar, University of Oxford. Paper: ‘Pyrrhus in Sicily, or, “When I grow up I want to be like Alexander - I mean Agathocles”.’
25 October 2007. Actualités de la recherche sur la Sicile. Colloquium, Université Toulouse II, France. Paper: ‘Republican Sicily at the start of the 21st Century: the rise of the optimists’.
5-7 October 2007. Imperial Rome: Commerce and Consumerism. Weekend School, Rewley House, Oxford. Paper:’ Storehouse of the Republic, nursemaid of the people: supplying Rome from Sicily’.
2-7 September 2007. Epigraphy and the Historical Sciences. XIII Internation Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy. National Organizing Committee member. Paper: ‘Provincial milestones in Republican imperialism’.
6 June 2007. Ephebes and Neoi: New Perspectives on Greek Youths. Seminar series, Jesus College, Oxford. Paper: ‘Neoi in the Service of Rome: Gymnasia in a Republican provincia’.
23-24 March 2007. A Celebration of the Life and Work of Peter Brunt, Oriel College, Oxford. Paper: ‘Non-Italian Manpower: auxilia externa under the Republic’.
16-17 March 2007. Regionalism and Globalism in Antiquity, Classical Associations of the Canadian West and Pacific Northwest Joint Meeting, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Paper (& panel co-convenor): ‘Epigraphy in the western Mediterranean – Hellenistic?’
2 March 2007. Research seminar, Dept. of Classics, University of Wales, Lampeter. Paper: ‘Milestones in Republican Imperialism’.
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