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Principal publications:

  • Prag, J.R.W. 2016. Antiquae sunt istae leges et mortuae: the plebiscitum Claudianum and associated laws, Mélanges de l'École française de Rome - Antiquité, 128(1) <>.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2015. Cities and civic life in late Hellenistic Roman Sicily (with an appendix on Cicero, In Verrem 3.12-13 and the status of cities in Sicily after 210 BC). Cahiers du Centre Gustave Glotz 25 (2014), 165-208.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2015. Auxilia and clientelae: military service and foreign clientelae reconsidered. In M. Jehne and F. Pina Polo (eds.), Foreign Clientelae in the Roman Empire: A Reconsideration (Historia Einzelschriften 238, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag), 281-294.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2014. Bronze rostra from the Egadi Islands off NW Sicily: the Latin inscriptions. Journal of Roman Archaeology 27: 33-59 (
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2014. The Quaestorship in the Third and Second Centuries BC. In J. Dubouloz, S. Pittia, and G. Sabatini (eds.), L’imperium Romanum en perspective. Les savoirs d’empire dans la République romaine et leur héritage dans l’Europe médiévale et moderne. Besançon: Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté (collection de l’ISTA), 193-209.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2014. Phoinix and Poenus: usage in antiquity. In J.C. Quinn and N. Vella (eds.), The Punic Mediterranean: Identities and Identification from Phoenician Settlement to Roman Rule. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 11-23.
  • Prag, J.R.W. and Quinn, J.C. (eds.). 2013. The Hellenistic West: Rethinking the Ancient Mediterranean. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Prag, J.R.W. and Quinn, J.C. 2013. Introduction. In The Hellenistic West: Rethinking the Ancient Mediterranean. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1-13.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2013. Epigraphy in the western Mediterranean: a Hellenistic phenomenon? In J.R.W. Prag and J.C. Quinn (eds.), The Hellenistic West: Rethinking the Ancient Mediterranean. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 320-347.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2013. Sicilian Identity in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods: Epigraphic Considerations. In P. Martzavou and N. Papazarkadas (eds.), Epigraphical Approaches to the Post-Classical Polis. Fourth Century BC to Second Century AD. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 37-53.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2013. Provincials, patrons, and the rhetoric of repetundae. In C. Steel and H. van der Blom (eds), Community and Communication: Oratory and Politics in Republican Rome. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 267-283.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2012. Sicily and Sardinia-Corsica: the first provinces. In D. Hoyos (ed.), A Companion to Roman Imperialism. Leiden: Brill. 53-65.
  • Prag. J.R.W. 2011. Kinship diplomacy between Sicily and Rome. In D. Bonanno, C. Bonnet, N. Cusumano, & S. Péré-Noguès (eds), Alleanze e parentele: Le “affinità elettive” nella storiografia sulla Sicilia antica. Convegno internazionale, Palermo 14-15 aprile 2010. Caltanissetta: Salvatore Sciascia editore. 179-206.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2011. Provincial governors and auxiliary soldiers. In N. Barrandon and F. Kirbihler (eds), Les gouverners et les provinciaux sous la République romaine. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes. 15-28.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2011. Provincia Sicilia: between Roman and local in the third century BC. In E. García Riaza (ed.), De Fronteras a provincias. Interacción e integración en Occidente (ss.III-I aC), Palma de Mallorca: Ediciones Universitat de les Illes Balears: 83-96.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2011. Troops and commanders: auxilia externa under the Roman Republic. In Truppe e Comandanti nel mondo antico, eds. D. Bonanno, R. Marino, D. Motta, Palermo = ORMOS – Quaderni di storia antica, n.s. 2 (2010): 101-113.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2011. Siculo-Punic Coinage and Siculo-Punic Interactions. In M. Dalla Riva (ed.), Meetings between Cultures in the Ancient Mediterranean. Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Rome 22-26 sept. 2008. Published online in Bollettino di Archeologia online, I, 2010, Volume speciale.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2010. Sicilia Romana tributim discripta. In M. Silvestrini (ed.), Le tribù romane. Atti della XVIe Rencontre sur l’épigraphie (Bari 8-10 ottobre 2009). Bari: Edipuglia. 305-311.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2010. Tyrannizing Sicily: The Despots Who Cried ‘Carthage!’ In A. Turner, K.O. Chong-Gossard and F. Vervaet (eds), Private and Public Lies: The Discourse of Despotism and Deceit in the Graeco-Roman World, Impact of Empire 11 (Leiden: Brill), 51-71
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2009. Identità siciliana in età romano repubblicana. Immagine e immagini della Sicilia e di altre isole del Mediterraneo antico. Atti delle Seste Giornate Internazionale di studi sull’area elima e la Sicilia occidentale (Erice, 12-16 ottobre 2006). Pisa: Scuola Normale Superiore. Vol. 1, 87-100.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2009. Republican Sicily at the start of the 21st Century: the rise of the optimists. Pallas 79: 131-144pdf copy available
  • Prag, J.R.W. and Repath, I.D. (eds). 2009. A Handbook to Petronius. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing (details at Blackwell Reference online); revised paperback 2012.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2008. Sicilia and Britiannia: Epigraphic Evidence for Civic Administration. In C. Berrendonner, M. Cébeillac-Gervasoni, L. Lamoine (eds), Le Quotidien municipal dans l’Occident romain (Clermont-Ferrand: Presses Universitaires Blaise-Pascal), 67-81pdf copy available
  • Prag, J.R.W. (ed.). 2007. Sicilia Nutrix Plebis Romanae: Rhetoric, Law, and Taxation in Cicero’s Verrines (BICS Supp. 97). London: Institute of Classical Studies [ToC ]
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2007. Auxilia and Gymnasia: A Sicilian Model of Roman Imperialism.Journal of Roman Studies 97: 68-100pdf copy available
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2007. Ciceronian Sicily: the epigraphic dimension. In J. Dubouloz and S. Pittia (eds), La Sicile de Cicéron, Lectures des Verrines. Besançon: Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté. 245-271
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2007. Roman Magistrates in Sicily, 227-49 BC. In J. Dubouloz and S. Pittia (eds), La Sicile de Cicéron, Lectures des Verrines. Besançon: Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté. 287-310
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2006. Cave Navem: Petronius, Satyricon 30.1. Classical Quarterly 56.2: 538-47 pdf copy available
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2006. Poenus plane est – but who were the ‘Punickes’? Papers of the British School at Rome 74: 1-37
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2006. Il miliario di Aurelius Cotta (ILLRP 1277): una lapide in contesto. In Guerra e pace in Sicilia nel Mediterraneo antico (VIII-III sec. a.C.). Arte, prassi e teoria della pace e della guerra, 2 vols. Pisa: Scuola Normale Superiore. Vol. 2, pp. 733-44 pdf copy available
  • Merryweather, A.D. and Prag, J.R.W. (eds) 2003. ‘Romanization’? Proceedings of a post-graduate colloquium, The Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, 15 November 2002. Digressus Supplement 1 <>
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2003. Nouveaux regards sur les élites locales de la Sicile républicaine. Histoire et Sociétés Rurales 19: 121-32 [pre-print English text pdf copy available]
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2002. Epigraphy by numbers: Latin and the epigraphic culture in Sicily. In A.E. Cooley (ed.), Becoming Roman, Writing Latin (JRA Suppl. 48; Portsmouth, RI: Journal of Roman Archaeology), 15-31

Forthcoming (see also articles in preparation)

  • Prag, J.R.W., Chartrand, J. and Cummings, J. (in press). I.Sicily: an EpiDoc corpus for ancient Sicily. In S. Orlandi et al. (eds.), Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context: Proceedings of the Second EAGLE International Conference, Rome 27-29 January 2016 (Rome: Sapienza Università editrice), 39-52.
  • Prag, J.R.W. (in press). Finley and Sicily. In R. Osborne, M. Scott, and D. Jew (eds.), The Impact of Moses Finley (Cambridge).
  • Prag, J.R.W. (in preparation). A new bronze honorific inscription from Halaesa, Sicily, in two copies. (27,000 words); advance summary in SEG 59.1100.
  • Prag, J.R.W. (submitted for journal review). Remodelling Roman Imperialism.
  • Arena, V. and Prag, J.R.W. (eds.) (manuscript being edited), A Companion to Roman Republican Political Culture (Wiley-Blackwell).

Minor publications and reviews:

  • Prag, J.R.W. 2015. Sicily and the Punic Wars. In Sicily and the Sea (Exhibition Catalogue, Allard Pierson Museum).
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2015. Review of A.E. Cooley, The Cambridge Manual of Latin Epigraphy (Cambridge: CUP, 2012), Journal of Roman Studies 105, Available on CJO 2015 doi:10.1017/S0075435815001288
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2014. Review of E. Zambon, Tradition and Innovation. Sicily between Hellenism and Rome (Historia Einzelschriften 205, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2008), Ancient West and East 13: 426-8.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2013. ‘Laying into Verres’, Omnibus (magazine of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers), Sept. 2013, vol. 66: 7-9.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2013. Review of M.P. Fronda, Between Rome and Carthage. Southern Italy during the Second Punic War (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), Classical Review 63.2: 523-5.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2013. Review of E. De Miro and G. Fiorentini, VI. Agrigento romana: gli edifici pubblici civili (Pisa: Fabrizio Serra editore, 2011), BMCR 2013.04.09 <>
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2012. Review of The Roman Inscriptions of Britain, volume III (Oxford, Oxbow Books, 2009). Britannia 43: 459-461.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2011. Review of P. van Dommelen and C. Gómez Bellard (eds), Rural Landscapes of the Punic World (London / Oakville, 2008). Levant 43.1: 123-4.
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2008. Review of F.P. Rizzo, Sicilia cristiana dal I al V secolo. Volume primo. Supplementi a Kokalos, 17; Testimonia Siciliae Antiquae I, 14, Rome, Gorgio Bretschneider Editore, 2005). Classical Review 58.1
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2007. Review of H. Flower, Cambridge Companion to the Roman Republic (Cambridge, 2004). Ancient West and East 6: 364-66
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2007. Review of R. Panvini & L. Sole, L’Acropoli di Gela: stipi, depositi o scarichi (Rome, 2005). Journal of Hellenic Studies 127
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2006. 28 contributions on Roman Republican history. In L. Foxhall, D. Mattingly and G. Shipley (eds.), The Cambridge Guide to Classical Civilization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2006. Review of R. Hingley, Globalizing Roman Culture: Unity, Diversity and Empire (London, Routledge, 2005). Journal of Roman Studies 96: 214-16
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2006. Secret accounts of profit [review of D. Jones, The Bankers of Puteoli (Stroud: Tempus, 2005)]. Times Literary Supplement, no. 5382, 26 May 2006, p. 10
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2005. Introduction to the New Edition. Caesar’s “Civil War”, transl. Rev. F.P. Long, pp. ix-xix. Arlington, MA: Barnes & Noble Publishing
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2005. Review of A. Fassbender, Index numerorum: ein Findbuch zum Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum: Auctarium, Series Nova, 1). Classical Review 55 (1): 363-64
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2004. Review of R. Vattuone (ed.), Storici greci d’Occidente (Bologna, 2002). Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2004.21.11. <>
  • Merryweather, A.D. and Prag, J.R.W. 2002. ‘Romanization’? or, why flog a dead horse? Digressus 2: 8-10 <>
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2002. Review of C. Ampolo, Da un’antica città di Sicilia. I decreti di Entella e Nakone (Pisa, 2001). Bryn Mawr Classical Review (May 2002) <>
  • Prag, J.R.W. 2002. Review of C. Smith and J. Serrati (eds.), Sicily from Aeneas to Augustus (Edinburgh, 2000). Journal of Roman Studies 92: 202-03
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