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Verb-initial grammars: A multilingual/parallel perspective

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Grammar and lexical resources

The Malagasy grammar runs on the XLE grammar development platform, an efficient and powerful system developed and maintained at the Palo Alto Research Center in California, which faithfully implements LFG theory. It incorporates the finite-state morphological analyzer for Malagasy which was developed in tandem with the grammar, available on the Morphological Analyzer page. The compiled .fst files are included in this distribution.

Final Version: tar file or zip file

The following files are included:

  • README: this file
  • Common feature declarations and templates for the PARGRAM grammars:
    • common.features.lfg
    • common.templates.lfg
  • Compiled fst files for the finite-state tokenizer and morphological analyzer:
    • maltok.fst
    • malmorph.fst
    • malmorph.redup.fst
    • default-gen-tokenizer.fst
  • Script, compiled fst file, and test file for the digit recognizer:
    • digits.fst
    • digits.script
    • testnum.bat
  • Script, compiled fst file, and test file for the transducer for lexicalized forms:
    • lexicalization.bat
    • malagasy_lexicalized_forms.fst
    • lexicalization.script
    • testlex.bat
  • Top-level file for the Malagasy grammar. The feature declarations override and supplement the common feature declarations for PARGRAM grammars.
    • malagasy.lfg
  • Lexical templates for the Malagasy grammar. Supplements the common template declarations for PARGRAM grammars.
    • malagasy-templates.lfg
  • Annotated phrase structure rules for Malagasy:
    • malagasy-rules.lfg
  • Lexicon files for Malagasy. The adjective, noun, verb, and oblique files contain grammatical information about stems, and work on the output of the morphological analyzer. The lexicon for indeclinables contains grammatical information about forms that do not go through the morphological analyzer.
    • malagasy-adj-lex.lfg
    • malagasy-noun-lex.lfg
    • malagasy-verb-lex.lfg
    • malagasy-oblique-lex.lfg
    • malagasy-indeclinable-lex.lfg