<title>Electronic Texts and Text Analysis</title>

Finding electronic texts

Cheap & Cheerful: [Project Gutenberg] | [Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts] | [The Online Books Page]

Documented: [Oxford Text Archive] | [University of Virginia Etext Center] | [University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative] | [CELT Corpus of Hiberno-English Texts] | [Digital Text Projects, Columbia University] | [Perseus Project] | [EuroDocs]

Paid for: [Chadwyck-Healey's Literature Online] | [FRANTEXT - French texts]

Text analysis via the Web

[TactWeb -see also text analysis tutorial of the JTAP Virtual Seminars Project]

The Web Concordances] | [The British National Corpus

Text analysis packages

[Short guide to text analysis tools] | [Sample qualitative text analysis tools (as used mainly in the social sciences)]

Selected online editions

Leibniz's Drôle de pensée (edited by Enrico Pasini and possibly the first edition to have been built for the Web)

The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe (Perseus Project, 1997. Edition of Dr Faustus provides links between the two extant versions and its primary source.)

"Introduction to Manuscript Study" in Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature (Oxford University, 1998)

The Charrette Project (Chrétien de Troyes's Le Chevalier de la Charrette. Developed and maintained by the Department of Romance Languages, Princeton University).

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century (NY Public Library)

Bayeux Tapestry (Requires Shockwave plugin. Developed by Martin Foys, Florida State University (contact him for password)

Further reading
Selected bibliography for text analysis

Part of a CTI workshop at the University of Durham, 14 July 1999