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December 1999 - The Millennium and Apocalyptic Visions

This month, to mark the end of the year and millennium, we have compiled a collection of Web sites on and about the end of the world. These have a theological flavour, though film studies and literature scholars may also find the resources listed below of interest.
site of the month The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature
Professor Felix Just has placed online his undergraduate course on the Book of Revelation and related apocalyptic literature. The range of information is impressive, with background theological and historical material, student projects, and a list of online resources. The student projects cover a range of themes, from reviews of apocalyptic literature and films, to explorations of catholic teaching and apocalyptic movements. His gateway to online resources provides links to primary and seconday sources. It is largely concerned with the Book of Revelation, and has links to several editions of the Book in translation, scholarly articles and lecture courses, and images inspired by the Book. Just also includes references to research on apocalyptic literature and movements, including sites that predict the end of the world. Felix Just is based in the Department of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University, and his webliographies on other areas of biblical studies can be accessed from this site. (FC)
site of the month The End of the World
Another course on apocalyptic visions is provided by Professor Nicola Denzey, of Skidmore College. This course covers biblical, medieval and modern depictions and predictions of the apocalypse, and Denzey has put together an excellent set of course notes and links to online resources. For each of the thirteen lectures, there is an outline and access to the full texts of relevant primary and secondary sources. One element of the course that tutors may be particularly interested in is the guidelines for writing an exegesis, for which Denzey provides notes and links to online biblical concordances and the gospels in parallel. (FC)

Noncanonical Homepage
The Wesley Center for Applied Theology (Northwest Nazarene University) holds a large collection of digitized early Christian and Jewish texts. One part of the Web site is devoted to noncanonical texts, and one can access the full texts in translation of the Old Testament pseudepigrapha, Old and New Testament apocrypha, writings of the Church Fathers, and the rich collection of Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi library. The Nag Hammadi library contains the apocalyptic visions of Adam, James, Paul, and Peter, providing interesting comparisons for the Book of Revelation. The digital texts are taken from the holdings of the Wesley Center, the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts at the University of Pennsylvania, the Humanities Text Initiative at the University of Michigan, the Gnostic Society Library, New Advent, Bible 2000, and other Web sites. (FC)

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