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Web Sites of the Month


May '99
Studies in Bibliography
Screening the Past
Philosophy in Cyberspace

June '99
The World Wide Web Virtual Library - Theatre and Drama
American Academy of Religion Syllabi Project
The Epigraphic Database Heidelberg
The Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies

July '99
William Faulkner on the Web
The American Studies Crossroads Project
New Testament Web Resources
Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research

August '99
Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website
English Literature and Religion
Centre d'Edition de Textes Electroniques
Thinking About DeLillo's White Noise

September '99
Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture
Descriptive Bibliography - An Online Tutorial
William of Ockham: Dialogus

October '99
Bibliographical Information Base in Patristics
Film Sound Design & Theory
The Manuzio Project
The 49th Parallel

Poetry on the Web - National Poetry Day selection

November '99
Argos &Hippias
Andrew Crumey's Scottish Writers
The Jack London collection

December '99
The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature
The End of the World
Noncanonical Homepage

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