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Web Sites of the Month
October 1999

site of the month Base d'Information Bibliographique en Patristique
(Bibliographical Information Base in Patristics)
Patristics is traditionally understood to be the study of the history and theology of the Christian 'Church Fathers' up until at least the Council of Chalcedon in 451. Resources for the study of Patristics, however, are generally useful for the study of early Christianity, the later Roman Empire and the history, culture and religions of Asia Minor, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, North Africa, and Italy. The Base d'Information Bibliographique en Patristique (BIBP) developed by Professor René-Michel Roberge at the Université Laval is no exception. The BIBP is an extensive bibliographic database which provides access to 29,000 references with abstracts from around 325 journals documenting Patristic studies back to the nineteenth century. The scope of the database takes in articles and reviews relevant to the study of Christianity from the first to the ninth centuries. Searches are conducted in French (though there is a detailed help page in English). Any combination of subject keywords, author, editor, title, periodical can be searched. Results can also be limited by language and subject category. Categories include archaeology, liturgy, monasticism, epigraphy, philosophy, the history of Christianity and the history of the Church councils. Returned records include a short abstract and descriptive phrases (entered by subject specialists). Relevant records may be marked and when all searching is complete the marked records may be exported as text with accents or in a format suitable for downloading into a personal EndNote bibliographic database. The Project is keen to collaborate with other specialists working in Patristics. (MF)

Film Sound Design & Theory
Film Sound Design & Theory is the work of Sven E. Carlsson, a teacher of Media at Birka Folkhögskola in Sweden. It is dedicated to the art and the analysis of film sound and is clearly a labour of love. The site offers a clear and extensive guide to the terminology used in the description of film sound: Carlsson's own descriptions of key terms are offered alongside excerpts from some of the seminal writings on film sound and theory from Bordwell and Thompson, Michel Chion and Robert L. Mott. Additionally, the site hosts an extensive range of articles, from a paper on the history of sound in Indian cinema to analyses of the technological audio developments in contemporary Hollywood cinema to interviews with contemporary sound and film professionals. This is a site to get lost in - indeed its navigation is not particularly user-friendly - as there are hidden delights to be found: Robert Bresson's notes on sound sit close by links to some of the Web's other genuine resources on film sound such as a wonderful online tutorial on the art of the Foley artist. The site also offers an extensive bibliography on film sound and a tremendous set of annotated links to valuable related material on the Web. Since beginning the site in 1997, Carlsson has put together an excellent collection of resources and links which can claim to be the starting point on the Web for those interested in film sound. (SS)

site of the month Progetto Manuzio
The Manuzio Project makes available a large (and growing) collection of texts written in Italian. The collection includes Renaissance and modern literature, from Dante's poems and writings to Giorgio Petrocchi's Vita di Dante. Although its emphasis is on works by Italian writers, the collection includes pieces translated into Italian (for example, Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers and Euripides' tragedies). Details of the print edition on which the digital version is based and other information are available for all texts, and a short biography for each author has been provided. The texts can be viewed online or downloaded to your own machine (in HTML, RTF or plain text formats). Progetto Manuzio is run by the Liber Liber association, which aims to make literary texts in Italian accessible and freely available to all. (FC)
site of the month The 49th Parallel
The 49th Parallel, the border dividing Canada and the United States, is the title of a new online interdisciplinary journal of North American Studies housed at the University of Birmingham. Run by graduate students in the American and Canadian Studies department, alongside international associate editors, the quarterly electronic journal seeks to promote the study of North America during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The journal has three primary sections: full length articles which add to or challenge existing scholarship; reviews of past and current scholarship in a range of media; and a communications area which encourages discussion and provides resource and conference information pertinent to the field. The contributions derive from a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to, history, politics, international relations, cultural studies, literature, cultural geography, media studies and sociology. This breadth also extends to the media covered, as the journal promotes discussion of more than the codex form by embracing articles and reviews on film, television, radio, and the Web. (KW)
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