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R. Paul Jarvis
Professor of Plant Cell Biology


Ling, Q., Huang, W., Baldwin, A. and Jarvis, P. (2012) Chloroplast biogenesis is regulated by direct action of the ubiquitin-proteasome system. Science 338: 655-659.



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   Department: Plant Sciences

   Dept. of Plant Sciences


   Lab: N305     Office: N315

   University of Oxford


   Extension: 75017

   South Parks Road


   Tel: +44-1865-275017

   Oxford OX1 3RB


   Fax: +44-1865-275074

   United Kingdom


   E-mail: paul.jarvis@plants.ox.ac.uk




1989 - 1992     BSc, University of Durham, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
1992 - 1996     
PhD, John Innes Centre, Norwich
1996 - 1998     
Human Frontier Science Program Fellow, Salk Institute, California
1999 - 2000     
Lecturer, University of Leicester
2000 - 2008     
Royal Society Rosenheim Research Fellow, Leicester
2006 - 2010     
Reader, University of Leicester
2010 - 2013     Professor, University of Leicester
2013 -             Professor, University of Oxford
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 Last updated: Dec 2013
 Paul Jarvis