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Good organisation and attention to detail is key in high quality research.
Good organisation and attention to detail is key in high quality research.

Research History of the Group

In 1993 we were the first CF gene therapy group to demonstrate the correction of the CFTR ion transport defect in CF transgenic mice, by the delivery of plasmid/liposome complexes to the pulmonary airways (Hyde et al., 1993).

In the late 90s we carried out the world's first multi-dose double-blind clinical trial for non-viral gene therapy (Hyde et al., 2000).

Current Research

Today, the group is still focussed on the development of non-viral gene therapy for CF. However, we also conduct some viral research as well. Much of the very latest work we do is obviously publication sensitive or covered by confidentiality agreements so we cannot openly discuss this work here yet. However, you can get an overview of our work by reading the accompanying sections and also by browsing out latest posters and presentations from conferences.

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