The UK balloons were shipped by sea from the UK in early October

The balloon details (and their Pilots and crews) were:-
Balloon name Type Registration Nationality Crew
Van de Walle Cameron 105 OO-BEW Belgium Luc (P), Marleen
Ronny, Moniek
Geert, Marnix
(no name) Cameron 77 PH-RJP Holland Rien (P) & Gerard (P)
Zodiac Cameron 77 G-BVMF UK Peter (P), Dawn
Jackie & Tom
Humbug Cameron 90 G-HBUG UK Norman (P)
Geoff & Richard
Road to Mandalay Thunder & Colt 90 G-BWKW UK Nigs (P), Margaret
Nigel, Maggie
Philips Sky Balloons 90 G-BXLP Thai Yutakit Wanichanond (P)

Also participating :- Barbara, Jenny, Christopher & Mike
For Conde Nast:-Jerry (journalist), Mike & Stephane (photographers)
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