A Thailand Flight of Fancy - an exploration and ballooning experience

Saturday 25th November - Saturday 5th December 1998
  • Background
  • The Balloons and Crews
  • Saturday 21st November Heathrow - Chaing Mai, Riverview Lodge
  • Monday 23rd November Chaing Saen, Golden Triangle, Meridian Ba'an Boran
  • Tuesday 24th November Day trip to Mayanmar
  • Wednesday 25th November Wiang Pa Poo, Suan Thip Vana Resort
  • Thursday 26th November Mae Suay, Lamphang River Lodge
  • Friday 27th November Lamphang, Elephant sanctuary
  • Saturday 28th November Lamphang, Sukhothai Resort
  • Sunday 29th November Sri Satchanalai - a lost city
  • Monday 30th November Kanchanaburi, Swissotel River Kwai
  • Tuesday 1st December Bridge over the River Kwai
  • Wednesday 2nd December Hua Hin, Royal Garden Village
  • Thursday 3rd December Hua Hin, On the beach, A Challenge
  • Friday 4th December Hua Hin, Duel at dawn
  • Saturday 5th December Bangkok, Royal Temples, Emerald Hotel
  • Following year's journal N.E. Thailand (Issan)

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