A Thailand Flight of Fancy - an exploration and ballooning experience

Saturday 25th November - Saturday 5th December 1998


In the panelled drawing room of a chateau on the Loire last summer, enjoying coffee and liqueurs one evening after a good French dinner and many bottles of equally good wine, the talk amongst friends turned to another ballooning holiday that Nigs had been planning.

"Norman. Why don't you come to Thailand with us in November? It's good fun, ballooning is hardly known there and the Thai crews are fantastic. I think that you should consider it!" How right he was.

This is my journal, scribbled longhand and only slightly amended for glaring errors of grammar and syntax to retain the immediacy.

I hope that if you are even slightly interested in travel, other people, or hot air ballooning you will find entertainment and information on all three subjects. It is the people who make the experience what it is and I am grateful to them all. There are no fragile egos among these crews. At the time of writing there were 60 baht to the pound.

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