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David Hine

David Hine, MA, D.Phil., is an Official Student (i.e. tutorial fellow) of Christ Church, University lecturer in Politics, and Director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Government in the Department of Politics and International Relations. His main teaching interests cover comparative European government, comparative politics, and European integration. His current research is on public ethics and the machinery of public integrity enforcement in western Europe.

Contact details

Department of Politics and International Relations
Manor Road

Telephone: +44 1865 285980 (Dept.) or 276206 (College)
Fax: +44 1865 278725 (Dept.) or 286582 (College)



Recent publications and papers

Explaining Italian Preferences at the Constitutional Convention, Comparative European Politics, 2,3,2004, pp. 302-19

Ethics management, cultural change, and the ambiguities of European Commission reform
(with Robert McMahon) (pdf version)

Codes of conduct for public officials in Europe common label, divergent purposes (Conference on Government and Political Ethics, Centre for Canadian Governance and Citizenship, University of Montreal,14-15 May 2004) (pdf version) (A revised version of this paper is to be published in International Public Management Journal, 2005)

In Search of Regulatory Neutrality: Ten Years of Ethics Management in Italy (Conference on "The Second Italian Republic Ten Years On: Prospect and Retrospect - The 2004 Asssociation for the Study of Modern Italy Annual Conference, London, 26/7 November 2004) (abstract)

The Role of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance - analysis of the institutional power of the Italian ministry in the Italian budgetary process in 2004. To be published in Italian in Politica in Italia 2004 (Il Mulino, Bologna, 2005) Contact me for an English-language version


Teaching: Lectures HT 2005


HT 2005 lunchtime seminars (click here for programme and summaries & downloads)


Papers from MT 2002 seminar on Italian public policy (click here for programme and links)

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