Sammy was my beloved Seal Tabby Point siamese cat. He came to live with me in March 1990 when he was 5 months old. He was a very loved and I admit very spoilt cat and also the biggest lap cat I have ever known, laps were the only place to sit.

Sadly Sammy died in May 2000 when his kidneys failed, I was of course devastated.


But a house isn't a home without a cat so in June 2000, Poppy came to live with me. She is a dainty little 2 year old brown tabby with gingery bits. Her previous owner had to reluctantly part with her as one of the children was allergic. She is a lovely little cat, purrs like there is no tomorrow. So I am going to bore you all with her exploits and put some photos of her here soon.

Here are some photos of Poppy, making herself at home on her bed (I am still allowed to share it)

Taken in May 2003. Poppy is a very settled and contended little cat. I bought this green velvet throw for my bed, and straight away she claimed it for sleeping on. I call this her "Princess Poppy" pose

And here is a cat cyperpet to watch over my page.

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