About Jackie Hewitt

Hi, I'm Jackie. Not giving my age away except to say that life began (so they say) in Jul 2000!

I'm going to do all the things that people usually do with home pages. Tell you a bit about myself, then bore you all with photos from my holidays and of my cat. After all, isn't that what home pages are for?

Here are some photos of me:-

Photos of Jackie

About me

Lots of info- well some- about me on

About Jackie


And here I am going to bore you with some of my holiday snaps. Wait and see, keep waiting...one day .....


Some photos from Cologne Christmas Market in December 2000
Cologne Christmas Market

Here are some photos it took in the Rhine Valley in Germany in June 2003.

Rhine Valley Holiday


And here are some of my many photos of my fave place in the UK, Glastonbury.



Here is a page my about my cats.


Cricket is my main hobby- watching not playing- so I'll put some crickety things here. (one day....)

Courtney Walsh

My main web site is about the West Indian cricketer, Courtney Walsh and it is at:-

Courtney Walsh

This site is now in its 4th location, the old Netscape site still exists but will be wound down.

I also have a new home page at

Jackie's Geocities Site


So as not to lose my bookmarks at any time there I set up a page of links at

My links


And here is an embryonic page about my unicorns.

My unicorn page

Cyberpets page

My cyberpets

Have fun. More to be added soon.

Jackie, last update 22 mar 2004.